Rebirth Online World

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Interested in Joining Read down and find out how! We would like to ensure that, as long as you meet certain flexible criteria that we will discuss down below, everybody can join Rebirth Online.


Benefits of Joining:

  1. As an Author or a Translator, this community is a good place to grow and popularize your work due to our high views;

  2. Support from Staff if you encounter any problems;

  3. Our site has been made by us from scratch and we have made sure to customize it in order to provide easy to use content management system, meant for writers and translators. We keep on improving the site and are fully open to suggestions about how to further better it.

  4. Becoming a part of our ever-growing community!



  1. We prefer active members that would be able to write/translate a chapter or do something once a month at the very least . Preferably more often than that;

  2. If you are an Author or a Translator, make sure to show us at least 5 written or translated chapters*;

    *It would also be good if said chapters were to be unreleased anywhere else, but it's not a hard requirement;

  3. If you are an Editor or a Translator Checker, you need to show us your abilities first before being allowed to join;

  4. If you want to join with other occupation in mind, please make it clear in the mail. We accept everyone, it is not just limited to Writers and Translators.

  5. A solid foundation in English would be preferable to make communicating easier.


Please remember that the points mentioned above are only guidelines. If you feel that you have what it takes, just write to us. As long as we can ascertain that you are up to the task of your choosing, there will be no issue with accepting you into our ranks.

If there is still anything you feel uncertain about, feel free to email us about it.

Any further details will be discussed upon joining, but if there are some things you feel you must know before joining, do email us.


Contact us:

Email us with the information related to your occupation of choice, for example: novel’s name you want to post, your basic contact info, and a link to/sample of your work. You can also either join our Discord’s Reader Chat and ask anybody there how to join, or fill in the form visible at the bottom of the page. Do note that the form below is still a work in progress, so if you encounter any problems with it, just email us.

Thank you and we hope to see you in our family soon!