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Zhaernon's Review Corner

I have long since been thinking about writing reviews about some games I have played, novels I have read or maybe even films I have watched and any other creation I would consider worth reviewing.

I have always been an avid gamer, and even more of a reader to boot.
While as a child I have merely enjoyed the pleasantries of forgetting oneself in the worlds and games envisioned by others.
Along with the passage of time, however, I have started becoming more and more demanding, and slowly developed certain standards upon which I believe the games and novels should be reviewed by. 

Therefore, what I will be reviewing and criticizing here are things different from the likability of Games and Novels.
Those aspects will for the most part relate to how well something was made (written, developed, created), some technical issues, and how well thought-out the content of said Creations is.
Thus, please do remember that I do not rate the likability of the reviewed contents and I have no real intentions of doing so for a simple reason really:
everybody has their own likes and dislikes and reviewing Creations of others based on such a flimsy thing as likability would be way too biased, unprofessional and subjective for my personal likings.
I might however mention something I particularly liked/disliked from time to time.

Due to those very standards, and also my general attachment and great knowledge I possess relating to those two somewhat different types of Creations, the main focus of this Review Corner will be on Games and Novels, with occassional exceptions I would deem worthy of reviewing.

Hope you will like what you find here. Read and enjoy at your own volition :)


Description of the Contents:

Game Reviews - Exhaustingly and as objectively as possible reviewed games, with step by step explanations, ratings with a break-down as to the particular aspects that make those ratings up, and some in-game tips and hints, as well as a general overview.

Novel Reviews - Exhaustingly and as objectively as possible reviewed novels, with step by step explanations, and ratings with a break-down as to the particular aspects that make those ratings up, as well as a general overview.

Other Reviews - Reviews relating to areas which are outside my general fields of expertise, but which had caught my eye for some reason. There will only be my general observations and conclusions included there.

Short Reviews (aka "Mommy Z's Cynical Novel Reviews" as proposed by MasterOfCoin) - They are mostly based on just a fraction of actual volume of a described content. Rather than objective reviews, they could be considered to be the rantings of mine that try to point out as many different aspects of a Creation as possible.



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