Rebirth Online World

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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 021 - 2-9 The One Who's Potentially a Beast.

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2-9 The One Who's Potentially a Beast.

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[Watch from there.]

The courtyard was bathed in moonlight.
Renzou was naked on the upper half of his body, and started to swing his sword
It meant that he was always repeating this act every night
[How bout it?]
[.. Bastard, from what Ira said, don’t you have some amazing eye, Isn't it?]
[Aah, the examine eyes eh]

His eyes behind the eyepatch slightly thorbed.
Isagi made a big nod.

[Well yeah. Hence, because of that you took me here. Right?]

So it's not a battle. Thank god, or so he secretly felt relieved.
After all, Isagi didn't learn any swordsmanship here.
If he had to follow the setting, then there's no way he will be able to win against Renzou.
He will end up having to forcefully try to do various things.
Though he didn't quite understand what those various things are.

[Good grief,what will happen in this world dammit]

Renzou threw a spit.

[Why, did I fall behind to those guys ..... I am you know, even though the first thing that I have to do is go back to our world no matter what happens you know.]

Indeed it's weird or so Isagi thought.
Not to mention Renzou against shuu, even his growth is slow even compared to Yoshinobu.
He must have also been putting a great deal of effort in this.
Even the practice he does every night, that's true.

While Yoshinobu made Lolishia hear his『the great novel idea that I thought 』, he continued to swing his sword.
However, even with that it still can't be reached.
For sure, for Renzou that's a thing that he couldn’t bear.
That is why he almost never talked to anybody, even Isagi got dragged into it.

His attitude that will not choose the way to for the sake of his goal, Isagi gave a salute.
In some way, it was just like Isagi three years ago.
Isagi at that time, didn't have any other tech other than to get stronger.
If it is not like that, then he wouldn't be able to protect Plea, or so he thought.

In the quiet night the cry of an animal was heard somewhere.
Also, the sound of a ken cutting the air resounded.
As Isagi, still sitting cross legged, he looked up towards Renzou.

[Hey , Renzou]
[Can I ask you one thing?]
[What a noisy guy you are, what ?] (TL: Tsun)
[I wonder, why are you so desperately trying to go back like this]
[....... Tch]

A silence, fell down between the two.

Where in the world did Renzou’s spirit strength come from? Isagi wanted to know it.
Surely he wouldn't easily open his mouth.
For these 3 weeks since they were summoned into the world that's unknown to them, he completely never let his guard down and continued this training.
It's a mental power unbefitting for a highschool boy.

At that time, when Isagi thought, as expected he wouldn't talk about it right.

[In my house]

Renzou started to talk slowly.

[There's Ayumi you know]
[...... Is that your wife?]
[It's not stupid]

Nevertheless Isagi never intended to make a fun of it.
As Renzou faced right in front him, he swung his sword.

[It's my little sister. We're not blood related though. Well, that doesn't matter right]

He glared sharply.
Isagi frankly told him his thought.

[Well, if I say it maybe you'll shout at me again but .....
The motive of going back is for the sake of your little sister, somehow it's unexpected. That's what I think you know]
[Try to hide your true feeling a bit you idiot] (TL : baaka~ )
[Sorry. I'm at loss that I always have this kind of personality]
[......... Good grief. I don't understand what are you thinking ,but it is still better than the other fellows though]

Renzou looked over Isagi's side.
Even that sidelong glance which always look like that Renzou was glaring at him, now Isagi received a strange and gentle feeling.
In addition, is it perhaps because there's no one looking.

[ ...... Pops and mom are already gone]
[Pops made a debt and ran away. Mom disappeared with a new man. Those guys are like trash]
[ .... Is that so... That's also hard eh]

Both of Isagi's parents, died at the same time in a traffic accident when Isagi was at his first year of middle school.
Which is better when he wondered.
No, there's no need for thoughts like that.
Renzou click his tongue.

[When I talk with you, my rhythm become a mess. Dammit]
[It's okay once in awhile. Right? ]
[..... Well in the end, I ended up taking care Ayumi]
[Aren’t you a good brother]
[Hah, from what aspect]

This time he seriously glared.
Renzou threw up words as if he mocked.

[With my earning we can't even live properly.
Even though Ayumi is still a first year at junior high, she is already working at a newspaper delivery you know.
To make matters worse, our house is a 6 tatami double room. A dirty rundown apartment.
I didn't even know whether if she will be able to continue into high school..
I'm a trash like brother you know]

Renzou swung his sword wildly.
As if there's something that he has to defeat at that place.

However, Isagi told him.
[You're a good brother you know, Renzou.
To be thinking about her that much, your sister must be happy. Right?]
[........ ]

Renzou lowered his wooden sword, and then looked up towards the sky.
His upper half looked as if it was wet.
The sweat flowed flown, and created a pool of water at the ground.
While he breathe heavily, he muttered.

[...... You too, speak something like what Ayumi said eh]
[Is there anything funny in this hah]
[Then you should accept it already. Don't become stubborn like that]
[It is still not enough]

He pointed his wooden sword toward Isagi, and thusly said.

[I will return from this world.
My place is not here. There's someone who is waiting for me over there]
[..... Is that so. That's right]

For renzou, these days surely felt really long.
He is is an another world, leaving behind his step sister which who is in a different age than him.
It's not like he just felt worried about her.
Surely there's also other urgent problems, like living expenses and such.

Isagi felt like he can feel one fragment of his solid determination.

[I have no time to sit idly at this place alright, Isa.
If there's something insufficient about me then tell me. I'll become stronger]

Even Isagi didn't know, if there's someone who is waiting for him or not.
However, he understands Renzou's feeling.

[ I'll do all the things that I am able to do too. Renzou]
[Aah. If you show restrain I'll kill you alright, bastard]

Renzou looked over Isagi's side, his mouth warped.
Though it's only a little bit, but Isagi felt that he was smiling.
It still has the immaturity feelings of the boy.
However, that holds the thing that the boy has to protect, it was a manly smile.

Ever since that night, Isagi and Renzou's midnight secret practice began.

It's an event of a certain night.

[Renzou's stance is too pointless. It's not a brawl.
The thing called swordsmanship is the sublimed version among the way to kill humans. That's why it's called an swordsmanship]
[..... Dammit! ]

The one who's become Renzou’s opponent tonight, was Shuu.
The wooden sword attack that goes wildly, he nonchalantly warded it.

[Don't neglect your defense.
Stop with that way to try to defeat your opponent in one blow.
One move to hit your opponent opening. One move to corner your opponent]
[Damn you’re noisy!]
[Your sword movement is too upfront.
You have to hide your emotion inside. Your opponent will see through you. You know]
[I understand damn it!]

After exchanging blows for seven times, Renzou threw his wooden sword towards Shuu.

[Uraaaaaaaaaa! ]

Shuu who knocked Renzou's leg who come to hit him with his bare hands.
Truly skillfully, Renzou fell down.
Then his breath became rough. Renzou became the letter 大 at the ground.

[What are you doing, just now .... ]
[ ........ noisy ............]

Despite the fact that he is out of breath, he seems to still be able to fight.
Renzou truly is able to take a beating.

While Shuu shouldered his wooden sword, he walked towards Isagi with his usual smile.

[What happened with him?
Isn't he is unusually honest.]
[It seems he has decided to change you know]
[That's good. It's good if we could become friends]

While giving a friendly smile Shuu said so.
Though he already tried to have contact with Renzou, but always got ignored.

[But I feel bad to have you help us.
After all, I can't even become his opponent]
[No, it is I who should say so you know.
To be able to ward off his irregular attacking pattern, it's also become a good lesson for me]
[You're really a good guy to the extent I get sick of it you know. Seriously ..... ]
[Isa-kun, you're to overestimating me]

Shuu who laughed looked troubled.
The thing called 'the smile which is alright even if he embraces me', maybe something like this.
No no, let's ward of the evils thoughts.

[As expected for today it's already impossible eh]

Shuu muttered so while looking over the sky that started to turn white.
The eyes after he yawned, there's slightly a tear over it.

[True eh. please accompany us later time okay, Shuu]
[Yep, if it's alright for me then it's my pleasure]

Shuu said something like that with that sun-like smile.
Isagi's heart ended up beats slightly .

Again, the event that happened in a certain night.

[Die dammiiiiiiiiiit ! ]

A fire came out from the palm of Renzou's hand that he sticked out.
The young man on the opposite of him, while screaming changed the world with a code that he wrote.

[Hiiiiii !]

The scream is the trigger.
The huge barrier stopped Renzou's fire head on.
But even so, that young man still felt limply at that place

[It, it's scary you know, Ashikaga-kun!]
[Aaah ! ?]
[Hiii !]

[What are you try to do by scaring him with your glare]

Thus, at the same time with that mutter,a  black magic has been casted.
The water ball that appeared on the top of Renzou's head broke.
Getting flooded with water, in an instant he get soaked in water.

[Wha, what are you doin Isa ! Dammit !]
[Cooling your head you know.
Your code is too monotone.
Even me who is not a forbidden tech user can ward it you know]
[Aaha ! ?

Without minding that bellow.

[Yoshinobu, go try that thing]

With that Isagi's word, Yoshinobu repeatedly blinked his eyes.

[Th, that ...... ?]
[Yes. what is it, the one you developed last time, uummm the one with the dangerous naming]
[Aah, the deadly sure kill beam right?]
[Yep, that thing]`
[Roger ! ]

Yoshinobu who gave a salute, started to write the code into the magical world.
He wrote it rapidly in detail. This is his weapon.

[Wha, what is it dammit, this deadly sure kill bream  ........ ! ? ]
[ Renzou, you don't have any time to be stupefied like that. Right ! White magic barrier ! ]
[  ! Oh, Ou ! ]

Even though they took the lesson at the same time, but surely Renzou didn't even understand half of what Yoshinobu draw.
There's too much of a difference between those two.
However, Renzou is able to completely compose the white magic barrier, then he will be able to ward it off.
That is the competition between black magic and white magic.


Yoshinobu's black magic finished faster.
He raise his right hand with a really delightful face, and pointed one of his fingers towards Renzou.

[Deadly beam !]
[O, oh ! It's a guard dammit ! ]

The beam that came out from his the tip of his finger, got reflected and shined inside yoshinobu's glasses.
The hot beam straightly stretched over towards Renzou's place.

Right before Renzou's eyes the great wall of light appeared.
There's no problem with the size, and it's strength.
However, the fact that he wasn’t able to decipher the code is fatal.

Just before the hot beam collided with the barrier, it made a huge curve.

[Wha !? ]

Renzou who opened his eyes wide in surprise.
The magic that Yoshinobu shot out, is the basis of the basic of continuous cast tech.

If by chance this black magic detected any plane surface of a barrier over its trajectory, then it'll curve greatly then it'll once again move aiming at the target or so it's being programmed.
That's why the way to ward of this magic is not by deploying two dimension, but three dimension -- For example something like sphere --  barrier.

The hot beam hit directly on Renzou's side.
Renzou who was blown off from that place and collapsed.

[ Ooh ~ , ouch ouch] - (TL : Yoshinobu’s hand getting burned by his own lazer)
[Wha, what are you nonchalantly saying bastard !]

Renzou immediately got up and shouted.
However, there's not even one injury on his body.
Surely he also quickly realized it, even Renzou made a puzzled expression.

[ Ah .... What happen?]
[fufufu ]

Yoshinobu folded his arm , and then snickered.

[My deadly sure kill beam is you know, when you want to invoke it so the code didn't disappear, you even have to regulate its power rightly.
That's why it's firepower is always at the lowest !]
[ You made me scared ! Dammit ! ]
[hii ! ]

Yoshinobu secluded himself behind Isagi in an instant.
As Isagi asked him while laughing.

[How about it? He is quite an interesting person right, Renzou is]
[Th, thathathathat is true eh .... ]

While Yoshinobu trembled just like a skeleton, he nodded his head.
Even though his ability in black magic is distantly higher, his swordsmanship is also better.
But it seems , that the nature that person holds , is something that can easily be changed.

[Dammit. Once more, Yoshinobu ! Do it once again !]
[eeh ... You know, I'm thinking of going to sleep soon though ...... ]
[Aaah ! ?]
[ Hiii ! I, I'll do it !
Let me do ii~t ! ]

And then , the boys who were strived themselves to brush up the code which is more than the one they saw at the practice.
The two black magic battle once again, continued until the dawn broke.

The one who healed renzou's wounded body, has also become the training for Isagi and Rimino's healing tech.
Without even troubling anyone, in a sense, it's was an ideal practice menu.
Renzou : Bowed his head to Isagi to help him with his practice . His thoughtfulness is amazing.
Isagi : Heard Renzou's true feeling, is being frank. Not a homo

Shuu : Good guy of the good guys. The king of a good guys.
Yoshinobu : Scared of Renzou. Quite earnestly scared.

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