[Lucky Three-tailed Red Panda] (pet)
level 1 50/50 health 10/10 mana
An animal blessed with luck and because it is blessed with luck it will only follow a user with the blessing of Hesria.  As loved by the Goddess Hesria it is naturally blessed with over flowing luck.  While no combat capability the Red panda can pick up items randomly off the ground, new miracles can happen in unexpected situations.  A pet can not be be killed indefinitely and will only require a cool down of 24 hours if its health reaches 0.
As Pan is a non-combat type pet, he can only level after picking up the required amount of items!  Picking up rarer items gives more experience! (Experience: 146/150)
*Updated*  Through the power of [Bread Buff], Pan was able to evolve into Randa a guardian beast!  However as it was a miracle on top of Pan’s loving care for his master that the Bread God bestowed these powers.  However as Pan is unable to cope with the pressure of evolution at its current level, evolution has been restricted until level 50!.  Combat is possible when Pan evolves, and useable skills are as follows: [Tackle], [Tail-Whip], [Growl], [Find Loot].
Intimacy: Max!
Mood: Currently wants to be spoiled.