Name Hydra Level 40
Race Human Profession Aether Bladist
Fame 2750
Damage 108(+36)~ Defense 62
Vitality 2190 Mana 535
Strength 112 Agility 115
Stamina 22 Wisdom 35
Intelligence 37 Luck 48
Faith 15
Shadow Nemesis-+10% resistance to shadow magic, can not be bound by elementary Aether magic.
[Shadow Stealer]- damage +36
[Dusk Glove]- Defense 0:[Shadow Arm] (Cost 25 mana)
[Soggy Elvish Boots]-Defense 15
[Armor Of The Shadowless Man- Defense 50 [Shadow Walk] (Cost 100/10ft Mana)
[Bent Shin Guards]-Defense 7
[Ring Of Eternal Darkness Skill: [Life of Darkness]: At death the user will turn into an unknown form with unknown status, intelligence, state of mind, and length of time.