Destroy the infection within the [White Winged Tree]!
The queen of the forest elves, Lixiss, within the [Forest Of Origin] has requested that you as the [Aether Bladist] to destroy the evil lurking within their sacred land. Deep within the [White Winged Tree] exists a darkness that has infected the [White Winged Tree]. As the darkness has become a parasite the [White Winged Tree] is no longer able to determine foe from ally and thus the elves are unable to enter for their coming of age ceremonies. Without their tradition the elves that cherish their way of life above everything else are starting to become weaker. Anything other than darkness will be attacked and thus this will only those who embrace the darkness will be able to enter!
Requirements: [Aether Bladist], This quest can only be carried out alone! Can only enter on the day of the Coming of age ceremony when the [White Winged Tree] will open its upper regions. Time remaining: 10 days.
Difficulty: A