Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams


In a world where evil dwells and magic exists the kingdom of Efrilia awaits a powerful witch or warlock to protect the kindom from fae and other creatures of the night. 

Roan and Tearnan are best friends. They live together due to tragic events. Their life was pretty normal-Well, as normal as it could be. But their lives change when a girl, covered in blood, knocked on the door claiming she was a witch. When the prince of Efrilia got wind of this, he summoned her to the kings palais. What did he want? Was she the savior Efrilia needed? And would she drive a wedge between Roan and Tearnan's friendship? 


  A/N: this book is heavily inspired by ACOTAR and the Throne of glass series. However the story and the characters are all mine.