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My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 021 - Dealing With Headaches

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After parting with my newly-made friend, I kept walking westward towards the business district..

There are various food stalls, bars, restaurants, and the like with different enticing products with merchants calling various random people to sample their food..

Of course, I had to persevere until I knew the necessary prices and such..

Because I will have to pass on being scammed like being talked into buying something worthless with an astronomical price, but can't refuse since they will say things like: "It's a once-in-a-lifetime-offer you know?" or "This will make your wishes come true!" and such..

In fact, I fell for shady scammers selling fake charms and bracelets for high prices back in Japan..

I really thought they would work, so much that I got hooked into buying them again and again..

Well, I did wish to make 100 friends back then..(sigh)

Am I really that gullible..

So I decided to just keep walking..

Endure, me!

I say to myself while my eyes are swimming to various vegetables on the stalls which I have never seen before..

Ah, is it here?

I have now arrived at a building slightly different than the Adventurer's Guild..

Well, by slightly, I mean very different..

Because instead of a three-story building made like a house from medieval times..

It is a gigantic building about 3 houses wide..

The imposing size is nothing like I have ever seen before..

It has white walls coated with paint and glass windows..

And a sign written in a regal manner that reads, "The Merchant's Guild Gemini Branch"

It has slightly bigger oak doors with two guards? or what seemed to be adventurers at each side..

Ah, it's been a while, glass windows..

The last time, would be, let's see..

Yes, when I first woke up in this world as a baby in the Astrum household..

I wonder how they're doing now?

Well, I'm sure I'll get the chance to see them someday..

But I doubt they will remember me though..

Anyway, I put those thoughts out of my head and walk up to the guards..

"Um, is this the Merchant's Guild?"

I ask the scary-faced guards timidly..

"Ah? Oh, yes, this is it, you a merchant?"

The man on the left with brown hair answers back while the guy on the left was just staring at me..

Please don't be so suspicious of me like that..

I'm a kind person desuyo~

"No, no, I'm just here to ask questions about the currency since I'm from the countryside, you see?"

"Is that so? Well then, you may enter.."

He moves to the door and pushes it open..

"Thank you, I'm sorry for disturbing your duties.."

"It's no trouble.."

But that guy is narrowing eyes at me adventurer-san...

Please somehow tell him that I didn't do anything wrong..

Hiding my inner turmoil, I enter the guild..

What comes into sight is a bright room, illuminated by [Light Stones] and goes well with the white and yellow paint, two counters at the center, two doorways at their sides, and four staircases at the farthest edges of the building leading into the second floor, and a wide board filled with paper like the "Request Board" but upon closer inspection, the contents of the writings were actually monster materials, herbs, gems, and the like..

There seems to be a price set for every item below the request..

I guess that is where you let people know either you're buying or selling something..

How convenient, like a medieval-style shopping website..

I was admiring the aesthetics of the guild and thought about how different it is compared to the "Adventurers' Guild"..

While looking around, I move towards the counter..

"Hello, Welcome to the Merchant's Guild, here to register? buy or sell something? or introduce a product?"

"Ah, no, none of the above, I came here because I got referred here by the Adventurers' Guild that this is where I can ask about the currency and the prices of the various facilities in the city.."

"Ah, are you an adventurer then?"

"Yes, I just registered today.."

"I see, will you please show me your card?"

Is she suspicious of me?

She looks like she won't just take my word for it..

But I guess it's not just because she is trying to do her job properly, huh?

Well, I am wearing weird clothes and an eye-patch, but I can't help it!

People will see my different-colored eyes!

And I'll get shunned for sure..

Because so far, I haven't seen anyone else have this problem..

Well, then..

Let's go along with it for now..

Even though I'm reluctant..

"[Card Release]"

I recite the specific chant and a card-shaped bronze plate appeared in my hand..

I hand it over to the receptionist and she looks it over and says..

"Okay, it seems you're telling the truth, for information gathering, that will be 1 large silver coin, please!"

Expensive! Well, I mean it is valuable information after all..

Or she's just scamming me, well, it's fine for now..

I won't know the prices even if I disagreed now..

And also, I was right, she was suspicious of me..

It makes me feel like apologizing for being born..

And so, I put a large silver coin on the counter and she starts grinning for some reason..

"Haha, you really don't know, huh? I guess you weren't lying after all, but you are strange.."

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"I mean, it doesn't cost anything to find out widely-known currency information, I was just seeing if you were telling the truth, is all, Well, then, here is your money back.."

She hands the coin back to me and starts taking out different coins from the back of the counter..

And did she just insult me a bit there? I will never know..

Well, let's listen to her for now..

"So, this is a copper coin and a large copper coin, it is valued at 10 Myr and 100 Myr respectively.."

"Fumu, I see.."

"And this is a silver coin and a large silver coin, their value is at 1,000 Myr and 10,000 Myr each.."

"Go on.."

This is the part I was waiting for..

When I urge her to continue, she takes out..ah..

"This is a gold coin and a large gold coin, one is worth 100,000 Myr and the other, 1,000,000 Myr.."

Yep, that large gold coin, that's what I have..

Well, I kind of knew this would happen..

The next one should be..

"And finally, this is a platinum and a large platinum coin, their value is astronomical, the smaller one worth 10,000,000 Myr, and the largest currency as of now, worth 100,000,000 Myr, enough to buy a castle on prime land.."

As I thought..

That large platinum coin and the ones in my bag are one and the same..

(sigh) My head hurts..

So if I calculate everything I have in my storage right now..

I would have, in Myr currency, exactly...

30,682,084,000 Myr..

How much have you saved over the years, you stupid Master?

What were you even planning to buy with this?

Ah, I don't even want to think about it..

I try to convince myself that it was normal because in the novels I used to read, dragons loved to hoard treasure..

Don't think about it, don't think about it..

If I say something here, I lose..

Let's just accept it..

It's not like I'll ruin the economy right?

I can't handle being the cause of a nation's depression..

So let's keep it in the back of my head..

For now, let's think about what I'll do next while listening to the various price information..

After we were finished, I asked various follow-up questions and I thanked her for sharing information with me..

She recommended me an inn because by the time we said goodbye to each other, the sun started to set..

I found a tall building with a nice atmosphere called "Gemini Restaurant and Inn"

I ate dinner at the first floor restaurant and found out that it was blander than my usual meals..

But it had a good natural flavor, so I had little complaints about having no seasoning..

After I was full, I rented a room with a nice bed and view, "Room 666"..

I didn't mind the ominous sounding room key and went to sleep as soon as I laid down my head..

What a nice reward after a hectic day..

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