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My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 020 - First Impression

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I was racking my brain wondering what to say to them since I never thought I would be stopped at the gate..

Should I tell them the truth?

'Hi, I'm a person from another world and I don't have any identification but could you somehow let me through?'

Like I would say that!

They would put me in jail the second that slips from my mouth..

And I'd forever be labeled as a weird and suspicious criminal..

I don't want that kind of bleak future so I try to find a way out of this..

Yosh, let's bribe them!

I mean crooked cops do it every time in those movies I used to watch..

As I was about to sweet talk him into a deal, someone interrupts between us..

"Ah, this guy is my friend from the east and he wanted to register as an [Adventurer] in this town.."

It was Rose-san telling a blatant lie with a somehow convincing face while handing over her card..

Or is it a poker face, I don't know the difference..

"A demi-human [Explorer] huh? Well, why didn't you say so from the start..Oi, remind them of the rules.."

He turns towards another guard who seems to be younger than him, he must be his subordinate..

Ah, that reminds me of the senpai-kouhai relationship from high-school..

Don't be mistaken, I wasn't actually part of them since they ostracized me, or the term "pretended I didn't even exist" might be the right wording for it, but I observed the freshmen getting bossed around by the seniors sometimes..

When the younger man heard him, he went up to us and said..

"Yes, if you don't have identification papers yet, we can issue you a one-day permit to pass through the gates."

"Really, so I can enter the city using it?"

"Yes, but to issue it, we need you to pay 1 silver coin and place your hand on this crystal ball."

Eh, 1 silver coin huh..

"Ah, sure, here you go.."

I dig through my pockets exaggeratedly to show that I'm searching for something while I'm actually using [Aura Pocket]

And then I hand a silver coin from my hand into his.

I just hope it's still valid..


Oh no..

"Wha-what is it guard-san?"

"Oh, no need to be nervous, I just wanted to know if you had an exact silver coin so I don't have to give change.."

Huh? Change? But I thought I only gave one silver coin..

My thoughts get interrupted by Rose-san's next words..

"Hey, Orion, by any chance, did you mistakenly hand a large silver coin instead of a normal one?"

Ah, now I understand..

"Huh, no, sorry, I don't have any silver coins on me right now.."

I try to make excuses with sweat beading down my neck and into my lower back..

"Is that so, that's what he said, guard-san."

"Well, it's fine, no big deal, I'll come back with the change while my superior watches over the test."


"Yes, now good luck!"

He said as his figure disappeared inside the walls into the barracks..

Yes, I can see that far if you still haven't noticed..

"Oi, what are you waiting for?"

"Ah, um, what am I supposed to do exactly?"

"(sigh) This is troublesome, all you need to do is place your hand on the crystal and wait.."

Does this guy hate his job or something?

Well, let's do as he says for now..

I place my hand on the crystal and..

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[Identification Magic] Detected
Use [Reflect Magic] Subskill [Hide Status]?

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I can detect magic being used on me? I think it's due to the [Plague Dragon Scale Leather Eye-Patch]'s innate skill..

Ah, now I realize I could have made an uproar here if my status were revealed now..

So naturally, I choose [YES]

When I thought that, strange blanks enclosed by parentheses appeared beside my statuses on the status screen..

So I concluded that this was the [Hide Status] subskill and I had to fill it up, and so I did..

After I was finished, the crystal emmited a white light that later changed into the color of the sky and after that,  a blue window appeared in front of me and the superior guard-san..

Orion Fullbringer(Astrum)
{Orion Fullbringer}
Titles: The Chosen Ones, 
Hidden God's Apostle, Martyr, 
Wandering Disaster, Dragon Lord, 
Beast-hunter {None}

Level: 666 {30}
Race: Human {Human}Class: None {None}Rank: Null {Null}
HP: 400000/400000
MP: 640000/640000
SP: 160000/200000
STR: 8000 {80}AGI: 16000 {160}INT: 32000 {320}
VIT: 40000 {120}DEX: 2000 {20}WIS: 3200 {32}
WP: 4500 {45}AP: 500000 {None}LUK: -9999 {0}

I assume the ones enclosed were what guard-san was seeing right now..

Also, for my luck, I tried to input a 100 number in there, but for some strange reason, it won't go above 0 into 1..

(sigh) Well, it's fine..

I say that to make myself believe it..

"Well, it seems that you haven't committed a crime.."

"What do you mean?"

"Look, it's shining blue so you are innocent, when criminals touch this crystal, it turns red and it gets darker depending on how large the crime they committed.."

"Oh, so it's like a method to distinguish criminals.."

"Exactly, oh, here he comes now.."

He and I both look at the direction of the gate and see the subordinate guard-san running here with a brown pouch..

"Here, I got the change, check it all, it's 9 silver coins in total"

He hands it to me and I open it and check..

Apparently a silver coin is the size of a 100-yen coin from japan and smaller than the silver coin I gave..

I think they called it a large silver coin?

I have got to find out information about the value of these coins before anything else..

"Yes, it's all there.. thank you guard-san.."

"No problem, now move along now, other people are waiting."

I turn my head and see that merchant-like peddlers and men with swords and bows are behind me..

They must be adventurers judging on what they carry with them..

As me and Rose-san walk towards the entrance, I look at the various dead game that the people behind me were carrying on their backs and shoulders, demonic beast subjugation is a usual thing here, huh?

Oh, it seems we've entered already..

What comes into view was a busy street..

A street filled with people and noises from the bustling afternoon..

Stores that seem to look like stands are lined up on each side and the merchants are shouting towards the surroundings in order to introduce their various products, customers who haggle them for lower prices, and children without a care, running around the streets swinging wooden sticks and laughing..

This is it, a human city..

Although, it's noisy, I prefer to call it, a lively place..

I am really excited to walk around the stalls but..

"Orion-san, where are you going? "The Adventurers Guild" is that way you know?"

She calls out to me while pointing in the direction of the west..

Ah, yes.. I had to register first, I was reluctant to part with the enticing stores and their various goods but I realized if I was going to buy something, I would need to know the value of money first..

So it was a good chance to ask the guild about these questions while I'm there..

"Ah, Yes, let's go"

I said to Rose-san and quickly catch up to her gait and a few minutes later..

We reach a tall 3-story building where the base was made out of stone and the rest, wood..

It had a sign on it written in strange letters, it seemed to be the common language but since I haven't read any books written in the common language in the past 12 years, I found it strange..

Well, I was still able to understand that it said "Adventurers Guild ~ Gemini City Branch" but that was because of my [Continental Language Comprehension] skill that let me automatically translate it into Japanese..

I'm glad I didn't have to learn from scratch..

We enter the double wooden doors that is placed slightly above ground level and enter the building..

Inside I saw three counters in the farthest front part, a general store and a bar in one side, various tables and chairs, two staircases leading to the second floor, and two notice boards at each side with words written on paper fastened onto them, which might be the request board based on my slightly advanced light novel knowledge..

Men and women ranging from their 20's to their 40's are gathered inside the building but they all seem to get along pretty well, since they are groups of people huddling together looking at the request board and some are laughing while enjoying a drink..

Since I only got a few weird stares that disappeared soon after, I concluded that, this must be normal to them..

I don't hate this kind of atmosphere though..

Because it's one of the special moments where people don't split like the Red Sea around me when I pass through..

Ah, uncaring adventurers are nice, ain't it?

I was reveling in happiness inside my inner monologue when I noticed we reached the receptionist table..

"Hello, welcome to the Adventurers Guild, my name's Ella, how may I help you?"

The receptionist seemed to be a brown-haired cute girl who seemed to be older and a refreshing presence..

That smile would be idolized back in Japan..

"A-ah, I would like to register as an adventurer please.."

"Sure thing, is this your first time registering? If so, there is a payment of 5 silver coins for the [Guild Card] fee and you have to place your information on this [Magic Plate]"

"Okay, here you go.."

I put 5 silver coins on the counter and push it towards Ella-san..

"Hmm? How about you, Rose-san? Are you not going to register?"

I ask slightly perplexed..

"Well, I don't want to become an adventurer for my second job, so I'll pass.."

"Is that so.."

Well, it's fine, I'm not one to pry into other people's business..

After a few seconds, Ella-san passes the magic plate to me and I use a magic tool called [Magic Quill] to write my information on it, the info needed was only my name, age, level, class, special skills, and preferred job; between escorting, herb collection, or monster subjugation..

Oh yeah, [Magic Quill] is convenient since it uses magic power for ink..

After I fill it up with the necessary credentials, Ella-san chants something I didn't understand and the letters dispersed into mana particles and gathered into a card-shaped form into her hands..

I guess chanting makes it faster? was the preconceived notion I got from the spectacle before me..

When she was done, she takes the magic tools into the back and comes back with the [Guild Card]

When she hands the bronze-colored card to me, I take a look at it..

Guild Card
Orion Fullbringer
Level: 30
Class: None
First Job: Rank F Adventurer
Second Job: None
Completed Quests: None
{Seal of the Adventurers' Guild}

I see, this is a form of identification huh?

"Now, please transfer magic power into the card.."


I transfer some of my aura magic into it and..

It disappeared into my palm..

Scary, is it still there?

Status Rank has been changed to F

Oh, so that's what rank was..

"Well done, now concentrate magic power into your palm and chant [Card Release]"

I do what she tells me and..

"{Card Release]"

The aura particles gather into a card-shape once more..

"This is pretty convenient.."

"Yes, yes it is.. Now, let me explain the guild rules to you.."

"Ah, sure.."

I already heard it from Rose-san but I still listen to the whole thing nodding my head once or twice, because I don't want to appear arrogant in front of Ella-san..

Well, in summary, it just states that the guild is not responsible for any injuries even death that happens on quests, you can only do quests that are your rank or one rank above you until A-rank, and fights and disputes are allowed between adventurers but you must not commit a crime, such as murder, or else, you get kicked out of the guild immediately..

After Ella-san was done talking, I asked about the currency of the country under the guise of coming from the village..

It was genius, if I do say so myself..

"Well, there are 8 different types of coins in the human continent, mainly copper, large copper, silver, large silver, gold, large gold, platinum, and large platinum coins.."

"Oh, and how much are these coins worth?"

"Well. in the Myriad Continent, we call our coins in terms of value, Myr. While other countries have varying values in exchange rate between the four currencies, Myr, Fer, Ner, and Hel, our copper coins are equal to 10 Myr and a large copper coin is equal to 100 Myr, the same rate is true for silver, gold, and platinum coins.."

I see, every large coin is ten times the amount of it's smaller version..

Well, I will count the exact amount of Myr I have after this..

But first, I have to find out if my gold and platinum coins are large or normal-sized..

So I ask Ella-san and she told me to go to those who deal daily in coin work, [The Merchant's Guild]..

So I ask directions and say goodbye to Ella-san while thanking her for the help..

Me and Rose-san made out of the guild and then Rose-san turned to me and said..

"Well, this is where we part, I guess.. Orion-san, thank you for saving my life once again.."

"No, it's fine, I'm just glad you weren't hurt.."

When I said that, she widened her eyes and smiled with her cheeks slightly pink..

"You know, you are a really nice guy when I got to know you, even though you were scary at first.."


I managed to make a dry laugh in front of the passive-aggressive remark..

Even so, that smile was really something that lifts your spirits up..

"It was short, but here.."

She puts a small crystal on my open palm..

"What's this?"

"That, is something I found on my journey, but I don't know what it is though, but it's got to be something important.."

Hmm, yeah, it is a kind of lustrous gem so I bet it has some value..

Maybe I can find out what it is, I used [Aura Eyes] on it inconspicuously..


[Voice Crystal]
A crystal used in communication {Unrefined State}

Wow, this crystal must be worth a lot, even though it's unrefined..

"It's not much, but I want you to have a token of our friendship.."

"No, it's really great, thank you Rose-san, and good luck on finding that labyrinth."

"Ah, you're welcome, I will find it so dont worry, the next time we meet, I'm going to be a successful [Explorer], just you wait! Till we meet again, Orion-kun!"

She walks to the shopping district while waving her hand to me..

Hmm? Did she just call me Orion-kun?

Ha, I guess we're now friends, huh?

Well, it was a good experience, making my first friend in this world..

Till our paths cross again, Rose..

I didn't notice that my mouth was slightly turning upwards when I turned to the direction of the west..

"Well, off to the Merchant's guild!"

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