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My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 019 - Arrival

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The next morning, I woke up..

Well, stayed awake is more like it..

Since the situation didn't let, no didn't permit me to sleep..

As I grimaced at starting a new day while grumbling in my head, I got up and lazily washed my face and hair..

"Ah, the cool air hitting the moisture on my face is refreshing.."

Yes, the time is now just before the break of dawn..

So the air is slightly colder than normal..

After that, as always I do my morning routine..

It's the only thing right now to make me forget last night and wash away my tiredness..

"Yosh, let's go!"

I start jogging and then gradually go faster into a sprint..

And the scenery rapidly changes while I move at greater speeds than before..


As the sun rose, I came back from running and started doing the usual exercises..

Releasing the dirt, oils, and sweat out of my system..

This has become a habit..

Well, it's fine, it keeps me in shape which is a good thing..

Hmm? I sense a line of sight towards me coming from the tent..

I look there from the corner of my eye and spot two eyes staring at me..

Ah, why is she looking at me that intently?

Is it because I'm half-naked right now? 

I always take off my top when I train to avoid sweating into my clothes..

She must be being cautious again since I might have been branded as a pervert..

Ah, I wonder if I got a title from that..

I certainly hope not..

Well, let's not mind her right now..

For now, let's recall what I learned from her last night..

I dig through my memories as I was currently doing sit-ups..

Superhuman? No, for the present me, this is normal though?(Futsuu dayo~)

So anyway, apparently, the rabbit tribe is located in Fang City of the Feriad Continent in the Eastern part of Quadra..

Its population consists mainly of demi-humans such as [Werewolf], [Rabbitman], [Dragonewt], [CaitSith], and [Featherkin] which controls the 5 tribes, but other races can still enter its walls..

This seems to be true for other countries as well..

It is good that races can freely enter each other's borders..

Well, it might have been due to the last war though..

As Rose-san continued talking about the beast city, Fang..

I found out that she belonged to an organization they called "The Explorer Guild"

When I inquired about it, she said that it's a type of guild that deals in finding rare treasure by conquering dungeons..

Uwah, I got a little excited, but when I heard the word "type", I naturally asked..

{"Type of guild? Are there other guilds?"}

When I said that, she told me about the "Four Great Guilds"

There were 4 different guilds that were scattered across the continent..

The guild that is mainly located in Myriad, the human continent, was "The Adventurer's Guild" which only deals with herb requests, escort missions, monster subjugations and the like..

In the Eastern Beast Continent, Feriad, was "The Explorer Guild" that dealt with anything related to dungeons and labryinths scattered across Quadra..

In the Western Continent, Neriad, the place where its inhabitants are said to be [Elves], [Dwarves], [Dryads], [Dark Elves], [Fairies], and [Pixies] and many different dangerous wildlife and plants had "The Alchemist Guild" where anything in the realm of herbs, plants, potions, and medicine for illnesses are in their control and also their area of expertise..

Finally, in the South, The Demon Continent, Heliad, had the "The Traveler's Guild" where it's main area of experience was how to map unexplored areas across the continent and finding unexpected riches while they're at it..

She also said that there were other minor guilds like; "The Merchant's Guild" where they deal in trading goods with currency and the like; "The Craftsmen's Guild" wherein the people affiliated with construction of infrastructures and those with artistic talents in making magic tools and inventions are found..

Such interesting organizations..

Naturally, I wanted to ask if I can join them all but..

{"There is a card issued to you when you first register at any guild, Once you receive it, it will be impossible to lose it since the card merges with your magic power and becomes ethereal when not needed and no, you cannot be affiliated with more than 2 guilds."}

Is what she said..

So I better think long and hard about whether I want to explore and kill monsters, or travel and make medicine, or taking the high road of crafting magic tools while selling them as a merchant..

Ah, so much choices to choose from, decisions..decisions..

I never did got to choose in the end because it became late and we had to turn in..

I hope I can make up my mind soon..

As I was thinking that, it seems she woke up at the exact moment when I finished my morning training..

"G-good morning, Orion-san.."

Her face is so obvious..

Her eyes are swimming left to right, completely revealing that she didn't just wake up at this time..

But that's not the only thing that's swinging..Oops, got off topic..

She seemed to be faking a yawn to sell it as a "coincidence"..

Well, I don't particularly mind it, so let's let her off this time..

I put my wooden training sword in my [Aura Pocket] out of Rose-san's line of sight..

And I start preparing breakfast..

A light miso soup and fish I caught from the river I brought as provisions cooked with vegetable oil and spices..

It's to get rid of the fishy smell..

I regret not having rice to complete this meal but I use mash potatoes instead..

I season and taste them all before cooking and then serve it on a wooden tray I brought..

I hand one set to Rose-san and I caught a drip of drool on her mouth..

But I decided not to talk about it since she noticed and wiped it off soon after..


She tilted her head confused at what I said but I don't mind it and start eating..

Yep, it's good..

After cleaning up breakfast and the campsite, I start to move with Rose-san on the road..

She didn't ask me about where the tent and stuff went so I believe she misunderstood that I had an [Item Box] skill..

One of the topics we talked about last night was the [Item Box] skill that she can apparently use..

It seems to be a lower grade version of Master's [Spatial Dimension] since it can't hold that much space..

And it doesn't seem to stop time when items are placed inside..

Naturally, I had to go along with this misunderstanding since I didn't know what she'd do if I told her..

That my [Aura Pocket] has limitless space so far..

Don't mind it, let's talk about another topic..

As were walking along the dirt path along with the sun rising as a background, I try to start a conversation..

"Hey Rose-san, why where you running from [Demon Vipers] and how did you get here?"

"Ah, you see.. It's a long story.."

"It's fine, we have a lot of time until we get near the town.."

Since she told me the nearest town was about half a day's walk from here..

Shes said the town was named "Gemini City", I don't think the humans noticed it but..

The humans, cities and villages are usually named after zodiac symbols and constellations..

I wonder why is that..

After Rose-san started telling me her story, I understood..

Although she wasn't lying when she said it was long since it is now slightly after noon and the sun is high in the sky..

I think it was because she added a lot of unnecessary detail in that story like reading from a book or something..

But I guess she tried to make it interesting in her own way..

So what I got from her story was a rough summary consisting of her doing a quest to find labryinths in the Myriad Continent since she said that her only job right now was [Explorer] and her class was [Beast Tamer]. Due to these reasons, she tried an A class quest she took because she was a B ranker and went here in search of a new frontier..

She came across a pit of [Demon Vipers] when she tried to explore a hidden path through the cliffs bordering the grasslands, and when she did, she didn't stay away. In fact, she tried to tame one of the [Demon Vipers] without any kind of caution since she said they were kind of cute at first..(sigh) Anyway, the taming didn't work and the [Demon Viper] called it's friends and tried to eat Rose-san for lunch and chased her around till they met their untimely demise at a certain chuunibyou's hands..

Guilty as charged..

Well, thanks to that long talk though, I can finally see the town..

"Wow, it's so big"

"It's just like Fang City but smaller.."

I put my thoughts into words unintentionally due to the first time scenery of tall ramparts surrounding the city..

And did she just say that Fang City had bigger walls than these?

Ah, it seems we've arrived..

"Halt, who are you people?"

"Show your identification please and tell us what business do you have in Gemini City."

Two men slightly taller than me shouts at us..

Ah, I do look like a suspicious person..

I take a look at myself and sigh inwardly..

I wouldn't blame them for suspecting me..

"Oi, why aren't you speaking up? Are you a criminal?(Hanzaisha nanoka teme?)"

"Ah, no I'm.."

Ah, it seems I'm in a bit of a pinch just when I arrived at my first town..

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