Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

Chapter 017 - Sudden Encounter

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Hey there, it's your favorite chuunibyou, Juni-I mean, Orion-chan desu-yo..

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* 

Haha, you're too kind, I'm not that praiseworthy..

Please calm your excitement..

Now I'm going to do one more trick for you guys..

Watch closely now..


Afterimages appear at my sides like it was from a certain ninja-themed movie..

Look at me now, first I'm over here..

Now I'm over there..

I continue moving side to side to create illusions of myself using one of the 7 [Sin Steps] that Master taught me..

Well, I only learned one of them which was [Illusion of Wrath Step] which was integrated into my training..

In battles, I'm sure it would rattle the enemy quite a bit..

But for now, I'm doing it for fun..

"Ah, how long is this road going to go on..."

Yes, the reason I'm doing this is to pass the time and keep my mind off the long walk in this blaring heatwave..

And due to the heat, added with these black clothes that made me sweaty..

And above all, made me look like an antagonist from an old shounen anime..

I mean, look at this eye-patch right now..

It's currently covering my red eye and only showing the blue one..

But if I switch it in reverse..

Look, I now appear to be a traveling demon with red eyes..

So I switch it back since it would probably be like this kind of setting from another person's perspective..

One day, A boy obtained an immense power in the form of a curse, one that could potentially end life as we know it..

Suppressing the end of the world by covering the [Shigan Eye] which rages out of control each day..

The mysterious one-eyed, black-clothed man is said to be still wandering the world finding a cure to his curse..

To this very day..

Or something like that..

Anyway, bottom-line is that this heat and boredom is messing with my head..

Or was my head messed up to begin with?

No, let's not get negative here..

I stopped thinking altogether when I felt black aura gathering again..

Even though I've trained to suppress it from leaking out, It seems that some aura skills are directly connected with my emotions and come out unconsciously when it corresponds to a certain stimulus..

"What I wouldn't give for an air-conditioner right about now.."

I would've have loved to have learned elemental magic but no matter how much I tried..

I tried to learn [Water Magic] in order to learn it's advanced stage, [Ice Magic] to preserve food in ice, but alas..

I couldn't even produce water from my hands..

But I can regenerate wounds in the blink of an eye, huh?

What sort of broken power is this?

I have been trying to think of a way to control the temperature in my range area for hours now but to no avail..

How could people in this world survive this heat normally?

Are they built heat-resistant?

And even if it was true, I wouldn't have minded the heat so much if I had someone to complain about it to..

But even in that aspect, I haven't met anyone yet..

It's been hours you know?

Could it be that me and Master didn't know of the outside world's affairs and the apocalypse happened?

So that means that I'm the only one left..

No, I'm not even sure yet..

I mean..

That's too sad..

Even for me..

I'm sure I could see someone soon..

If I just keep walking..

Maybe if I run? No, that would make the other party afraid of me..

(sigh) I do an ORZ position in my head..

Seeing as there's no other choice but to keep walking and hope for the best..

You can do it, me..

Soon I'll be making a party and exploring dungeons..

Yeah, I get myself pumped again..

After that, I kept walking ahead without tiring..

Well, physically I mean..

Mentally? I was distraught..

Because I noticed the sun was going down and the sky was turning red-orange..

Ah, crows are flying through..

Reminds me of when I was a baby stuck in that stable..

Nee-san, I hope you didn't forget about me, even though we only spent 3 years together..

At least I would believe so..

While smiling fondly reminding myself of the time when I was in my infancy to toddler period..

I heard a scream..


I look towards the east where the sun was setting..

Strange, I thought the sun set in the west..

While deliberating random thoughts, I notice it..

A silhouette gradually getting bigger..

It seemed to be running in this direction..

Hmm? That shape, It seems to be, No, could it be? After 12 years of isolation, will I finally meet..

A human?

What was running towards me was a pair of hills, I mean(Janakutte) melons, no, it's heaven!(tengoku)..

Well, aside from that..

It was actually a girl, running away from something..

The girl seems to be about the same height as me but shorter, has big round purple eyes which tip into the scales of the cute side, pale but well-featured face, snow white skin, long wavy purple hair, and a cute pair of bunny ears..

Fumu, fumu.. She is without a doubt, a genuine bishoujo!

Cute is justice after all..

Wait a minute, let's go back..

Bunny ears?

Does the human race have bunny ears in this world?

No, Kate-neechan and the other humans I met didn't seem to have them..

Then she must be..

Oh, no time for that now, they're coming..

By they, I meant the horde of demonic beasts chasing the bunny girl..

Kind of sounds perverted when I say that..

But I pay it no mind..

Now is the time to help her..

I mean, Since I'm free after all(Hima dashii~)..

I sprint towards the demonic beasts and identify them even before getting within range..

It's because I can see farther even catching minor details with the help of my [Aura Eyes]..

I mean that's why I took mental images of the crying bishoujou running towards me..

No, don't call me a creep..

It's for research purposes, yeah to find out more about her race..

Yosh, let's go with that..

Don't look at me with those eyes(Yamete-kudasai)..

Anyway, I identified them to be [Demonic Vipers]..

They seem to be a pit of snakes, they seem to be a disturbed nest, judging by their frenzied states..

About 20 of them? Sounds easy enough..

While they're hissing and baring their fangs toward the girl..

They finally notice my presence..

The girl does too..

"Too late(Osoi)"

With that as the keyword, I create a [Nameless Aura Sword] with [Aura Sword Creation]..

I drew an arc with the purgatorial sword style move, [Eternal Moonlit Arc]..

The next second, snake heads hit the floor with blood spurting out their necks..

Yep, there are no survivors..

After confirming their deaths, I turn around and walk towards the girl..

I held out my hand to help her get up since it seems she had fallen to her knees in relief earlier..

She has a dumbfounded face with surprise evident looking at the spectacle before her..

Well, In this sort of situation, should I say some words to calm her down?

Okay, don't mess this up, it's the first words to someone else besides master in 12 years..

Yosh, let's do this!


I tried to talk slowly to imitate a relaxing voice with a smile on my face but..

Ah, it backfired..

She's scared even more now..

What am I going to do now?

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