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Chapter 046 - And the war begins

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At the back entrance of the school where the wagons stop, the same amount of people as yesterday came over with their baggage. People who have large weapons put their baggage on the carriage and boarded. Ruu flies with Lime on her back, while I travel side by side with the carriage with Rin.


As soon as the preparations were over, the carriages departed immediately. Because whether their decision may be shaken, there is no seeing off. Did everybody finish it during yesterday? Because there's not a single person looking back towards the academy.


Even if they drive the carriages fast, it takes about a week to get to the north castle where the meeting place for the military will be held. If we are attacked by robbers on the way, it wouldn't pose a problem if it's only a small group. However, if we become tired because of the long journey, it's impossible to fight without getting injured. It's better if we stay in a nearby town at night, just to be safe.

I can move freely if I'm not attacked by devil beasts. Because I let Rin do most of the work I can't write any talismans and it takes most of my time to recover the rest of my consumed magic. So I decided to continue training my devil's hands on summer vacation.

Yes, I understood that this skill evolved, because the skill seems to grow and increase. After the heroes returned, there was an inspection for my magic amount and skills, at that time, a new skill has been acquired and its effects strengthened the skills that I had already acquired. Of course, it's only a matter, nobody is surprised about the skill. I checked what kind of effects that the skill has and well, the devil's hand gradually strengthen my control on magic

The skill that I just newly acquired was called talisman art. For combat, for a long time, I've been using different weapons and attack magic, so, how will I able to add talisman art to my arsenal? Do I have the talent...? Well recently, only talismans are being used, mostly because it seemed convenient and easier.

The amount of my magic has increased, considerably too, and has expanded up to the average extent of my age group. There is an awareness in this place that caused my usable magic increased. Rather it would be dangerous if it didn’t.... and If it didn’t increase, I wouldn't be even able to use a diamond.

My current skills are devil's hand, caress and my support magic, which seems to have developed fairly. Since I understood that I grew up, I want to strengthen it steadily.

Now, Let's get back to the current story. With the training of my devil's hand, I can feel and manipulate the magic included in the atmosphere. Well, point is, even if I can feel it, it isn't a thing which can be understood without training for several years.

The ability of the devil's hand, lets me handle the magic power of whichever I touch directly with my hand. Then can I also handle the magical power in the air? So I decided to experiment with this idea in mind. I have no knowledge about the atmospheric composition in this world, but, it has the same properties as my old world because I can recognize it clearly. The atmosphere seems to be filled with magic because I found out that the power of devil's hands keeps on rising. Though that's just a speculation.

Though I think that it exists, the sense of its existence is thin. It took me approximately two months to grasp it for the first time. Although it took a little bit of practice, it went well in the end. After that, I was able to grasp an idea of how thin it was and how to possibly touch it. The next problem is how can I sense and feel the magic in the air.

I can always feel Ruu's magical power because of how dense it is. Even if I'm still poor at handling the devil's hands, I can sense how powerful it usually is.

But the magical power in the atmosphere is a different story. Its density is lower than the ones we have in our bodies. Well, I expected it to some extent. Since It is the energy of the earth, It's natural that it's thin because it spread all over the world.

That's why I needed several months to feel the magic in the air. And now, I can feel that thin layer of magic in the air. Exactly like the feeling that I grip the clouds, surprisingly, this resembles the magic of the creature. Because I'm able to feel it, I intend to use it this time.

That's why, I try to feel the magic in the air while riding on Rin... uh, and it is absolutely more difficult than feeling the magic! With the magical power of a creature, I shouldn't think that it is a completely different thing....

Without being attacked by devil beasts and robbers, we arrive at the departure point of the army according to schedule. A large number of tents are pitched and people with various appearances are coming and going. Everyone was wearing armor and polishing their swords with a heavy face.

"I meet the person in charge of this army now. Everybody, please go to the given place with the teachers. And teachers, please take care not to make a commotion" Principal.

After she said so, the principal walked away with a person who came to pick her up. As for us, we followed after the teachers who guided us.

On the way, many eyes are fixed on us. Most of them have surprised and pitiful eyes. For a child to participate in a war, it is nothing else than a tragedy....


We are taken in front of two big tents, where we were ordered to wait according to the guards here until there were other instructions. Ruu and the others are waiting outside.

Should I write and restock some of my talismans? If I don't have enough before the battle starts, It will be a big problem. Perhaps, after this, the strategy for the upcoming battle might be explained, till then, I'll write as much as possible.

After an hour had passed, the principal came back. She is accompanied by the person who came to receive us a short while ago. That person, will he explain the strategy?

“Everyone assemble! I will explain our strategy now!"


It seems that he has already told the girls somehow. Entering the tent one after another, the tent was full in no time. By the way, what kind of strategy is it?


"This time, I'll have you participate in this strategy. As for me, I'm the kingdom's first knight-adviser chief Linkrudo. Now, I shall explain the strategy to everybody" Linkrudo.

"All members, hear it carefully. If you don't understand the plan, we will face an unbearable defeat!"

All faces are tightened. Well, what kind of strategy is it....

"This time, the mixed military unit of the adventurers and the employed mercenaries will attract the enemy towards them, while we, the knight`s order and the heroes go through the gap that they made and defeat the boss of our enemies. Because the demon beasts excel in numbers, a long war is disadvantageous and because there are few chances of victory even if we prolong too much, we need to fight it out with a short-term decisive battle”

Well, It's a proper judgment. Reinforcements from other countries don't seem to have come and even if it's judged from the side of goods, a short-term decisive battle will be best. With the heroes and their weapons for the final battle, with our firepower, it can be settled. The problem will be the main enclosure.

"Are there any question?" Linkrudo.

"Yes, what is it?" Principal.

"If we defeat the main enclosure of the enemy, and according to some information that I received, there will be more than one demon that will appear in the battle. If that information is true, how do we deal with them?"

"At that time, the other corps will try to buy time until the heroes knock them down”

In short, the hope lies in the heroes. It became uneasy at a stretch....

"For every one of the academy, you will be in charge of guarding the magician corps. Although the adventurer and mercenaries units will try to eliminate some of them as much as possible, I think that the devil beasts which isn't knocked down will try to break through by all means. The magicians are here to try to support the other military units, while they protect the magicians when they cast any large-scale assault magic. Please obey the instructions of the teachers whose in charge of your unit"

Uuh, is this strategy going to be okay? I'm worried variously.... I mean I admit that this plan is good, however, in this one month, did the heroes become stronger? Well, if they didn't then this strategy will be useless.

Carrying out the strategy tomorrow, the demon's troops already seem to have occupied the fortress and are going to invade the capital. Although their numbers seemed great they move at a slow pace but they can't be left alone. It will be an urgent situation and there won't be time to wait for reinforcements at all. After the allocated place is told to every teacher, Linkrudo returned. I will sleep early today, In preparation for tomorrow.

In the early morning of the next day, the military leaves the camping ground and headed towards the north where the demons are.  Even when we advance for about several hours, the adventurers who are going to scout visually recognizes the group of demons. Setting our headquarters at this place, we take out the battle formation and confront the demons on the plains.

The devil beasts greatly open aside and gradually come close. We, on the other hand, take our wedge-shaped battle formation to break through the center at a stretch. When the battle starts, the heroes and knight corps crash into the enemy lines center, the adventurer and mercenary corps attracts the enemy and try not to be circled. The magician corps at the back will try to protect and support the center as much as they can.

My unit is arranged on the rear left of the wedge and we try to guard the magician corps as planned. The adventurers and the mercenaries are taking a stance at the center, while the academy teachers and students are placed where the enemy doesn't comparatively come. The principal and the teacher for magic seem to be in charge of the magician corps.


“Although the battle begins soon, you need to calm down very much"

"Is that so? Even if this is considerably tense, this is my first battle"

"I have participated in a large-scale subjugation of the guild, but this is also my first battle.... The atmosphere isn't much of a difference from a large-scale subjugation. Aren't you afraid of war?"

"I'm scared. However, if my familiars were to ever see me afraid, it would affect their morale, and they are even more scared than me already. So I have to put up a poker face in such a place.

"I see... will you fight at the back of your familiar as usual?"

"No, because of the dangers this time, I devote myself to a long-distance attack. When I'm with them, everyone can't take out their full strength"

“If that's the case, please don't stray away from them so much. With just you alone, they're too unreliable"

"I understand, and I don't intend to die here"

The devil beasts gradually approach. When they’re seen from here, they are like wriggling black shadows. The next moment when I thought like that,




the devil beasts made a roar and begin to run at us at a stretch. We raise a loud voice so that the front-row soldiers would jump out and oppose them, while the magician corps begin to cast their magic immediately. I also place talismans between my fingers and throw them. As for Ruu, she goes into an action posture. Yosh... I will absolutely survive.  




Author note: With battle formations, is it such a feeling? Because it's been written roughly, it may be strange in various ways.


War, Relative safety, familiars and separate action. There are many people who have already read the development, too.


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