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Little Purple



Can you love someone full of fault?

Perfect and beautiful purple eyes, Hu Zi has a pair, but to her, those are just ornaments. She is blind.                     

She met her teacher that taught her how to control and 'feel' the winds, making her able to walk by herself.                            

One night, she opened her eyes, only to see that all of her family, even her playful teacher, were no longer there.


Waking up in the morning, seeing a boy sleeping peacefully beside her, smiling as he opened his eyes. The prince was stuck in his nine-year-old body, despite already being an adult.

On the wrist of his right hand was an identical tattoo to the one who killed her entire family. The imperial family dragon patterned crest tattoo.

“Even if you are the strongest person in heaven and earth, no matter what, you are still a woman. My woman.”


Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance

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