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The School that saves the world? I have super powers!?



Imagine the government telling you, that they need you, to die. 

Not literally, but in Kiyori case, it's pretty much the same. 

"The world is ending, Kiyori, we need you start a school to teach people how to fight those creatures." 

You meant "We need you to save the world, from dragons"

Oh, and did I forget to say that the paycheck for saving the world is quite big of a sum?

Like, a harem and the position as the king? 

Wait I get to be a king? King of what? King of the school that is half the planet big? Good deal.And a harem? Well, guess I'll go kick some ass, see you in a while.  'Wait, do dragons have an ass?'

"You pervert! We shouldn't have given you those powers!"

The School that SAVES the world! Let's slay some DRAGONS!


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