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Chapter 039 - Jake Wants to Talk

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Jake Wants to Talk

Several days had passed after I, Jake=Ractos, am able to get a fiancee.
That's right. I am, now, enganged with the first daughter of the Nizzet household, Anessa: Anessa=Nizzet.
Well, around this time next year, her name will be changed into Anessa=Ractos though!

I had to say, our love story in short. I ended up loving her at first sight on the day of our marriage interview- and it seems that she also doesn't have a bad impression of me. Though we were both bashful at first, the talk about our engagement went smoothly and now we arrived at this point.
Since Anessa is still a student this year, our status is still fiancee until she graduates from the academy. So we will wait until after she graduated from her academy to hold our wedding ceremony.

Aah, I can't wait for it.
Even though I was nervous the day our marriage interview happened, now I only feel that our wedding day is too far.
Everytime I thought about the fact that I can become the spouse of a girl as amazing as her, I felt my mood elevate.
Even at this moment, if I let my concentration loose, I felt like the tip of my lips will be raised and a laugh will come out from my mouth.

... ...  By the way, because of the marriage interview and engagement that happened recently, some desires have been born inside me.
That's it. I want to talk with someone about my fiancee, Anessa- a desire to boast about her.
In other words, I just want to brag.

That's not really a thing that's worth praise. And I'm perfectly aware of that fact.
Even just a moment ago, at the Crescent Moon Pavilion, the shop that has a special menu from another coutry that father really likes, I already talked so much with my close friend, the son of the shop's general, Yuuga-kun.
Though I slightly felt bad about it, but my desire to talk fondly about Anessa-chan is still not sated.
As expected, I'm already hestitating to talk more with Yuuga-kun that already has an exhausted look on his face, so I came out from the shop and looked for another victim ... or should I say, the next random person that will become my next partner for conversation in the alley at the castle town...

But I forgot about the scarceness of the number of my friends...
More so, a friend that loiters around at noon in a place that has a somewhat bad public order like an alley road.
Though I have several friends at the magic guild, but since they're a friend that I made because we have the same interest in magic and not my friend with my status as the next head of the Duke household, and if I do it poorly, I will be the one who will be exhausted in a discussion about magic instead, you know.
This present condition troubles me.
Totally troubles me.
I can't find anyone to talk to, even though I want to talk about Anessa-chan so much.
If it's like this, though I feel bad for him, I can only depend on Yuuga-kun again to hear my talk...

[ Hmm, you over there ... Jake=Ractos ? You again! What are you do doing in a place like this ... ! ]

As I thought so, I heard someone calling my name.
It was the first prince of the Azolias Kingdom, Alto=Azolias.
...Wait, should'nt I be the one to ask that question, Prince?
Prince, once again, you went to the back alley without a guard... You should've had more sense of danger, right?
But, wait. Prince Alto... though we are not really in relationship you can call as close, but everytime we meet, we at least talk a little. So it's not like we are on bad term at all ... yep.

[ Well, well, what a nice guest we have here, First Prince Alto.  Have the Prince already heard about it? It's about my fiancee, you know. Her name is Anessa... ]

I have Prince Alto listen to my story about Anessa for several hours. But in the middle of the story, Prince Alto seems to have remembered something important and immediately ran towards the royal castle.
Since I saw that Prince Alto didn't have the muddy eyes and listlessness like Yuuga-kun, I can determine that he isn't running away because of being tired of my story... maybe.

However, though I got someone to hear my story, perhaps because it got interupted in the middle, I felt my desire to tell the story about Anessa-chan stronger than before.
Then, what should I do ...
As expected, I can only sacrifice Yuuga-kun again ... Ah, that's right!
I have him, Zen=Helix.
Recently, after the meal with him after the riot at the Cresent Moon Pavilion was settled, it seems that he became more open hearted towards our family. Also, I felt like he is really someone that's will become a good listener. Surely I can make him listen to my story until I am satisfied.

Now that's decided, let's quickly search for him!

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