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Evil-like Duke Household

Chapter 034 - The Girl with a Communication Disorder, Anessa-chan

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(ED: Doesn't Anessa-chan fit perfectly in the Ractos household?)

M-my name is Anessa Nizzet. I , I am is the sole daugther of an Earl household of the Azolias kingdom.  

My age ... is eighteeen. Right now, I am still studying in the Azolias kingdom's Magic School ...
Senior year of the Enchantment Magic class.
I live at, the school dormitory... My school life ... is, not really that, fun.

... My friend, is , none .
The reason, I can already guess, ... probably, it's due to the three reasons below ...

First, its ... my magical aptitude. It's not really high ... but, I have two sorcery traits.
Perhaps, those who learned a bit about magic will know about it. But by the characteristic of their sorcery trait, their hair and eye color will change depending on their sorcery.
Futhermore ... the base color of the Nizzet household is gold and eyecolour is ashen grey.
Just like this, the paler the base colour, the stronger the sorcery color will come to surface.
If I only have the water sorcery aptitude just like my father, then , my hair ... will become beautifully glittering with, gradation of gold and blue.

My sorcery colour is [ black ] and [ deep blue ]
The result, these two colors mashed up together over my hair and eyes: my hair ended up in a gloomy gradation of those two color and my eyes became a dull deep blue, the colour of the depth of the sea.
Since I was a little kid, I have an inferiority complex with this eye colour of mine. So I grow my hair 'till it covers my face. And so, I was deemed as a weirdo who never showed their eyes to others.
... this is the first reason.

The next one, is something in relation with one of my sorcery traits, which is the [ sorcery trait of curse ] ...
Just by that name, you will think this sorcery as some evil-like sorcery , ri, right ?
Actually, it's not really different from enchantment magic ...
Enchancing the target's body power... and giving minus effect... to the opponent or monster... Something like that ...
The only difference that this sorcery trait has is... that I am able to evoke the magic without using the proper aria of the said enchantment magic... and [ using a special short chant to evoke the magic ] instead ...

Since there is not really that much difference with enchantement magic, the effect of this sorcery trait is not really apparent. So there're not many sorcerers who research upon this kind of sorcery. Thus, with just the impression that came from the name of [ sorcery trait of curse], many of sorcerers misunderstood that this sorcery trait is something that's dangerous.
Of course, the student of this magic school, too ...
This is ... the second reason...  

And the last one ...

[ Nizzet-san, Annesa Nizzet-san? ]

[Ah ... Ye, yes ... ? ]

[ You still haven't submitted your report about the unknown magic spot that was due last week ... I wonder what happened ?]

[ Ah, yes ... I 'm sorry... I forgot ... to submit , it ... I will, submit it, this after, noon ... kuhihi ...]

[ Ah, is that so. Please submit it as fast as possible, 'kay? ... ]

... I know. I know that teacher who talked to me in the corridor just, just now, didn't think well about me ... I can sense that he thought of me as eerie, with the slight fear from his body ... This is because of the second sorcery trait that I possess ... [ sorcery trait of psycological sensor] ...

Just like how its name said, this sorcery allows me to roughly perceive the opponent's emotion and feelings...
Because of that, I know about it, the impression that everyone has towards me the first time we met are the first two reasons-disgust and hate.

Because of that, naturally, ...  I ended up taking a distance from everyone around me ....
And so, I don't have any friends. Even at this age, I still don't have any fiancee...
I have already given up. I have accepted that I will live alone, forever.
... I already gave up, or so I thought.

Until father told me about my marriage interview.

[ Anessa ! The date of your marriage interview is already decided ! It'll be held this week ... and to your surprise, your partner will be the eldest son of the Ractos, Jake Ractos-kun ! ]

[ Hah ... eh ? ]

[ Waah ! That's a relief. Right, anessa ?! ]

As I arrived to my house from the dorm for summer vacation, honoured father happily said so to me.

And honoured mother is also happy hearing this news.
Marriage interview... for me ?
Rurthermore, the partner is ... it's lie right ? Jake Ractos-sama ?
The grandson of the [ Sorcery King of the Dusk ], that [ Incarnation of the Devil Snake ] ?
... I can only think of this as some kind of a mistake.
Jake-sama is someone that's so famous that every person who studies magic will know of his name whenever they're from the Azolias kingdom or not.
One of the only two users of the [ sorcery trait of the shadow] that's alive and ever confirmed.
Furthermore, he's the eldest of an Azolias' Duke household ... the next head of the duke house.
... though there're several dark rumours surrouding him, there's no other fault that I can find in him ...
In other words, I think he's someone that's fit to be called as a supreme object.

If I have to add, I heard from honoured father that all of those rumours are only baseless rumours...

Why did such person become the candidate for my marriage...
And so, I asked honoured father about it and then he explained the details to me .
Telling it in short ... from what i heard, Jake-sama seems to be in the same circumstance as me. And so, he still doesn't have anyone as candidate for fiancee.
Just a little bit, I felt some kind of intimacy with him.
... ... However...

[ Yaah~ With this, our household will be fine.  Well, although Anessa will become the bride of that house. In our household, the house name is just a secondary thing... As long as you are able to succeed the sorcerer's blood, then there will be no problems. If you guys will do your best to make lotd of descendants, in the end, there will be someone who will take over the Nizzet household, right ! ] - Sir Nizzet

[ That's true! ... Even if that didn't happen, the kid that's born between the father that possess the sorcery trait of shadow and a mother who possess several sorcery traits ! ! What should we do if there's a Sorcery King born from the blood of the Nizzet household ! ? ] - Madam Nizzet

[ Ah, umm ... Father, Mother ... Why, suddenly such ... ]

[ Ooh ! that's true. Sorcery trait and magic aptitude will not always be inherited to their child. So its not really good to expect too much right now  ... But! As long as there's a kid who will diligently continue the magical experiment that our house has done for generations, then it's already an extremly joyous thing ! ! ] - Madam Nizzet

[ N, no ... Not about that... Why are you guys ... already having a talk with the premise that I will, ma ,marry  ... and have kids ... Why ? ]

[ It's gonna be alright ! Though Annesa usually acts like, umm , like that ... But as long as we gave you a little bit of make up, Annesa will surely become a beauty ! ! That's right. First, we need to do something about that hair. And make it so that you are showing your face ... Ah, I also have to prepare a dress that is suited for Annesa, right ! ! The one that is totally pretty ! !  ]

[ No, wait ! My dear wife, just wait a moment ! ... I think that Jake-kun will prefer someone who has moderate looks rather than those who dress up gawdily ... Let's make Annesa wear a dress robe, taking into account that our household is a sorcerer family. How about it ! ?]

[ Good ... That's a really nice idea ! Then a magic stone brooch instead the one that's made with a gem ! ! Aah, it's gonna be busy ! ! ]

Aah ... I felt like they've left me behind, alone, and is advancing their conversation by their own will ...

But even so, Jake-sama ... huh
If we're in the same situation ... Perhaps, even someone like, me ....
As I thought that, I realize that I have actually still not totally gave up the future where I can live together with someone else...

That's why... perhaps, I should also be doing my best, maybe ... ?

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