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Chapter 026 - His Majesty Azolias: The Father of Two Sons

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I am the king of the Azolias kingdom - Leon Azolias
And my legs, right now, are feeling numb.
It's the prime minister's doing...

Well, you know, I also felt a bit guilty because of forgetting in tell my sons that the rumours surrounding the governor is not true....
But, even so, I am the king, you know ?
Prime minister told me to sit in this weird sitting position on the ground, then he started scolding me. Ain't that weird ?
His tone is also quite scary ...
Well, because of those chain of happenings, my legs are now numb. And, before I forgot about it, I will tell the truth to my son, Alto. Thus, I called him to this place - the throne room.

After some time passed, a knock came to the throne room.  Accompanied by his attendant, Alto entered the room .

[ His majesty , the first prince- Alto Azolias, present in front of his majesty, the king. ]

[ Umu, I'm glad that you've come ... Actually there's something that I have to tell you. ]

At the time I said so, I could hear a set of busy footsteps running towards the throne room...
Along with the gasps of the knight captain that's already lost his breath .

[ Your majesty ! Your majesty ! ! It's serious, your majesty ! !  ]

[ ... what's happening ? You're so noisy. ]

The Knight Captain entered the room without even knocking on the door.
Really, what's making him so flustered like that...
And when I am just about to explain to Alto about the governor... What will you do if I ended up forgeting about it, again...

[ Di ... Diebold-sama is coming back ...! ]

[ .... eh ? Seriously ? ]

Damn, I got too surprised that my normal way of talking came out .

Diebold Ractos...
The blood father of the present governor, Grid Ractos. And also Azolias's Hero of the War.
It is said that he could conquer the world alone when there's no sun shining in the sky, the [Sorcery King of the Dusk].
The moment the enemy is aware of his presence, their country would surrender in an instant. He's a powerful person with such lies-like legend, which are actually true.

Other than that, there's also a rumour that, since he surpassed the other person who has the same [sorcerer king] title - [ Sorcery king of rainy days] , now, including him, the once five sorcery kings became only four people. Or perhaps something like: with just one glare of his, you'll have a mental breakdown. Anyway, he has some amazing legends surrounding him. And because of that power, he isn't allowed to become a citizen of a single country. Now, he has to move between one country to another.

Frankly speaking, he's in a whole other level than me .
Rather, I'm one of his fans... Please shake my hand~
No, not that. ... !

[ ... When will he come ?]

[ From the Ractos Duchess' story, he will be coming around this week ... I suppose... ]

Eh, this week ! ?
Like I mentioned before, he is supposed to move between one country to another. Of course, there's a time when he will visit his home town, which is my kingdom. But his schedule is strictly watched by the top powers of the various countries. Even when he suddenly decided to stay in another country, the least amount it will take is one month.

[ On, on what occasion did he come here for... ? ]

[ It seems that Diebold-sama's grandson, Jack-kun, will be having a marriage interview. The Duchess said that he will come around that time... ]

Eh ! ? Jack-kun is having a marriage interview ! ?  Seriously ! ?
No, no. Rather than that, one week is too short to prepare the welcoming ceremony for the Hero of the War, you know !
Wah, wah wah waaah ! I have to quickly tell the Prime minister about this! Also, I have to tell the knight body to start preparing for the party for Diebold-sama's return ... !

[ Um, umm , honoured father ? Is Diebold-sama coming to this kingdom .... ? ]

Alto asked about the situation to me while trembling .
Hmm ? Why alto is here ?
... ah, It's because I called him here. Eh, why did I call him here again ? 

.... Well it's alright ! That's not important right now !

[ That's right, Alto ! I don't know whether we have enough time to preparing for his welcoming ceremony or not, since the time is too short ! You need to help as well ! ! ]

[ Ah, I understand ! Then I ... I'll tell this to the Prime minister ! ! ]

Alto rushed out from the room in panic.

[ Tell this information to the knight commander and all of the knights too ! As soon as possible ! ]

[ By , by your will !  ]

If there's a defect in entertaining our kingdom's Hero, it will bring shame to my kingdom. No matter what happens I have to make it on time ... !

I felt like I have forgotten something important... But it's not more important than the return of the hero right ?
Ah, I have to call for barber ... !

- FIN - 

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