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Chapter 318 - Evolutionary Ascension

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Heart Devil, more than just a saying, an actual intangible Being that is a representation of inner wickedness. It is birthed once, during a mortal’s Evolutionary Ascension, by a union between utmost desire and Nature.
Its reason for being is an instrument for Nature's retaliation. Nature loves mortals and abhors Immortals, for it, they are all Beings that liberated themselves from the cycle of life to rein free in its cosmos and abuse its laws and elemental energies.
As a sort of obstacle and punishment, the Heart Devil nips at the culmination of the mortal Martial path, spoiling it. If not stopped, it will devour the entire cultivation base, leaving the ascendant bare to endure the Evolutionary Ascension, a death sentence. Caught and vanquished on time, a Heavenly Immortal would be born.
On his knees, pupils rolled back, Zax bellowed to the light of purple sky that breached the cracks of the once impenetrable ceiling of New Earth.
His body was covered by ugly black burns, his right arm and left leg nothing but black bones, seemingly unrecoverable; the smoldering shockwave induced from a Heavenly Immortal's attack came up short at taking the life of a cultivator in the Mortal Enlightenment state.
The aura of ascension shrouded him, as he was in the midst of evolution, but his lucid frame of mind was deprived of him by the scenes and sounds imposed on him by the Godly Retribution.
He saw them die, burnt to ash, saw them torn apart, crashed, yelling for help, blaming him… he saw and heard over and over again in an unending sequence of agony.
He lost reason, wanted to die, consumed by unadulterated hatred, yet was feeble, capable of only loosening his voice until it, also, was too hoarse to make a sound.
Eventually he was brought to a physical and mental stillness, in the same wretched pose, whilst his Evolutionary Ascension proceeding toward failure.
The energy signature of the Evolutionary Ascension rattled the Immortals to their core, not because of how unexpectedly it happened in this particular moment, but due to what their senses read from it.
Senior Ohar utilized eighty percent of his power to mend the Core Star, along General of the Armies Nikari and the four dozen Immortals who were influenced by his warning.
'This is definitely the signature of a dark element Evolutionary Ascension'. He determined. 'But the fluctuations are on a ridiculous scale! Is this birth of a new Heavenly Immortal the purpose I was sent here?'
General of the Armies Nikari had a nasty mug. After snatching the Godly Law Template and leaving, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya rescinded her claim on the Core Star and so did His Holiness Morien, once he assumed it is irredeemable. However, General of the Armies Nikari had another hypothesis for His Holiness Morien's irrational conduct… The Almighty had already promised him something just as precious or even more than the Godly Law Template.
Worse still, now an Immortal was in the process of emerging from where the aboriginal supposed to be located!
With nothing but a Core Star and a Plain on the verge of collapse, even if by some sort of miracle, they will be able to salvage it, General of the Armies Nikari would be left with no reward worthy a Godly Law Template and someone with greater claim for the Core Star.
By law of the Three Valleys, the first aboriginal to successfully accomplish Evolutionary Ascension in his or her Home Star can raise a petition to reclaim it.
His Holiness Morien meaningfully stared below, his gaze piercing through the cracks to New Earth, landing on the miserable figure standing on its knees and leaning back, inaudibly wailing with an expression of sorrow.
Gradually, the solemn glint in his eyes softened. He silently uttered a prayer no one could hear, pointed his hand down and shot a white beam that traveled many times above the speed of light for Zax, a killing blow.
"This has gone too far…" A single phrase reverberated, sounding as if it originates from every corner of the planet, no! Every area in the entire Milky Way Plain.
Time stopped, or rather the following things to transpire happened so fast even to a Neonate Immortal like Senior Ohar an extreme instant had become months and years.
A lone woman, draped in a blue and shiny armor, at least three meters tall, appeared before Zax. She had a crown of seven short dark blue horns and azure skin. Her hair, which was just as long as her height, was pitch black.
She stood in silence after her five words proclamation, her gaze both peaceful and apologetic, as if there was nothing for her to learn since she already knew it all and now was only relating to a poor soul.
Glancing aside, she noted the concentrated beam of white element energy. She tapped it and it dissolved to the ether.
"That's an intervention". Suddenly a new voice said.
Next to the blue scheme seven horned woman and Zax, another figure appeared.
This time it was a man, muscular and short with dark brown skin, dark brown three pairs of eyes, dark brown hair and wearing a black robe with gray and white patterns. He had four arms folded and long pointy ears, no nose or lips.
"He is Gogenta's heir and progeny. I was too late to save his kin. Hereon I will not ignore his plight while another readily tormenting him". The woman retorted.
The brown man shook his head. "I'm just reminding a new God what we can and cannot do in the First Valley. Saving his kin would have been a problem, but him… Yerfijado's name was evoked by him, hence he is entitled. You, Bimentia, are a new God, meaning for this period of time, until you'll head for the Second Valley, some minor misdemeanors can be written off. As for myself, he obtained my perfect dark attribute's essence, should he accede he deserves the right to join the banner of I, Demirva Of the Hollow".
"Call it a minor misdemeanor, then". God Bimentia pocked Zax's forehead, dispelling the Godly Retribution.
"He is undergoing Evolutionary Ascension, moreover after comprehending the six bottlenecks of insight. For this we cannot do anything".
"And stopping Yerfijado from giving him trouble in the future, should he survive the ascension?" God Bimentia inquired.
"You removed the Godly Retribution. With that, he lost the eligibility to pester him in person in the First Valley. Nevertheless, he can use his Holy Palace's Immortals to do the work for him. If, however, this heir of Gogenta, Zax Zel, will decide to follow my warrior, Ohar of Renzine, then Yerfijado would really become powerless".
“You think Ohar will be able to control a transcendent of the six mortal tribulations?” God Bimentia denied. “Of the three possible outcomes, the only one I see for him surviving the ascension is Infernal…”
The Heart Devil has no shape. It is more like a vacuum that manifests in the foundation of a mortal’s cultivation, be it the soul, the body or the dantian.
Zax was a bodily cultivator in his roots, but his Evolutionary Ascension did not result from bodily culmination. It was called upon the unthinkable, comprehending the six bottlenecks of insight.
When the Heart Devil spawned within his cells, aiming to nip away the body, it was immediately repressed by six sparks of light, drawn back like a shadow escaping the sun.
Such a feat could only be achieved by those who comprehended the six bottlenecks, transcended the six mortal tribulations.
Nevertheless, avoiding a scuffle with the Inner Devil is impossibility. It was a living being, adaptable and prone to growth by challenge. And for it the only challenge that can prevent it from realizing its purpose and drive it to evolve is the perfect combination of the six sparks of light.
Expelled from contact with the three aspects, the Inner Devil enlarged from a colorless vacuum to a vibrant force to be reckoned with it. Its aim moved to Zax’s spirit, just when the Godly Retribution was removed and a morsel of self awareness rekindled in him.
‘M-y A-net…’ Zax’s soul was fraught with tears and holes and the voice that mourned came right from inside it, his spirit. ‘Ni-el…’ One with his spirit he brokenly recounted. ‘Ze-tsa…’
A multicolored whirlpool coursed past a hole in the membrane of the soul. In its evolved state, the Inner Devil developed a rudimentary level of sentience, beyond its innate disposition. Instead of the cultivation base, it pried on the heart, for if it could not destroy a mortal’s Martial path, it would have the ascendant do it.
Reaching Zax’s spirit, it latched to it and reiterated all of his regrets and pains.
If Yerfijado The Almighty ever had a plan to ruin him, this was its most essential part. And yet, although it came to fruition, the one component he relied on the most was taken off the equation.
Zax suffered, the Inner Devil ate at him even more cruelly than the Godly Retribution, when it amplified his senses to repeatedly feel New Earth and its inhabitants’ damnation.
The difference, however, was that he no longer confined to an inability.
‘M-om, d-ad, Liz, Master, LAIVIEN, MES, SERAH…!’
The momentum he was deprived from reignited and the feelings that were constrained to accumulate found an outlet.
The Inner Devil brought the worse for him, but he only accepted it as fuel to rage.
Love was stripped from his heart.
Hate, desire for revenge was all that remained and from mad he transitioned to insane.
He did not know he was undergoing a very unique Evolutionary Ascension or what thing is the creature leeching of his spirit. He only cared that it conformed to the perverted transformation of his temperament and fit what he wanted.
His spirit regrew its right arm and used it and its left to clutch the Inner Devil. Unhooking its jaw, it took a bite of the Inner Devil.
A tint of black smeared its mouth, spreading.
For every bit the Inner Devil sucked, the Spirit bit twice.
The aura within the Evolutionary Ascension intensified as it approached the pinnacle.
A black hand split Zax’s head.

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