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Chapter 317 - Sixth Bottleneck Of Insight

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A voice so faint that it could get blown by the lightest breeze… that was the last thing he heard from her.
Everything slowed down till it got frozen in place after the explosion. A sense of incomprehensible dread consumed from the very depth of his being. He wanted to reach out, to charge with his dark attribute energy and what minuscule amount of dark element energy he could muster, but for this instance his perception was heightened well beyond all other of his capabilities. Thus, he could only watch.
The ceiling cracked and split, raining rocks and Sun Stones like meteors, as a wave of indescribable energy unleashed its wrath from above in a passing, instigating a chain of cataclysmic devastation.
Quick to die were those on high ground, buildings and hillside streets. Even before they were engulfed by the blazing heat the wave emitted, they were pulverized by the ceiling's debris.
There was no sound to the initial scene of destruction, as it failed to keep up and by the time it did, it was absorbed by a succeeding cacophony of havoc.
'N-o!' Zax uttered with great difficulty. His eyes barely registered the sudden explosion when the death toll already numbered tens of thousands.
Then, came the heat from the wave.
Those who were in the open, shelter seekers like his family and friends that were evacuated to the distant caves from the pathway, were struck head first, body instantaneously next.
They lit up like torches dipped in oil.
"MO-M! DA-D!" He finally was able to raise up the pace and hoarsely yell.
A dark attribute domain emerged and spread, his fastest response. Triggered by turbulent emotions, it encompassed more rapidly than ever!
He had to save them!
He must not let their deaths happen before his eyes, when he is so close to prevent it!
Why were they on an elevated ground?
It was only centimeters above where they stood just a few steps before, meters farther than where they were, but catching up to those parameters was time consuming when time was the sole thing he lacked.
"NOOOOO!" Zax bellowed with a face so ashen it was sickly white.
He got them, many he got!
Friends, relatives, strangers, tens, hundreds of thousands.
But for hundreds of thousands others he was too late.
His parents, his grandparents, Serah's parents, his childhood friend Mi and her two daughters.
The list went on and on, but only two names had really captured Zax's attention in the final moment of their lives…
"Mom, dad". He weakly whispered as he stared at the void, broken. Outlines of their figures still in his view.
They never realized even when their bodies were set by ablaze, as it devoured all too fast, immediately transforming them to a pile of ash.
His dark attribute domain trembled, on the verged of collapse by the brunt of direct contact with the wave. It bought just enough time for Supreme Ruler Ariel and a handful of others to react.
Alas, it all amounted for only the sufficient timespan for them to change countenance.
He was unable to preserve against the might of an Immortal induced shockwave.
His heart palpitated, yet again he is going to suffer a loss, and now on a much greater scale!
She was slow, despite being a Martial Mortal, but her reaction gradually took shape… tears and confusion. Her gaze was still fixated on him, so she has not witnessed his loss, but the shattering events behind him still landed in her line of sight.
He noticed the mild shift in her face, the awareness, and his attention reverted back to the living. Nevertheless, the debris and the emitted heat were merely trivial in every aspect in comparison to the incoming wave.
'POWER!' There was no other word to describe what he needed.
He made the choice.
Although the death of his parents left a deep mark on his soul, debilitated his mental states, he threw caution to the wind.
'GO! GO! GO! Take it!' He urged his spirit to graved the spark of light in front of it, the sixth and last bottleneck of insight, and it ecstatically obeyed!
He always suspected that taking the final stride forward would incur the Godly Retribution's full judgement. He became positive of its obstinate intent to hurt him when Sister Iaura's prayer resulted in worse outcome than unrequited…  The only thing he was oblivious about was the reason, what sin did he commit that had made him so deplorable?
Unanswered questions were a distraction he could not bear its consequences.
His spirit moved, pulling the membrane of his soul, the step it could take unhindered, extending its reach for the sixth bottleneck was the trial in which it will not be able to allude the Godly Retribution.
The step had been accomplished and the anarchic visage of his Inner Panorama began to quiver.
'PERISH!' An unfamiliar voice rang in his sea of consciousness.
Since it bore upon him, for the very first time, the Godly Retribution had declared its purpose.
Not to punish, reprimand, edify or mere harm, but to completely annihilate!
The protective formations blocking the Godly Retribution's oppression vibrated, their resistance plunged as they deconstructed for the last time.
A white glow manifested, illuminating everything within Zax's sea of consciousness. Like an infection, where the great light touched, be it the randomly spread sky, sea and land of the Inner Panorama or the involving black space of the sea of consciousness, it split to white tendrils that then weaved in an attempt to squash Zax's mind world.
Even his spirit, soul and own naked manifestation were no exception to the assimilation, albeit it was under a rather sluggish progress.
The pain was numbing. It exceeded Zax's threshold by a margin of a whole new horizon, which was his sole silver lining, otherwise he might have been able to hold on longer, but not still persist in any way for the sixth bottleneck.
His spirit’s finger elongated for the grab, his right hand palm closing on the spark of light.
The arm was squeezed and torn.
The left arm, too.
‘Grrrab it!’ Zax gruffly pronounced. Of his manifested naked body he only got left his chest, portions of his arms and head.
His spirit endured. It had no more steps to take, nor hands to pick, so it leaped, opened its mouth through the tearing membrane of the soul and chomped.
Ercas Mir.
“Why, Morien?!” Senior Ohar howled.
“The will of The Almighty”, His Holiness Morien piously carried his words. “Who are we to question?”
In the battle for the Godly Law Template, of the hundreds Immortals, around one hundred remained. A large number died by the attacks of the several Mythical Immortals and a larger number fled in dismay, some to keep their lives and others to not get apprehended…
Baleful emerald flames swelled in jewel embedded at the center of Senior Ohar’s forehead and in their midst a devil of rage.
The answer Senior Ohar demanded was to one vital question, related to the action that brought forth calamity for the Core Star, and consequently the entire Milky Way Plain.
Broadly, what he asked was “Why did he intercept his attack from striking down the reckless Heavenly Immortal, before the fiery element energy of his self detonation landed on the planet”.
“All of you help me mend the Core Star!” General of the Armies Nikari hollered at the Immortals still present, while at a corner of his eye he focused on the departing Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya.
It was because of His Holiness Morien’s misdirection during their bout that she chanced upon the opening to snatch the Godly Law Template. Following that, she exploited the shock everyone received by seeing the Core Star on the verge of ruin to escape, whilst throwing and incinerating a golden piece of paper, her ownership certificate of a third of Ercas Mir.
“Ohar!” General of the Armies Nikari called. If it was a regular planet, he could restore it without a problem.
‘When are you planning to appear?!’ Senior Ohar yelled inwardly and hastened to assist General of the Armies Nikari. ‘Was it this? You really wanted me to only help Kitanoriya’. Disgruntled he turned for the other Immortals. “Help or you won’t find refuge anywhere in the first Valley!”
As for His Holiness Morien... He did as The Almighty decreed, at the cost of the Godly Law Template. His role here was finished. With no faith in a bunch of Immortal thinking they can do a God’s job, he took out his ownership certificate of a third of Ercas Mir, burnt it and prepared to leave when...
He paused, trained his vision below with an incredulous expression.
“Evolutionary Ascension? No, this is… immaculate!”
Zax succeeded to capture the sixth bottleneck of insight and his spirit was undergoing resplendent transformations as it precipitously comprehended it.
But just as he felt a wisp of newfound power sprouting in his sea of consciousness, it echoed again…
The momentum halted and the postpone was over.
The time that stopped for him to make a last ditch effort to gain the strength to save his loved one, reversed.
In the crucial moment his Evolutionary Ascension commenced, the Godly Retribution shackled him to a state of sensory augmentation and bound him on a path of deprivation.
He was unable to move, to speak, to ascend, only get swarmed by the sounds and scenes of his world ending…
Niel and Jingrow succumbing to the wave that took their grandparents while a flash in their eyes reveals a desire to protect the children gathered around them and aunt, Liz.
Zetsa and her husband, Grerown, holding hands, calling for their son and perishing togather, incapable of ever getting to him.
Supreme Ruler Ariel erupts with all of his fifth level Martial Mortal strength and spent to death, saving no one.
His Master Kartius, Grandmaster Kartion and all of his Martial brothers and sisters, who were fortunate to sense the wave early to its arrival, in their big, animalistic forms, covering to their last breath a white doe.
His beloved wife, Anet, still waiting for him to save the day, until the death of their son, for then she welcomed hers.
He lost it.

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