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Chapter 316 - Crescendo

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There was only rule… leave the planet intact.
The Godly Law Template’s aura was contained, not a wisp of fluctuation seeped out. To the touch it was now no different than a curved piece of stone, but to the eyes… It exuded a radiant glow, like a miniature sun. Its glare could blind mortals and was too bright for Immortals to make up its hue, much less content. As for Soul Sense, Sublime Soul Sense or Immoral Sense, those were only slightly better than a direct stare.
Three silhouettes of indomitable Beings, first and simultaneously, pierced through the indistinct light, General of the Armies Nikari, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya and His Holiness Morien.
They were at the epitome of their rank as Immortals and the only one present that could top them, Senior Ohar, had come to assist, not to pursue.
“Go!” Someone yelled, but in the great brilliance it was too hard to assess the person. Either way, to the command the remaining Mythical Immortal made their move.
Following next were the Immortals of the Holy Palace.
Eyes closed, they varied in form and shape. Some were humans; fewer were beasts and less were Beings of other kind.
They spread around, forming a formation with three at the center. Together, by the grace of The Almighty who bestowed the technique, their amalgamation equaled the grandeur of a Neonate Immortal.
Last but not least were the Heavenly ranked and Sacred ranked Immortals beyond the exosphere.
Auras with shades from the full spectrum of colors painted the firmament like a garden of blooming flowers of all breeds and types. They did not move, nor falter, only stayed there for an opportune moment.
Senior Ohar kept to the sidelines. Expressionless he watched while still musing over the purpose of him being here, since there must have been more than fulfilling a promise to Sheldon and assisting Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya.
What he saw as he strived to glimpse past the glow were multiple figures he could only deduce their identity by signature of their elements’ fluctuations.
‘Kitanoriya, Morien and Nikari dominate the battlefield’. It was an obvious observation. They were the strongest Immortals on the scene, after him. ‘The distance between them and the template is shrinking… three hundred meters, two hundred ninety nine… They advance at a moderate pace. Good, it means that they and everyone else is conscious to the current instabilities in the planet that were caused by the conversion’.
The repercussions of destroying any Star were enormous, such that even a God will not necessarily defend an Immortal for it. Destroying a habitable Star was an even greater crime and a Core Star that was the most essential component of an entire Plain… even Gods would shriek in fear.
‘Kitanoriya, I’m entering the fray’. He sent via his Immortal Sense. She was too occupied with General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien, so he treated her silence as affirmation and stepped to block the Neonate formation of the Holy Palace
Anet, Niel, his parents and everyone else of his loved ones were evacuated to a remote cave in El-Eden by Supreme Ruler Ariel and the local experts of his region in Kingdom Earth.
The division of the evacuation teams was implemented with accordance to locality. Supreme Ruler Trey supervised the evacuation in her region, Tongguo, and in the absence of Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, former Supreme Ruler Gid Chu took control of Shitou.
The same happened in Valgarel, only there the leaders of the top tribes and Yurnal managed the withdrawal entire beast population.
"What's going on, Zax?" Anet anxiously clutched to him in one hand and with the other held Niel's arm so tight that there was a risk of it breaking.
She was not alone in her wariness… the tension in the cave’s air was so thick it nearly scorched the senses.
The booming sounds from the battle above could be heard traveling through the pathway and spreading in New Earth. Additionally, when the Godly Law Template's Godly power clashed with the sealing formation, the supposedly impenetrable network of caves and tunnels suffered fissures from the bombardment that weakened its resilience. This resulted in multitude of major Sun Stone storms all across New Earth and a latent fear that humanity and beasts' home and safe haven for thousands of years might meet its demise.
“Immortals have descended our world”. Zax spoke candidly.
“Immortals?” His response encountered mixed reactions.
The concept of Immortality was obscure to the mind of common people, non cultivators. The Martial Mortal realm was the height of their understanding and even it was pronounced as a “very strong level” by most people. Only those with some sort of connection to actual Martial Mortals or prominent Core Master, had a tiny inclination of Immortals, but also as entities the same as the worshiped Gods in Ercas Mir or historical records from before the great immigration.
“Anet, mom, dad”, Zax smiled at them as they all gathered around him. “It would be okay. Everything will be okay. Before I returned I saw Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and Senior Elijah, who invented one of the three famous bodily refinement techniques. They chose to remain above the ground. Senior Elijah had joined the Golden Desert Fort many years ago; he can talk with the Immortal behind them. Let us for now wait for news from them”.
It was not a lie, but neither something he believed in. He knew the purpose of the Immortal powerhouses’ arrival and had zero doubts that they will go to any length to obtain it.
He was not a hypocrite… he also had doubts that if he was in their stead, perhaps he too would have ignored the lives of billions mortal humans and beasts for a gain such as the Godly Law Template.
‘Join us, Zax’. He received transmission from Supreme Ruler Ariel.
‘I’m being summoned’. He sent Anet.
She understood.
“Mom, dad”, she looked to her parents, Zetsa, Serah, Dane and all the familiar places. For a moment she struggled with what she should say and then her hand got pulled and she glanced at Niel. “We should organize a place for us to pass time calmly until Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and Senior Elijah return with the good news”.
“How much of what you’ve told them is the truth?” Supreme Ruler Ariel erected an invisible formation that included Zax and thirty eight more men and women, patriarchs and matriarchs, heads of organizations and El-Eden’s officials.
“If you trust Senior Ar Yen and Senior Elijah, then all of it”. Zax replied just as candidly as before he exaggerated to reassure his family and friends.
“Trust them?” A red headed young looking man snorted. He was a beast in human form, his name was Uhal and he was Sinister Chain’s Second Leader’s Yurnal’s eldest apprentice.
He learned of what happened to his Master’s son and apprentice brother after his Master received them from Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and Elijah, and he was not the only one who knew.
“You were not informed, have you?” A thin, old man with a rough old voice mocked. “Even after growing up and surpassing all of us you still do things too rashly like a silly boor”.
“Superintendent Ten”, Zax greeted.
“How are you, boy?” The old man, Superintendent Ten, softened his voice and withdrew his aura of a third level Martial Mortal, a record he could achieve thanks to the resources Zax had obtained for Kingdom Earth.
“Superintendent Ten, what do you mean ‘not informed’?” Zax’s expression, in contrast, changed to a somber countenance.
“Ar Yen and Elijah… when you secluded yourself, they conspired to get Yurnal and your Master’s insights in order to enhance Elijah’s Scarlet Armor, whilst claiming they can exchange it for our New Earth and its citizen’s security”.
“They did what?!” Zax’s tone was flat, as he felt that should he allow himself express his emotion, he will incidentally let loose his aura.
“My Master’s son and apprentice brother were held hostages by the pair of lowlifes. They used them to force Elder Master to impart his insights of the Infinite Transformations Altering Body bodily refinement technique. Furthermore, they also gave him an ultimatum for taking his son and apprentice. He could either make an oath to forget their transgressions and take Yimin and Mernug immediately or wait for them to fulfill their plans, that is, extort Kartion of his insights and contact the Immortals of the five powers”. Uhal narrated.
‘Master’, outraged, Zax sent a transmission to Kartius’s communicator.
‘Zax, my Martial son, I’ve waited for your communication after Martial niece Hagen told me that you contacted her’. Kartius sounded whacked. He did not inquire about Zax’s closed doors session since he was mostly certain it went badly due to the untimely turbulences in New Earth.
‘Master, tell me what occurred between Grandmaster, Ar Yen and Elijah’. Zax requested impatiently.
‘What happened…’ Kartion related with no reservation. Although from a certain point of view it was humiliating and he was the Master while Zax the apprentice, they were family, and that was enough to overthrow pride.
‘Alright, I get the picture, as long as everyone fine’. Zax heaved. ‘How is big sister Shulip, Eldest Martial brother Raroen and big sister Rarahel?’
‘They are back to your Martial uncle’s cave. The Grayfeather tribe and other small and middle tribe had sought refuge with us’.
‘The more the merrier’. Zax was sad that he could not also be with his Martial family, but was glad that in this time of crisis there were more by their side, other than the Krikitory tribe. ‘Martial father, if there is anything you need-’
‘I know. Keep safe. We’ll speak later, face to face’.
The conversation was over, and not only it. Supreme Ruler Ariel and the thirty eight men and women also finished their discussion.
The group broke apart as each of them joined the coping population. If they had family or friends they came by their side, otherwise they either guarding the defensive formations or just mingled in the crowd.
Zax also returned to his family. He found Anet assisting in an early dinner preparations, his son and nephew showing off a mist show with Liz clapping vigorously among the smiling kids watching; his mother, father, Anet’s parents and more relatives bussing themselves whichever way they can and also his childhood who happened to be brought to the same cave, together with their families, old and young.
Powerlessness made him feel like the small child he once was, when he was nicknamed Earth’s Core Freak and before his big sister agreed to train him in her rundown apartment building with the Inner Spirit formation.
He sighed and let go of the responsibilities that right now only weighed on him without the ability to do anything about them.
Rules meant to be broken.

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