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Chapter 315 - Immortals Commencing

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“MORIEN!” With bloodlust in her eyes, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya roared.
Her brown aura lashed belligerently at every direction, barely restrained its fluctuation from, otherwise, spreading and breaking apart the planet.
“You will die for this, Morien!” The space in a radius of tens of meters around General of the Armies Nikari froze. All the worldly attribute energies in the tens of meters range had transformed to a region of forever cold, a show of his restraint.
Up in the sky, His Holiness Morien stood with his white robe flapping in the wind, his gaze serene. “It was bound to happen eventually”. He said placidly, as all around him flew hundreds of Immortals.
Tens of whom belonged to the Holy Palace, the majority being at the Heavenly rank while selected few were at the Sacred rank. As for the rest, they were mostly independent or from other organizations, all Mythical Immortals like His Holiness Morien himself, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya and General of the Armies Nikari.
“This is the decree of The Almighty…” His Holiness Morien whispered and Senior Ohar frowned.
Moments before the emergence of the many Immortals…
The four Immortals arrived to the sky domain of the desolate Rising City just when the pathway’s seal broke and the current of Godly power flowed vibrantly out.
Whatever happened in New Earth was only secondary to their interest; therefore their attention was promptly taken by the course of the Godly power current, which was one of three…
The currents of the Godly Law Template’s Godly power, from the Down Ocean and Earthly Crater converged with the current from New Earth. They merged together in a rather slow pace that indicated that it would probably take ten to fifteen minutes before they will turn into a coherent whole and reveal the true Godly Law Template. Meanwhile, enchanting fluctuations that both corroded and nursed spread throughout the planet, transforming the environment and all in it, terrain, oceans, vegetation and livings, into that of a whole new and outlandish world.
As that process just commenced, His Holiness Morien distanced himself from the other three and discharged to space a flare of light element energy.
His actions were abrupt, while the other three also were concentrating for the Godly Law Template’s completion.
When they finally reacted, about to question His Holiness Morien, the fluctuations of new Godly power bore down from above…
A mantle of extraordinary obscurities was removed like a veil that could envelop an entire planet. It was then drawn back inside a white scepter, held reverently by a blond, long haired woman, donning a white robe tied by a belt of golden fabric – short one silvery hue than that of His Holiness Morien.
Behind were hundreds of Immortals, humans, beasts and other sort of Beings, whom the instance they received the signal from His Holiness Morien, descended upon the planet in pursuit of the Godly Law Template.
The Immortals were waiting for the Godly Law Template, so even though there was an air of looming scrimmage between them, they kept themselves reserved.
Zax exited the pathway and found Supreme Ruler Ariel along several of New Earth’s experts and one he was particularly surprised to find among them… Elijah, who he assumed left the planet with his Tals and the Golden Desert Fort’s forces.
Another shocking revelation was the changes occurring to the planet, which even influenced the order of the worldly attribute energies and consequently, the atmosphere, gravity, temperatures and so on…
‘Think!’ Zax composed himself and swiftly summarized the situation.
The sealing formation on the pathway was broken, so the safety of New Earth’s humans and beasts was uncertain. The five powers arrived with a legion of Immortals, so threatening to spread the word of the Godly Law Template with the Galactic Communicator was null. Sheldon had left on his communicator a message that Senior Ohar arrived, as well as a description of him, but the man he thought met said description seemed to be on the verge of a fight, in other words, not there to help.
“Return! Go back to New Earth!” He told Supreme Ruler Ariel and the rest. “Evacuate everyone to the farthest caves from the pathway and erect as many protective formations along the way!”
Right now it was their only option, since even begging the Immortals appeared to be ineffective, at the moment.
“Don’t die!” Supreme Ruler Ariel ordered after getting the sense that Zax intended to safeguard the rear, and like the ant they were in present company, he and the other New Earth’s experts swarmed back into the pathway.
“Elijah?” Zax confusedly stared at the man, only to notice that he was not the only one that remained beneath the gradually turning purple sky. “Senior Ar Yen, why are you two still here?! Return to New Earth!”
They came out after Supreme Ruler Trey, Don and Dan broke the sealing formation on the pathway, so they managed to avoid being scorn as the traitors of New Earth. However, they still offended Yurnal and Grandmaster Kartion. Although they took advantage of the situation to release Yimin and Mernug and notify Yurnal before coming, which is why Yurnal was not among the New Earth’s experts, they were not sure if Zax was informed of their transgressions.
“Hiding won’t do, Zax”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen shook his head. “But perhaps, for your sake, you should return… you offended the five powers too many times. It’s dangerous to test the temperament of those Immortals once they shift their attention to you. Go help Senior Ariel and leave dealing with the Immortals to me and Senior Elijah”.
“Senior Ar Yen-”
“You don’t need to understand, Zax Zel”. Elijah interrupted. “Go and seal the pathway behind you!”
Their resolution spawned from something that eluded Zax, with all his knowledge of the means they can possibly have to initiating a discourse. From his perspective, they can exchange a word or two before getting dismissed or worse… killed.
“Good luck”. He knew nothing else to say, as he meant to complete the foundation of the defensive formation Supreme Ruler Ariel left for him and add to them of his own power.
Elijah and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen will either succeed or never return to New Earth
“When are you planning to address the Immortal?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen asked Elijah after Zax’s departure.
“When they will give us the chance. Until then, let’s get as far away from here as we can. General Beking sent me a transmission that she, and the other leaders and subordinates of the five powers, had left the planet and of what about to transpire, maybe only the Overlord Deformed Beings and the two of us will live to see the aftermath”. Elijah turned his back to the pathway and fled to the best place he gathered it would be safe for him and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen to stay at, the Trident Peaks of the Northern Icecaps, home of the most mysterious and strongest Deformed Being!
“All of you are intruding on the property of the Voltic Star, Planetary Battalion and Holy Palace!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya warned the hundreds of Immortals with no relation to one of the three forces.
“We were all invited by His Holiness Morien”, an ancient looking Immortal, wearing a colorful cloak, with a decaying camel head and empty eye sockets heckled. His words were imbued with the caliber of a Mythical Immortal and dark element energy.
“Morien, your God cannot claim the Godly Law Template, so why are you giving it up in his decree?” General of the Armies Nikari repressed his anger and joined Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya and Senior Ohar’s side as they posed a united front.
“You ask, Nikari, but am I to question the Lord’s decree?” His Holiness Morien said, almost helplessly. “My advice to you is to spare yourself the search for answer and concentrate on the Godly Law Template. I haven’t given up on it and would cleanse from this Valley whoever I need to obtain it”.
“Hahaha, exactly right, my host”. A burly beast, Sacred Immortal, the size of a small mountain with blue fur, two head and back horns smacked its hind and front hooves together.
“Sir Nikari, Miss Kitanoriya, please forgive these measly Sacred Immortal lovers for the intrusion”. A twelve meters tall alluring woman with gray skin, black makeup and black hair combed like four horns, stood next to the mountain size blue beast.
They, and in fact all of those below the Mythical rank, were lying in wait right outside the exosphere, prying for an opportunity to arise when the higher rank Immortal will start fighting.
General of the Armies Nikari and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya ignored all of the “weaklings”. Their prime rival was His Holiness Morien and the Holy Palace’s Immortals that could supplement him with their formations. Next were the Mythical Immortals that arrived with company from foreign organizations and lastly were the seven independent Mythical Immortals.
‘I’m here, just like you wanted’. The one Immortal expert who did not covet the Godly Law Template thought to himself.
Senior Ohar quietly observed everything happening and on his red mug not one readable sign.
‘But you haven’t told me why am I here? Is it for the Godly Law Template? You don’t need it and I don’t want it. Is it to see my juniors and nephews safe voyage? They already left. Or is it to help Kitanoriya, at the cost of my promise to my junior?’ He mused as time trickled and everyone was waiting for the Godly Law Template to take corporal form. ‘And what about him…? I offered my friendship to him because of you, as I did in the past with Sheldon, but saving him would incur endless amount of troubles if Kitanoriya, Morien and Nikari would oppose, which they definitely will’.
He watched attentively as the currents of Godly power came out to their fullest from the Down Ocean, Earthly Crater and New Earth. He saw Zax finally completing the defensive formation, after making sure all the Godly power left New Earth. He witnessed the Godly aura and energy solidifying to a smooth rectangle plate of no definite color, not one his eyes could determine. And he felt a ripple, the first after the amalgamation of the Godly Law Template that did not belong to it, the beating motion to war!

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