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Earth's Core

Chapter 314 - New Earth’s Catastrophe

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They were complacent.

They thought that they could hide, that there is a place to hide, and when it will but be enough, they could negotiate.
But the fact of life was indisputable; Mortals cannot stand up to Immortals.
When the world began to stir that was when they knew the reinforcement of the five powers arrived.
The destruction of the Three Locks formation had allowed the true coming out of the Godly Law Template, not just the mere apparition of its aura, and the focal points from which it surged to reassemble were the Heavy Water Pools of the former Down Ocean, the core region of the Earthly Crater and the second Savage Cave of New Earth.
New Earth was impregnable by mortal’s standards, perhaps even Immortal’s, but not God’s. The quakes it experienced from the upsurge of Godly energy ramming the seal on the pathway, which already in the first collision displayed signs of breaking, spread fissures in the network of tunnels and caves.
“Unseal the pathway!” Supreme Ruler Trey was the nearest to the scene, as she was stationed by the pathway as the overseer of the seal.
Two fourth level Martial Mortals, product of the cultivation resources Zax received from General Logan and the Star Scavenger’s findings, showed up second and third.
“What’s happening, Second General?” The man asking looked like a middle aged soldier of yesteryear and actually called Supreme Ruler Trey by her old title.
“Help me break the seal, Don, Dan!” Supreme Ruler Trey ordered.
There was no way that they could break the seal by force before, but the instance it began crumbling they had a chance and time was of the essence.
As for the two men who share the same cultivation level as the Supreme Ruler, though understanding of the attribute was a different matter entirely, they were once known as Lieutenant Colonel Don Hakate of the United Governments of New Earth or UGNE  and Commander Dani of the Kingdom Earth Resistance, old relics of the Supreme Rulers’ generation. Now they were veterans who offered their service to whom one of them will forever recognize as “Second General” and the other will always be called by her “Youngster Danny”.
Immediately the three combined their mist energies and shot in succession, and with as much force that they could muster, at the key spots of the sealing formation.
“It’s working!” Don declared.
“Mainly because of that frightening energy. It’s doing almost all the job. If it was controlled, it could have blasted the seal instantly”. Dan said with blood dripping from his seven orifices first, then from Don’s and finally Supreme Ruler Trey.
The fluctuations from the Godly Law Template’s energy were too severe for mortals. The longer they stayed in their vicinity, they quicker it would corrode them from the inside out!
Sadly, it already affected the sealing formation’s maintenance team that worked below Supreme Ruler Trey and due to her decision to unseal the formation before helping them, they were no longer savable.
“The seal broke, retreat!” Supreme Ruler Trey grabbed Don and Dan’s necks and dragged them away with what little power she had left.
Meanwhile, the Godly Law Template’s energy flowed smoothly through the pathway and the quakes lessened.
In another place and slightly earlier than when Supreme Ruler Trey discovered the situation in the pathway…
Inside a small cavern, closed and shut from all matters of the external world.
Secluded in this cavern, Zax was seated cross legged, meditating in his sea of consciousness.
His closed doors sessions was about to reach the half year mark and his spirit’s progress in achieving an additional half step for the sixth bottleneck of insight, without alerting the Godly Retribution, was still in a stalemate.
‘No scenario I thought of works. The Godly Retribution is keener than I anticipated and wherever I employ the most insignificant action, I feel a consuming sense of dread’.
He would have felt even worse if he did not block all thoughts of the people he shut outside without a way to contact him.
‘Making the half step forward inconspicuously is too crucial for my final step. If I’ll succeed, then in a moment of crisis I’ll be in a position to disregard the Godly Retribution, take the final step and grab the final bottleneck in hopes of meeting all the requirements for the Legacy Of The One’s Path and maybe create a miracle…’
This was his drive to keep deliberating and remain secluded until he will accomplish the task he set for himself.
The cavern was hit by the quakes from the Godly Law Template’s energy and the formation he erected to shield it from disturbance collapsed in two seconds.
‘The Godly Law Template’s aura?! No! It’s much more concentrated than that!’ He had barely enough time to make this realization.
In the midst of attempt another method to advance the half step and while being in a very delicate state, the fluctuation from the Godly energy pervaded his physique and psyche, harming them both but also providing him the opportunity he sought for.
From the start he knew he will have to make a sacrifice to hoodwink the Godly Retribution. Bearing the Godly Law Template’s fluctuations in a weakened state had become the case for this part of the plan, and although it was more detrimental than what he aimed for, it had no real malicious intent, apart from that of the flaring Godly Retribution.
‘Fight fire with fire!’ Zax gathered his resolve. From the movement in the fluctuations he could tell they were only passing through. He did not know how long it would take them, so he chose to do what he can to pit one Godly power against another.
He initiated the half step. His spirit dropped the pretense of still being injured from when it was hit by Niel’s Godly Retribution. It stood tall and mighty and moved its right legged forward.
Slowly, very, very slowly it lifted its heel from the black land of the Inner Panorama. The advancement was as grueling as walking inside a quagmire when you are already down to your throat, not because anything else but the fact that the journey’s aim was the virtually unattainable sixth bottleneck of insight!
‘Move! Move faster!’ Zax reared his teeth. The strain on his soul from getting stretched by his relentless spirit was excruciating enough even without the two Godly powers inside of him clashing. ‘Before the Godly Retribution realizes, move!’
He traversed a quarter of the distance, just about over ten percent of a full stride, but the closer he was to the spark of light the more he was enlightened of the dark attribute and nearer to the goal, although little, the more profound were the insights he gained.
His spirit’s leg kept pulling ahead, rigorous centimeter by rigorous centimeter, it was the heaviest it ever felt, as if tied to the ankle was a string that its other side was connected to everything within the vista of the Inner Panorama and when it towed, even space shifted.
Zax, however, was too occupied by his sole mission to witness the metamorphosis that transpired when the sea, sky and land of the Inner Panorama mingled to shambles.
Twenty percent, thirty, forty…
Fifty percent of a full stride would leave him a pace away from the spark of light, something he had the capacity to preserve through, but not an inclination of an idea of what would happen next.
Forty two… forty five… forty nine, fifty percent!
The spirit’s foot landed and Zax, at last, noticed. Beneath it was no more the solidness of land, but a mixture of dark soil, water and air.
Left, right, up and down also cease to exist and in their absence also departed his sense of orientation.
The Godly Retribution was still contending with the fluctuations from the Godly Law Template.
‘My Inner Panorama is in disarrangement, but is even more stable than it was before I accomplished the half step. The periphery to the sixth bottleneck of insight is apparently the length of a pace’. He assumed it the cause for the chaotic transformation.
‘I must get away for my body and sea of consciousness to recover’. He suppressed the temptation of taking the last step when the Godly Retributions was still busy.
For all he knew, it could also be deceiving him. Besides, he could only take so much of the genuine Godly Law Template’s fluctuations and the shockwaves from the bombardment the Godly Retribution hurled at them.
He opened his eyes to see Sun Stones’ light penetrating the cavern that split when the quakes were at their worst, before the breaking of the sealing formation.
‘What the hell happened?!’ He got away from the range of the Godly Law Template’s fluctuations. ‘This current of energy!’ Right above the landscape where the cavern was situated was an energy signature he recognized, but on another level than he encountered before.
‘What triggered the Godly Law Template’s reemergence?  The third lock! But why is it coming from New Earth?!’
He healed practically the instant he left the range of the fluctuations. He was bodily cultivator whose three aspects were recreated as pure dark attribute and the fluctuations to begin with meant no harm, so they left no adverse effect.
He wanted to follow the current of Godly energy, but refuted the idea. ‘Anet, Niel, mom, dad, Master…’ Faces of his loved ones resurfaced in mind, relatives and friends.
His black aura burst and he rocketed back home. On the way he spread his Soul Sense to encompass New Earth, yet its layout and the manner in which it was created made it impossible to completely pass through stone and contain it all.
‘Of those present, everyone is safe, but the mist from Laivien’s Essence Cave permeating to the Krikitory tribe. Eldest Martial brother Raroen and big sister Rarahel are probably in their Silverhorned tribe. Where is big sister Shulip?!’ From the list of destinations he was concerned about, Grandmaster Kartion’s caves were the closest.
He scanned as much of Valgarel as he could and detected his Master blocking the Essence Cave’s mist, Grandmaster Kartion at Laivien’s valley while Mes, Simel and Hagen helping the Krikitories and amending the fissures in the caves and tunnels with formations.
Where his Soul Sense reached, so could his dark attribute domain. He utilized it to support the caves, adding formations of his own with hints of dark element energy.
‘Eldest sister Hagen, go find big sister Shulip!’ Zax sent via his Soul Sense and proceeded to Kingdom Earth.
He wished he could stay by his Martial family’s side, but his first priority were Anet and Niel!
It took him a fraction of a second to arrive to cave twenty five and note every residence and resident.
Anet, Niel, his parents and Lize, as well as his extended family, the friends who lived in cave twenty five and Anet family they were all, luckily, safe.
Anet and Shadow, two Martial Mortals, shielded the cave twenty five and its adjacent caves with their own domain techniques.
‘Can you manage here with Shadow?’ Zax sent Anet.
She was both surprised and thrilled to hear him. ‘Go!’ Anet replied firmly.
She wanted to say so much more, but was aware that for him the time she requires to formulate a vowel is worth hours of things he could do and right now he was definitely needed!
Getting her response by Sublime Soul Sense, it dawned on him that his communicator was still off. Activating it, a multitude of messages rang in his sea of consciousness.
Most recent and most urgent was sent by Supreme Ruler Ariel…
“Above the Western Continent… Immortals, hundreds of them, are descending!”

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