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Earth's Core

Chapter 313 - No More Locks

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In the void of space, before a beautiful blue planet with two land masses and a tiny chain of seventy three islands.
Four inaudible bursts of worldly element energy broke the stillness of the void.
Senior Ohar, General of the Armies Nikari, His Holiness Morien and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya arrived separately and at the same time to Ercas Mir!
Their travel within the Milky Way Plain was not by flights. They each used an oval shaped space vessel around four meters tall and with a single cockpit.
Its name is “Plains Speedster” and it relies on the passenger’s element energy as fuel. Its forte is in traversing Plains covertly and can get thousands of times faster than inside Plains, due to the strenuous resulting from their natural stability of the worldly element energies.
The Plain Speedsters’ hatches opened and out came the four Immortals.
They each took a step, and transcended the speed of light.
“This place called the Gentic Belt, at its epicenter is a training ground referred to as ‘Earthly Crater’”. They all arrived to the same place and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya noted outloud. After all, it was all of them first visit to Ercas Mir.
“Remarkable!” Senior Ohar said marveled. “There is a ruptured sealing formation at the core of the Earthly Crater. It’s only a section of a greater formation that I cannot fully measure”.
“This Star is the tomb of the Godly Law Template’s former owner”. General of the Armies Nikari mentioned. “He or she studied the template for who knows how long. Though they are said to be dead now, their attainments should have been unfathomably deeper than ours”.
“There are two more places that are quite peculiar. One I know is named the Down Ocean. Something there can even obscure the senses of Mythical Immortals. Ohar?” His Holiness Morien inquired.
“Neonate Immortals, too”. Senior Ohar affirmed.
“The other place, then”, His Holiness Morien continued. “Is where pious Archbishop Silternjan said to be the pathway to the aboriginals’ New Earth. There is a crude seal there that’s the sole passage I can vaguely see through”.
“None of our subordinates seem present”. General of the Armies Nikari frowned. “Their ships are at standby further in the solar system. Why did they left?”
“They don’t respond to our transmissions”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya reminded. “Nikari, go check in person, Ohar, Morien and I will look if some of them are hidden in the Down Ocean and New Earth”. She snickered.
“Sure”, General of the Armies Nikari said coolly. “If you don’t mind me sending your troops on their way”.
He and His Holiness Morien were of opposing team, hence the frictions.
“Kitanoriya”, Senior Ohar interjected. “Follow me”. He vanished.
They all vanished.
“Spirits?!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya’s gaze sharpened.
The four of them split to their respected teams and made the Down Ocean is their first destination.
“Newborn”. Senior Ohar said.
He already learned of them from Sheldon, who since an hour ago gathered his staff in preparation to leave Ercas Mir.
“Either way, they are mellow and tamable. The water, however… the obstruction on the Immortal Sense is still acute. I can only detect undulations that spread from numerous locations, nearby and far and wide”.
“We should take a closer examination”. Senior Ohar smiled. He spotted General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien from tens of kilometers away with his ears and eyes, the seawater could not obstruct them. “Up”. He raised a finger, and with it a third of the Down Ocean rose to the sky, gathered to a giant, murky bulb.
“Much better”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya commended the choice of action. “But the execution is inadequate”. She lifted her chin and with a tiniest implementation of her power, the entire Down Ocean was evaporated to steam that were forced to outer space.
As for the Spirits, they were shackled by a gravitational pull above the former most dangerous ocean of Ercas Mir. Their huge bodies, no more tranquil, struggled to no avail.
“The strange obstruction used the water as a medium. See that? It’s now confined to the ocean’ floor”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya said in satisfaction.
“I see ants…” Senior Ohar said.
“Kitanoriya, remember not to ruin this Star!” General of the Armies Nikari rebuked.
“I won’t do anything we cannot fix”.
General of the Armies Nikari had the icy element. Replenishing the dry oceans of a barren Star hundred times bigger than Ercas Mir was not an issue to him.
“Fiend Immortal!” A loud roar resounded as the fastest of the “ants” flew from the sky, boring a body roughly forty meters long with chrome like skin of both silver and gold.
Horn Kikon dashed from where the bulb of the Down Ocean was before it evaporated. Engulfed by a golden silvery glow that extended for several meters around his body, he shielded and dragged General Logan and their group of fourth level Martial Mortals.
They, in fact all the five powers’ representatives still in Ercas Mir, were browsing the Heavy Water Pools’ formations when suddenly the undercurrents began to shift violently, so much that even the fifth level Martial Mortal in their midst failed to resist. In a moment of crisis, Horn Kikon transformed to his Youyue’s unique fourth form and mobilized his aura to safeguard the weaker General Logan and the fourth level Martial Mortals.
Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya gestured and they group was drawn to her so fast, the abrupt change in scenery seemed to them as if they teleported. “Revert”. She ordered Horn Kikon, compelling him to comply, as he changed to his four arms golden man form.
“General of the Armies!” General Logan, as well as all the others.
“At ease”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya used her element energy to also bring the Star Scavengers. “Converge with your branches. I am now here”.
General Logan and Horn Kikon had wanted to speak, but were incapable of retorting their Violet Star Commander.
The same situation transpired at General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien’s location. General of the Armies Nikari summoned General Beking, Admiral Hamumni with their punitive force and their small escape spacecrafts.
“Mortals have no business on an Immortal’s stage”. Were the few words he sent them off the planet with.
It was true. With their knowledge and comprehensive abilities, the four Immortal could reveal within minutes the things that took the five powers thousands of years to discover.
From their presence in the Down Ocean they already figured why they sent their forces away. The only thing that baffled three of the four Immortals was why there were no representatives left from the Holy Palace.
“Morien”, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya glared at the white garbed man. “First you try to bamboozle Nikari and I and now we find that your Holy Palace’s Luminous Church faction left nobody behind to search for the Godly Law Template… What makes them so audacious to deny the desire of their Holiness?”
“Morien”, General of the Armies Nikari had made a temporary alliance with him and therefore could not be as blunt as Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya, yet he still gave a certain voice to his suspicion. “You are a man serving God…”
Senior Ohar decided against involving himself in the standoff. Instead, his mind was preoccupied in Sheldon’s progress and the fluctuations of the worldly element attributes.
“Nikari, Kitanoriya, since when I owe the lot of you explanations?” His Holiness Morien distanced himself from General of the Armies Nikari. “As you already noticed, the Heavy Water Pools’ formation is correlating to that of the Earthly Crater. Its connection to the Godly Law Template is highly likely, but carefully solving it will require longer than the cessation between us can probably lost”. Sparks of white light twinkled around his sleeve. “Allow me…”
A series of eruption occurred all over the Down Ocean’s floor. Hundreds of Heavy Water Pools, all of them, burst like geysers.
“Morien, this Star is the Core of the Plain!” General of the Armies Nikari cautioned.
Destroying it would mean the collapse of the Milky Way Plain, a catastrophe no Immortal would want to bear witness to or be able to take on the responsibility for!
“Are you intending to disregard our agreement?!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya snapped.
Putting aside the loss of the Core Star, their lives would be on the line should the Plain begin to collapse!
“The evidence in the Earthly Crater indicate that the formation there was broken forcefully. Since they are related, we can deduce the Star will hold the turmoil of another brute opening”. His Holiness Morien said calmly.
Next to the eruptions, the earth slowly trembled and the four remaining oceans of Ercas Mir seethed.
The beasts, humans and Deformed Beings across the planet felt like the end of the world’s tribulations are pending. The growing shaking and surging waves of the oceans already swallowed and submerged settlements with proximity to the boundaries of the two continents, sunken completely the famous seventy three Zenvir ice lands.
All of this was the consequence of not the first or second, but the complete unshackling of the Godly Law Template!
The last lock of the Three Locks formation was in the process of crumbling along with the Heavy Water Pools that were set to maintain it. As it neared its end, an aura that could not simply be described with the words “Profound” or “Majestic” emerged bit by bit.
“This is…” General of the Armies Nikari sucked in a cold breath.
“The aura of a God, and not a regular God!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya looked covetously, posing stillness but inwardly fighting the urge to commence early the actual, imminent struggle with General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien.
“You three, something is wrong”. Senior Ohar notified. “The reaction from the breaking of the formation will soon intensify to behind the Star’s point of endurance. If the Godly Law Template is about to show itself, you can’t allow it delay!”
The four could tell that the aura was only an apparition of the Godly Law Template and it will not appear in the Down Ocean.
They sensed the emergence of a second aura manifesting above the Earthly Crater and a third oozing from the pathway to New Earth.
Senior Ohar and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya rushed together to New Earth first, the other pair on their tails.

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