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Chapter 308 - Elijah’s Plan

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“So you are looking to die”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen confirmed after hearing Elijah.
“Alone”, Elijah said nonchalantly. “I might get in trouble, but with your help I have a chance”.
“Hahaha, I have absolutely zero intention to entertain this delusion of grandeur”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen bluntly remarked.
“Even if it will provide you a way out of New Earth’s predicament?” Elijah enticed, which got Supreme Ruler Ar Yen to fell silent and reluctantly listen to him expound. “General Beking, Logan, Kikon and Hamumni don’t have my New Earth’s connections, so they are unaware that reinforcement is underway. If they knew, I guarantee they will throw caution to the wind and do whatever is necessary to find the thing they are looking for so they won’t missed out on the reward”.
“Do you dare threaten to notify them?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen frowned and hinted that the wrong answer would cease the tranquil conversation in favor of a bloody altercation.
“Ar Yen”, Elijah called him somberly. “Put your temper to rest! I sought you because I believe you are the most fit to recognize the same final outcome as I foresee. Now that reinforcement from the Planetary Battalion, Voltic Star and Holy Palace is arriving, there could be only one of two scenarios for New Earth and guess what? One is bad while the other is worse and the line that separates them is as fine as a hairsbreadth!”
“Your selling points are two predications? Say that I’m prepared to collaborate with you; you will have to do better to convince me that one of your predications is sure to happen. Put concrete fact on the table and remember that as of now you aren’t even able to leave New Earth!”
“My proofs aren’t something I can display. They are knowledge I gathered on the five powers and General Beking indirectly corroborated for me”. Elijah sent a transmission to Supreme Ruler Ar Yen’s communicator, of a series of recorded conversations and documents.
“You can listen, but I’ll tell you anyway… The scenario that will only be bad for you, relates to Zax Zel. Since his ascent, the five powers are dissatisfied with New Earth. Apart from searching for a treasure, they were tasked with establishing order for the three powers behind them. Zax Zel’s meddling allowed them to see how frail their control in New Earth was, for its Supreme Rulers, high echelon and Valgarel’s tribe leaders were swept by one ‘aboriginal’… With reinforcement to aid them, they will definitely restore their control on New Earth and as for Zax Zel, either they will kill him or force him to join them”.
As Elijah explained, Supreme Ruler Ar Yen browsed through the recordings and number of files that were compiled to fortify the first of the two predations.
His heart clenched from the great probability of it turning to a reality. His throat dried up, but unknowingly he already took enough sips to finish his beverage. He opened the mini fridge for another bottle.
“You won’t find evidence to the worse scenario. I did not bother to amass any. The current situation, to those who aren’t blind, is plenty of proof!” Elijah testified. “The location of the anticipated treasure is believed to be the Down Ocean. The Down Ocean is the home of Spirits, Beings that are comparable to Immortals. As far as I know, General Beking and Hamumni hadn’t got the chance to report the existence of Spirits, and if they haven’t done it, I can be ninety percent certain the others also had not reported. That being said, the three superpowers waited thousands of years to send forces to this planet. When the opportunity will present itself, which apparently it did, they won’t short staff. Immortal of varying ranks will come, and if those Immortals will deem the Spirit as time consuming obstacle, then the ensuing battle will devastate this planet and all life on it, if not utterly shattering it!”
Third level Martial Mortal can reshape the earth with a flip of their hand. Fourth level Martial Mortals have the power to sink continents. Fifth level Martial Mortals are Worlds Enders.
Elijah and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen were both under the same belief that a war among Immortals don’t need to happen on the planet to bring it to complete ruin.
“Even if the Spirit will remain docile, don’t forget that the three superpowers are not allies. They are contenders vying for the same prize. When it will appear before them, do you think they will parley or fight?” Elijah barrage of words left no room for Supreme Ruler Ar Yen to argue.
Sealing New Earth was not the solution for these problems, the fallout that may befall Ercas Mir. It was just the only thing they could do.
“What do you propose? What’s within your power to do that if I’ll comply with you, I’ll be reassured that New Earth and its citizens would be kept from harm’s way?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen concealed his agitation.
“My proposal is to make the Planetary Battalion, Voltic Star and Holy Palace improve their evaluation of New Earth. From the Martial competitions and Elite Tryouts of the past, quite a few geniuses were smuggled out to join them. It says a lot about their appraisal of us, if they were willing to go through the trouble, even though there are other Immortals snooping on their actions.
“To convince them that we are even better than they previously assumed would be tough, but with your help, I’ll be able to do it”.
Elijah complexion turned rosy, which to a bystander would look like an added charm, but to Supreme Ruler Ar Yen he just became a more frightening opponent.
“With my Scarlet Armor”. Elijah relaxed and his flawless skin regained its white tone. “A while back I discovered something… the formulation of my Scarlet Armor is missing vital components to advance further from its Fourth Inflammation, a stage that corresponds to the fourth Marital Mortal level”.
“And to get those said components, which by my understanding you only hypothesis others have, you are okay with instigating internal war among us”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen stated.
“Better infighting than fighting with Immortals”. Elijah scorned. “My way sounds selfish, but it’s the least injudicious”.
“I’m not questioning your patriotism, just your self confidence”.
Elijah ignored him. “Despite what the likes of Ozeyn say, Yurnal and Kartion are beasts, yet they came up with the first and second best bodily refinement techniques. You know my past… contrary to it, I approached Yurnal several decades ago, when my suspicion for my Scarlet Armor started to arise. He had no intentions of having an exchange with someone who aligned himself with one of the five powers. To Kartion, because of his strife with the Black Horns tribe and how guarded Ozeyn was of him, I could not access until his Martial nephew, Zax Zel, surpassed the ruler of the beasts. However, by then Zax Zel’s relationship with the five powers was notoriously bad. He and I never had a good exchange, also. Hence, I doubted he would support his Grandmaster sitting with me”.
“Coercing them to pass on their formulations to you, the way you suggested, will make them eternal enemies of you and all who support you. Those by your side with even have Zax Zel as an enemy”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen sulked, but inwardly he pondered the perspective of each side and by whom it would be more correct for him to stand.
“Yurnal is the problem. His formulation was always the fastest and at his current level, only fifth level Martial Mortals can overwhelm him.  Because of him, only drastic measures are available”.
The luxury vehicle was slowing to decent and a voice over the intercom announced that they have arrived to Supreme Ruler Ar Yen’s home in Shitou.
“In all of the archives of the Golden Desert Fort, there is not one worthwhile bodily refinement technique that can complement the worldly attributes, much less lead to Evolutionary Ascension. There are barely any that can enhance the physique to a third level Martial Mortal. Both Yurnal and mine techniques had reached a level slightly above the fourth Martial Mortal level, while the best foundation of a bodily refinement technique belongs to Kartion’s. Combining our three techniques together and offering the final product or even just a rough sketch of it, to any of the superpowers would ensure the survival of New Earth.
“My technique reached its limit in the Fourth Inflammation. As for the fifth… it’s an end to the Martial path.  Yurnal and Kartion, if not already, then given time they will encounter the same dead end. Regrettably, time is not something New Earth has to spare and I can’t slowly work to make them see eye to eye as me”.
“Sir?” The pilot\ driver used the intercom again. He knew about the second passenger, but usually the Supreme Ruler would invite his guests to his house after a ride, rather than stay in the vehicle without instructions.
“Wait”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen ordered and turned to Elijah. “You don’t even let me talk this over with them…”
“They are conservative in their way and don’t have trust in the five powers or the superpowers behind them. If they will get the impression that refusal is unacceptable, it will make them apprehensive”. Elijah reasoned.
“But if you will kidnap their loved ones, no matter what sort of favorable result your ambitions will have, the final outcome would still be a life and death enmity with Yurnal and Kartion”.
“At the aftermath, I and those who will assist me can simply go to one of the superpowers. They are better cultivation grounds and a horizon that is by far higher than this planet. Yurnal and Kartion, Zax Zel, too, will never catch up to us, even if they will do the implausible and became the first aboriginal Immortals of this planet”.
“You thought about everything”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen scoffed.
“I had to. I really want my home and people safe”. Elijah said genuinely. “In the past I could place my faith on my dear Supreme Rulers. Times, however, call for innovation”.
“So you make it seem…” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen said his final words, not wondering anymore about how Elijah will manage to leave New Earth in the end.
He himself will unseal the pathway.

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