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Earth's Core

Chapter 306 - Untimely Seclusion

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“Your man and his few subordinates are Ercas Mir’s natives whom we sow, so their Martial talent is natural...” The special vibrations and indomitable, Genuine Intent faded from His Holiness Morien’s voice. “They are a unique case, which is why we don’t oppose of you taking them, nor concerned of them ever challenging our claim on the Core Star”.
Senior Ohar was displeased, but he hid it in his silence.
“If no one else has something more to add, let the end of this discussion be the launch for the Immortal Decent!” General of the Armies Nikari declared.
“They are coming! Commence the ‘Return To The Soil’ emergency protocol! Hurry up, inform all New Earth’s holders of communicators across the planet. If they can’t return within forty eight hours, tell them to try and reach the closest evacuation station! Send the coordinates now!” A short, flat chest woman in a black skirt suit, looking to be in her thirties, shot ordered at the men, women from the deck of her upper floor office.
Seconds earlier…
Rising City’s External Affairs office. A report had arrived from the Extraterrestrial Surveillance Bureau, signed by Sinister Chain’s Second Leader Yurnal.
The entire personal dropped what they were doing and instead began alert every New Earth’s aboriginal, beneath the blue sky, of an undisclosed emergency that requires them all to come back.
The emergency transmission used was recorded by the Supreme Rulers, so it would be taken seriously and right after it was sent, information about the evacuation station was delivered.
‘Supreme Ruler Ariel, Supreme Ruler Trey, Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, all of you we listening… this is Marge Hale, Director of the Rising City’s External Affairs office. As you must already know, a minute ago Mr. Yurnal announced the discovery of external aliens in the Milky Way Plain. Per the emergency guidelines, I utilized my authority to initiate the Return To The Soil operation!’
Center of the Western Continent, the Hababi Desert’s Cross Road.
“Jingrow, Niel!” Shadow dashed into the encampment of the two and their three companions.
“Who is it?!” A man and a woman, both with half bare, burly built, sprang from their tent holding a World Gathering Bone baton and axe.
“Homu, Elma, stop!” A boy, not halfway through his teenage years, jumped out of the crevice of a nearby boulder.
The boy was the twelve years old Niel and his job was to be the lookout in the first night sleep the group had in days in the treacherous Cross Road of the Hababi Desert.
At the same time, the fifteen years old Jingrow and an elderly hunchbacked woman exited their tents.
Jingrow was about to inquire Shadow for his presence in the middle of their participation in the High Rankers' Trials, when he noticed the emergency message in his communicator and the words got stuck in his throat.
“You heard them? Good!” Shadow appeared next to Niel, grabbed him and move to capture Jingrow. “We are returning”.
His actions were so abrupt and his cultivation level suppressing the others by a great margin that none were able to react.
“Wait, Shadow!” Niel resisted so he will halt.
The long black haired, gorgeous man turned to boy. Niel, getting a second to explain, looked away from Shadow to spend it on his and Jingrow’s companions.
“Homu, Elma, Mardala, we need to go back to New Earth. The three of you should come with us. We would not had been told to return and Shadow would have definitely not shown himself if something serious wasn’t about to happen”. Niel pled for the sake of the most reliable friendships he and Jingrow made since the beginning of the trials.
“Come with us to New Earth, you will be safe there”. Jingrow urged the confused three. “If anywhere else was safe, then we wouldn’t have received this sort of emergency transmission”.
“Finished talking?” Shadow barked at the two boys and turned to their three companions, which he learned a lot about during the period he followed them. “You are all Core Master. I’ll give you five seconds to think if you whether trust and come with us or not. Five…”
It was a short count, but plenty of time for Core Masters to do important thinking.
“To heck with it! My old bones resonates well with Jing and Niel, I’ll come along. But boys, I have no relations in New Earth or Rising City, so you better handle bureaucratic crap for me!”
Before Shadow got to “Four”, Mardala pointed a scrawny finger and expressed her willingness to join.
She came from the Blue Sea’s former dominance, the seventy three small islands called “Zenvir ice lands”. She had already lived a bit over fourteen hundred years out of the fifteen hundred Core Masters possess. She never had loved ones and all those she could recall from her generation were either dead or broke ties with her hundreds of years ago. She participated in the High Rankers' Trials to inspire a breakthrough to the Martial Mortal realm before the imminent end of her lifespan, but was willing to trade the settings for a chance at enlightenment at the place that could foster young geniuses like Jingrow and Niel.
Homu and Elma, on the other hand, were hesitant. They came from the same village in the Eastern Continent, where they grew up together and eventually partnered with each other both romantically and as cultivators. They, unlike Mardala, had family and friends, albeit, not a lot since their village was small, with population of less than two hundred souls.
“Three, two…” Shadow counted.
Homu and Elma debated the pros and cons mentally, by a soul technique that required physical contact and a certain manipulation method of soul energy.
“We would like to come, too”. They spoke in sync due to their soul technique.
They were still unsure about the decision, but Shadow’s display helped them to at least make a choice…
If something that could alarm an expert of his caliber, who no one in their village can match, is really approaching, then what would be the point of proceeding with the trials or returning home?
Maybe, if they did not have each other to consider, they could have accepted a shared fate with their kin. But they did have one another and a future in the making…
‘Extend the timeline by additional twenty four hours’. Supreme Ruler Ariel sent Marge Hale.
After receiving all the date from the Extraterrestrial Surveillance Bureau, the Department Of Space did the math and conclude that even if the three superpowers spacecrafts are a thousand times faster than the Star Scavenger – an exaggerated evaluation to keep it safe – then from where the transmission was sent to Ercas Mir their estimated arrival time would should be in the range of months.
The reason why Supreme Ruler Ariel permitted an extension of a single day was the problems that had yet been solved in the issue of sealing the pathway to New Earth.
The pathway and the networks of underground caves and tunnels and a whole were constructed from a portion of Gogenta’s body. Sealing the only path out was simple, any sealing formation would do, but to make it a coherent part of the network, essential resources were needed in bulks as well as a practicable formation that could hold everything together.
Supreme Ruler Ariel wanted everyone inside New Earth as soon as possible, since the seal was meant to be put into work the instant it proved functional and nobody knew for how long.
‘Did you get a hold of him?’ Leaning on a reclining chair and rubbing his throbbing temples, he sent from his usually unattended office in El-Eden’s Parliament building.
‘No’. A feminine voice replied. Anet bit her lower lips in frustration and glared at the boulder obstructing the entrance to Zax’s favorite cavern for closed door sessions. ‘He used his dark element energy to block outside’s interference and turned off his communicator’.
Mist energy and with traces of fiery attribute energy circled her as she gathered a decent amount to blast another “Knock”.
The bombardment shook the cave and scared the beasts living in it, yet it could not even scratch the cavern or the boulder.
Anet contained the fluctuations from spreading and fumed.
“The world, Zax! Our home and son are about to face the calamity you always were worried about! Why did you shut yourself so tightly, right before this perilous time befell us?!”
She banged her fists on the boulder and felt her mist energy draining. She drew back, wanting to say significantly more, but not to a rock.
‘I can’t, Senior Ariel’, she believed that Zax would not have been so irresponsible if he was not struck by a sudden enlightenment that was too crucial to lose. ‘I’ll go meet his Martial father. Before entering closed doors he must have said something to him’.
Zax was far from having enlightenment. What he was in the midst of doing was undergoing preparations to comprehend the sixth bottleneck of insight while under the pressure of the Godly Retribution… a venture he invested most of him than in the subsequent training to any enlightenment he ever obtained.
Atop the black land of his Inner Panorama, his psyche manifested a naked physique and through its eyes Zax gauged in concentration his spirit, spark of light and the hidden whereabouts of the Godly Retribution.
His awareness could fill every nook and cranny in his sea of consciousness, but he wanted a small scope to better focus as he surveys his options.
For what he strived to achieve the word “Careful” did not begin to cover it.
‘More than one pace in succession is too risky. I’ll have to divide it. For now, finding the safest way to complete the half step is my best bet’.
There was so much to think about for seemingly so little to do.
Zax reviewed the scenarios he thought about. The majority ended with the Godly Retribution destroying his sea of consciousness.
‘Even for half a step, I cannot make it without a sacrifice…’ He was fine with the realization.
‘Right now my spirit is feigning injury, anyway. I need to exploit the complacency of the Godly Retribution to let assume any advancement is actually a setback. But if I select this method, to what extant do I need to harm myself for the lie? ’

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