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Chapter 305 - Four Immortals

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Deep in the space of the Milky Way Plain.
Four silhouettes converged in the four directions of a white dwarf Star.
“You thought that you could leave me behind?” From the south, a callous voice prevailed over the oppressive fluctuations of the dying Star.
General of the Armies, the commanding tone of the Planetary Battalion stood with the stature of a dignified idol. He had a humanoid build and was ninety meters tall with four crossed arms and two legs that rooted all they stood above, including the white dwarf’s rotation!
His skin was like blue diamond and his short, black haircut devoured all lights. There were no pupils within his white sclera, only a stare that consumed all it scrutinized.
He assumed a coat of silvery, oceanic dyes and boots that were heavier and cruder than they looked.
His imposing manner was at full display and as a result the space around him distorted as if its nature got possessed by the higher concentration of the worldly icy element.
“You are here, Nikari Hambji”. An ominous voice from the east of the white dwarf stated as a matter of a fact. “What is there for you to complain about at this critical juncture?”
It was a woman, also a possessing the title “General of the Armies”, in addition to other monikers such as “Violet Star Commander” and “Fiend Immortal”!
She, too, was in a humanoid form and human's size, but was certainly not a human!
Tiny glittering, orange and pink scales covered her from head to toe. She had a mesmerizing countenance, rosy lips, light pink sclera and crimson pupils in every of her three eyes. A long purple hair was flowing behind her back, even when no wind blew, sometimes looking like single thin threads, other time looking like a thick mantle.
Most of her body was exposed to the harsh environment of the white dwarf, but it left no impression on her what so ever. Her sole attire was a piece of silver gold garment, which covered her chest and loins.
Around her, the very fabric of the white dwarf's space constantly cracked and amended itself, as the weight of the encompassing worldly earthly element bore on it from every direction with nothing but her mood as the source.
"You subordinates did good by you, Kitanoriya". Paced clapping reverberated from the north.
As if they were some form of magic, their sound rang in a rhythm of otherworldly jingle. Wherever they passed, the bedlam of the worldly elements was dispelled, with no expectation!
The perpetrator was a middle aged man of medium human's frame, donning an immaculate white robe, tied by a belt of silver gold fabric. He, in contrast to the former two, looked like a purebred striking human. His skin was pale yet healthy, nothing extraordinary; he had blond short hair and light blue eyes.
He exhibited serenity that coalesced with the vicinity, however not by force. His element energy was delimited to his physique, but those with keen perception and adequate cultivation could deduce from his previous clapping the undulations of light element energy.
He was the religious leader of the Holy Palace, His Holiness Morien J Saros.
"Aye, they did excellent!" General of the Armies Nikari approved. "I wonder, what would have transpired if Morien did not try to pull the wool over us… This helper of yours would have stayed in the shadows until the opportune time and the Godly Law Template was eighty percent more likely to fall to your hands".
General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien leaned their heads to the west.
An aloof, over eight hundred meters' tall figure floated almost outside the domain of the white dwarf. A scrawny red skinned, bald man with black sclera and blue pupils for eyes and an emerald jewel at the center of his brows. He wore an armor of green flames, comprised from the windy element. However, his aura and element energy were withdrawn, so without being familiar with the man, both General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien knew that they would not have been able to infer his powers.
"Ohar of Renzine". The two greeted with their trained gazes.
"General of the Armies Nikari, Your Holiness Morien". Senior Ohar greeted back.
They, all three Immortals of the south, east and north were Mythical Immortals, but he of the west… he was a Neonate Immortals!
Nevertheless, Senior Ohar did not let the significant disparity between their Immortal stages influence his notion of the three, much less belittle them.
The Immortal four ranks do not have phases, so what separates two Immortals of the same stage from one another is solely based on ability.
The abilities of the three Mythical Immortals, sharing the visage of the dying Star with him, were peerless in their rank, a feat he could not match in his former years and still not achieved in his present.
"You foiled Morien's plans, I thank you for that". General of the Armies Nikari said.
"Morien and his God went through great lengths to misdirect us". Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya project a baleful intent that expelled the calm His Holiness Morien spread, back into elemental chaos.
"Ohar of Renzine is not part of our temporary alliance, yet you still welcomed his assistant, Kitanoriya. And due to his interference, another God got involved in the matter of the Godly Law Template. I already used my Intent to promise The Almighty will not help. Can you say the same in genuine Intent for his God?" His Holiness Morien retorted. "In all fairness, only Nikari deserves to be angry right now…"
"Then it will be I who determine how we proceed!" General of the Armies Nikari demanded.
"State your say". Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya permitted while His Holiness Morien tacitly complied and Senior Ohar, as a mere helper, thoughtfully gave no opinion.
General of the Armies Nikari opened. "Despite the back stabbing, we managed to avoid the snots of the rats in our midst. That leaves us four as the only Immortals in proximity of the Godly Law Template. Ohar has given his word to Kitanoriya, so… Morien, you and I will ally".
"Might as well". His Holiness Morien smiled and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya resigned.
General of the Armies Nikari opened continued. "Ohar, our people in the Core Star aren't responding to our transmission. We used the same and only secure frequency to conversed with them, but I know you also possesses a secure frequency to the Core Star. Can you make a successful dialogue?"
"Yes. You probably guessed it. I'll verify for you anyway… Your frequency was intercepted. My junior has agreed to transmit their messages, but limited them to one message, each. Obviously he isn't a messenger boy and who will he blame if our frequency was also intercepted?"
"Swear with your Intent that you will not commune with your people in any manner for Kitanoriya". General of the Armies Nikari.
"I second this request". His Holiness Morien raised a hand in a more moderate disposition, to deviate Senior Ohar from General of the Armies Nikari's imperious phrasing and tone.
"Sure". Senior Ohar did not care as he was neither after the Godly Law Template. When his voice came out next it was accompanied by special vibrations. "I will not utilize external help in this endeavor for Kitanoriya, until the new owner of the Godly Law Template will be decided". His voice returned to normal. "Satisfied?"
"Yes". Both men asserted.
“Anything else?” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya growled.
“No”. General of the Armies Nikari was finally convinced.
“I have a suggestion”. His Holiness Morien said. “Our people in the Core Star, let’s agree on it right now that we are not allowed to indiscriminately harm each other’s people”.
“Reasonable”. General of the Armies Nikari concurred.
“Indiscriminately or otherwise, if one of mine will die, they shall pave the way for all of yours!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya warned.
Horn Kikon and Ozeyn were the rarely seen Youyue type beasts. She knew only the former, but cared deeply for all such beasts. General Logan was a human, but she valued him, nonetheless, as very few humans had gained her attention, not to mention a Mortal. For him to gain her approval as a Brigade General was a testimony to the potential she sees in him.
“I have a question”. Senior Ohar drew the three’s innermost attention. It was a first he posed interest that could not be settled by the Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya. “What’re your plans for the natives of the Core Star?”
“If the contest between us will run smoothly, then they can continue to live their lives peacefully”. General of the Armies Nikari nonchalantly said.
“As long as the Core Star is habitable, it can fetch a good price in the future. The local populace is crucial for us to maintain our ownership”. His Holiness Morien elaborated.
“It’s a Core Star, the embodiment of an entire Plain. Any harm that will lead to its ruin will also bring about the collapse of the entire Plain. We cannot bear the consequences, or at least be responsible, for this kind of crime”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya was, overall, of similar mindset.
“So you know where to draw the line. Good. I want a portion of the populace”. Senior Ohar assertively asked, not however in the tone of someone who gives an ultimatum, but one it is better to be in good terms with.
“How many?” General of the Armies Nikari was not enthusiastic, but did not plainly refuse.
The intelligent natives of a Star were like the stocks of a company. Giving them would basically introduce another holder to the mix, and none of them wanted to lose on their investment. On the other hand, with regards to the Godly Law Template, Senior Ohar only gave his word that he will just personally assist the Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya. He did not say anything about doing something that will sabotage all three of them.
“New Earth’s aboriginals”. Senior Ohar solemnly said. “If it will make things easier, I can guarantee with Intent that I won’t fancy the Core Star”.
“Your request is impossible”. His Holiness Morien gave an indisputable response. “You can speak for yourself, but not the aboriginals. Moreover, those of New Earth aren’t ordinary. Their Martial talent is exceptional. If one of them would ever grow to our level, than our three forces’ frivolous conduct today will be our calamity tomorrow”. He opened and spoke with the special vibrations of genuine Intent. “I will not entertain such negligence!”

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