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Chapter 304 - They Are Here

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Archbishop Silternjan saw stars dancing around his head and smelled a burnt scent below his nose.
Cardinal Northstar rushed to display a sincere bow, shrewdly evading the charged ball of lightning that flew out of the room and exploded next to Stelero Mars.
“Exuberant as always, Your Highness”, Cardinal Northstar praised, beads of sweat dripping from the tip of his nose. If he will have to defend himself from another of her outbursts, that would be considered an insult to her royal stature, but if not, he could get seriously hurt like the unfortunate Archbishop Silternjan. Hence, he cleverly chose his words and actions, as well as muttered a silent prayer to The Almighty.
Sister Iaura, or more specifically, Princess Of Veiher was merely at the Peak of the Core Master realm, but her insights of the electric attribute bordered the Mortal Enlightenment state. Of the three personalities, it was the most seldom for her to gain control of the body. The other two always suppress her for her faith was not with The Almighty, and yet, the result was that she alone, of the three personalities, figured how to activate the functions of her unique constitution, thus being a hairline from comprehending her fifth of the six bottlenecks of insight.
Archbishop Silternjan coughed and sucked in quickly the blood before it escaped his lips, so as to not show an unsightly conduct in front of the Princess Of Veiher and not to entertain her. He pulled his scorched beard, or what little left of it, trimming it to a pointy goatee.
“Please forgive this old man’s untidy appearance, Your Highness”. He mimicked Cardinal Northstar’s pose, which had yet to lift his head up.
“Asking for my forgiveness?” The Princess Of Veiher raised her brows and canceled the next purple ball of electric attribute energy. “Does it mean that you care for my opinion, unlike that stubborn cowardly Mars?”
Outside the room, Stelero Mars’s ears attentively eavesdropped, while a stride past the doorstep, Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar’s brows twitched.
Should they say “Yes”, they would indirectly recognize the degrading epithet the Princess Of Veiher labeled Stelero Mars with, but if they will say “No”, no better fate would await them.
“Your Highness”, Sister Beatriz intervened and all three men blessed her in their hearts. “Will you please take a stroll with me? A lot of the passengers are still having difficulties adapting to the Grand Abode’s regulations, especially the children. When we departed, your two other personalities served as pillar of support for both the young and the adult. Perhaps Your Highness’s benevolence can also help them?”
The Princess Of Veiher sneered, but ultimately did not refuse. Not for the fun of it did Cardinal Northstar say she is a good girl.
“Cowardly Mar, tell these old nasties my opinion that they are too scared to answer whether they care about or not. Maybe their response would anger me more than yours and I’ll start beating them instead”. She landed on the floor and marched out with Sister Beatriz closely following.
Only when a door shut at the other side of the floor and her footsteps could not be heard, did Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar sourly straighten their backs.
“Your Young Eminence?” Cardinal Northstar searched for him.
“Come out. The Princess Of Veiher don’t want me in her chambers. I can’t see through most of her techniques and don’t want to discover if she left me a surprise inside. You two should probably not try to venture another step, either. In fact, if I were in your shoes, I would have retracted my exact steps”.
"Your Young Eminence, would you please elaborate for us the cause of Her Highness's anger?" Archbishop Silternjan requested.
"She is dissatisfied with His Holiness and our compliance to his directives". Stelero Mars said and without paused proceeded to narrate. "The Almighty had shown his magnanimous to His Holiness, the decree Sister Iaura received was prayed for by him to be given to us, due to the Galactic Communicator's loss".
"The decree was dictated by His Holiness?!" Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar exchanged looks with pale complexion.
Their failure to apprehend a brewing disaster, Zax, landed the only Galactic Communicator of the church in the hands of Sinister Chain, who then compelled the termination of all communication with the Holy Palace. Because of it, His Holiness was forced to beseech The Almighty to work as the middleman... What description is adequate enough to describe this abhorrent crime?
"That's what the Princess Of Veiher is claiming. Apart from her, only Sister Iaura personalities can attest for the truth…"
"Something major is impending". Archbishop Silternjan said out of the blue.
"I think so, too". Stelero Mars nodded.
"His Holiness will not condemn us". Cardinal Northstar assessed. "Her Highness should also be able to see this point, as well as understand our obligation to comply. She is not an unreasonable person, so why is she still angry at us?"
Stelero Mars knit his brows. "Because she is pitying the aboriginal of New Earth and those of Ercas Mir you lot have discarded. Her soft heart formed attachments through Sister Iaura's memories. She doesn't care that the amount of spacecrafts the five powers have cannot hold the capacity of all humans, beasts and Deformed Beings". He turned his back, to leave after her. "To the Princess Of Veiher, the man she values cannot be spineless and in times of need should valiantly confront Immortals as a mortal".
Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar gauged the departing back of the man with the potential to one day become His Holiness. Perhaps due to their age and cultivation level, only their eyes could discern the dejection in the perpetual dignified figure.
"This and betrayal, what's the difference?! We are abandoning a man we call friend, you call friend, Uncle!" Tied and shackled, Bin Bin fumed.
With him were Liminton, Vals, Enderta, Zenkai, Benni, Nirik Je, Hason and Shila.
They came together to Ercas Mir, on a star shaped spacecraft, and per Sheldon's orders, in addition to Senior Ohar's, today was their premature time of departure.
"Seal his mouth, too". Sheldon told Liminton, intolerantly.
"Don't listen to him, Liminton!" Bin Bin squirmed, trying to no avail to unleash his power and break free. "What about the women? You said it yourself, the women back home aren't as round at the back and perky at the front-" Infuriated, Liminton grabbed Bin Bin's mouth and shut it with a restrictive formation that prevented all sounds from escaping.
"It's nonsense! Everything this brat know to say is just pure nonsense!" Liminton protested before Vals, Enderta, Benni and Shila, as if his reputation with the opposite sex and life were intertwined.
The girls of the group ignored him just as they disregarded ninety percent of Bin Bin's yapping. Not without reason, from their arrival to now, the pair was most often ostracized by their traveling companions.
"Senior Ohar is on his way, accompanying the forces of the Voltic Star. I'll stay for a little longer. If Zax Zel will change his mind, I'll do everything in my power to aid him". Sheldon promised.
Bin Bin stopped struggling and the rest also seemed to have their mood lifted. Of his companions, he was the closest to Zax, however over the years the other got to both better know and admire the man from the backwater Plain who exceeded all of them that came from a more prosperous Plains and Stars.
“Every one of you had obtained his and her fortune in this trip. Before you leave home, Senior Ohar wanted me to emphasize for you to treasure your findings and comprehend from them. In first impression this planet may appear mediocre, but under the surface, literally and figuratively, there is so much more to it that probably only the Gods can appreciate it…”
“We learned from experience”, Zenkai agreed. “From you as an example, Senior Sheldon, and from Zax Zel”.
Sheldon nodded. “Soon, we will meet again”. He bid a short farewell and saw them boarding the star shaped spacecraft.
The spacecraft rose several hundred meters up and spew a beam of fire that within seconds sent it flying beyond the blue sky.
“It’s a shame…” Sheldon sighed. “If he had ten thousand years to grow, no… a thousand would have suffice, maybe this planet could survive its forthcoming doom. Alas, mortals cannot contend with Immortals…”
“Elder Master Yurnal! Elder Master Yurnal!” A muscular brown haired, white skinned teen looking woman flew with distress plastered on her face. She smashed through the fortified glass door, smashing its protective formations, scaring other members of the chain as just the gusts of winds she created nearly sliced them to minced meat.
“Nyul Gel Darg!” A hazel skinned, blue eyed man barked, Second Leader Yurnal, sternly exited the elevator with four other humans and humanoid beasts. “I told you that I’m on my way, why did you have to go and create such a blunder?!”
“My apologies, Elder Master”, Nyul Gel Darg, the muscular woman, embraced a tablet in her arms. Before she got to explanations, despite her cultivation of the second Martial Mortal level, she felt like unless she will regulate her breathing, her lungs will compress. “It’s not… it’s not a drill! Watch!” She flipped the tablet’s screen and pushed it forward.
A series of numbers and letters were displayed on the screen with squared window below showing glowing lines.
“A transmission had been intercepted, several! And were they all sent from outer space on the same frequency as the five powers’!”
“Did they dare?!” Second Leader Yurnal growled. “Despite our warning they communicated with allies?!”
“No, there was no prior transmission sent from Earth. It’s those from outside the planet who instigated the communication!”
“So why did you rave like a lunatic in the Extraterrestrial Surveillance Bureau?  If anything happens to the equipment here, you are aware of the consequences!” Second Leader Yurnal relaxed.
Intercepting a transmission from the void of space on the frequency of the five powers was a common occurrence every three or four years. As long as a response was not made, then all the safety protocols were intact.
“No, Elder Master!” Nyul Gel Darg griped. “It is a cause for worry! The transmission… it said that they are already in the Milky Way Plain!”

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