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Earth's Core

Chapter 302 - One Less Contender

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“Save five hundred and let hundreds of millions die?” Zax’s hand trembled and he strived not to snap.
“You don’t understand, Zax, and frankly neither do I”. Sheldon groaned. “These are rules of the Immortal world. Only the three Immortals of the Planetary Battalion, Holy Palace and Voltic Star can claim the lives of this planet. They, in a way, own it”.
Zax dazedly listened to Sheldon. He did not know the rules of the Immortal world and this was a first for him to find out that he was actually someone else… property!
Sheldon assumed Zax was oblivious to this fact of life that belonged to every living creature in Ercas Mir and New Earth. He divulged it in hope that he will realize the severity of the situation and not refuse him.
“It’s more complicated than what you might think and it’s pointless to dwell about it before transcending your Evolutionary Ascension. Senior Ohar can guarantee the safety of five hundred of your people because of his prowess. The rules of the Immortal world were legislated by Gods. Some of them Senior Ohar can bend, but to a certain degree”.
“Then… Then… why the Immortals of the three superpowers worry about other Immortals following them here?” Zax’s mind whirled in search of the answer and before Sheldon could reply he indeed found it. “Because of the Godly Law Template…”
“It’s a rule changer”. Sheldon concurred. “It’s like a band of thieves breaking into a remote village’s home to steal a precious Pure Core… Will you send your Rising City’s Law Enforcement force to chase them across the planet, post factum? Most probably you won’t, even if they’ll kill the mom, dad, their three children and the dog”.
Exasperated, Zax snatched several pieces of meat and gobbled them. He then drank his beer, emptying his jug, and gestured for the feline waitress to come back with another.
“Mm! Mm! Mm! Mm…” His voice sounded muffled as he laughed with lips sealed. “Hahahaha…” He opened for a second handful of the juicy meat, but realized he could not stop laughing. “HAHAHAHA!” His head fell back and he banged the wooden table, breaking it along with the privacy formation.
“Sir?!” The waitress who returned with a new jug of beer flinched in fear.
“We don’t want troubles here, sir”. The bartender, a gray skinned beast with an elephant head, who also owned the tavern, quickly pulled away his waitress, worried of what will happen should either of them will interfere.
Sheldon scrutinized Zax quietly, wait for his outburst to subside.
Gradually Zax regained his composure. With short bursts of laughter he attracted the new jug of beer from the waitress’s hand to his grip. He drank until, again, he emptied a jug in practically one gulp. A sent the jug back, refilled by a pile of Splinters as compensation for the table, scare and payment for the food and drinks.
“Where are you going?” Sheldon hurried after him.
“My family, my friends, my people…” Zax did not turn to look at him. “Can’t the rules change for them?”
Sheldon was stumped. Should he say that they are not as important as the Godly Law Template? That because of his agreement with General Logan, Senior Ohar already gave his word to the Voltic Star’s Fiend Immortal that he will assist him and due to it cannot concern himself with mortals?
His silence was all that Zax needed to hear.
“You are a good, mortal friend”. Zax said, rising to the air and disappearing.
Kingdom Earth, El-Eden’s Parliament building.
“New Earth was the safe haven of our two species in the distant past and it can be again!” Zax imposing manner engaged every one of the listeners…
He assembled them all, those of Kingdom Earth’s high echelon who usually were allocated a place in the seventy eight seats, those sitting in front of them, the Supreme Rulers and those of their caliber; and those who appeared on the side walls’ Screens, the top tribe leaders of Valgarel with one exception… their ruler, His Valor Ozeyn.
Valgarel did not have anymore a Red Rose Beaks tribe. When Horn Kikon sent his troops away from the planet, among them was Ozeyn and his tribe members.
It was unknown whether he was compelled to leave or done so willingly. The only thing that was certain was that he did not want to depart alone, not because he somehow managed to convince Horn Kikon to receive his entire tribe, regardless of beast type, but because before leaving he apparently met with several tribe leaders and even Grandmaster Kartion.
First he swore them for secrecy than asked them to come with him. Two tribe leaders agreed to abandon their tribe with their nearest kin, but the rest, like Grandmaster Kartion, declined.
“Nothing is decided, yet, I just want to make myself clear of the actions I will take with or without your affirmation!”
He told them about his conversation with Sheldon, about the situation in the Down Ocean, things that he shared with some of them years back and with others just moments ago.
Digesting the information was what they needed, but what he had no spare time to give them to do.
“Like it or not… we are weak, so this is our stance”.
He was not a politician, not even a leader, just the man in and the strongest of them all.
‘Sheldon can be wrong, those five can be wrong’, he thought to himself as he left the agitated crowed for whomever of the Supreme Rulers who would like to pacify the atmosphere. ‘They may descend sooner than expected, but who says it would be the end of us…?’
‘She said it? Are you sure?’ Archbishop Silternjan’s brows furrowed as he asked for the third time. ‘Did you reconfirm with the Grand Abode?’
Like the others, the church kept a small, Child spacecraft in Ercas Mir for those of them who stayed to leave the planet with and communicate with the Grand Abode Mother spacecraft.
Right now a very ugly countenance manifested on Archbishop Silternjan’s face and the transmission that caused his stomach to convulse still rang in his ears.
The message was short and indisputable, delivered by Sister Iaura as the herald of The Almighty, it was… “Cease the pursuit for the Godly Law Template and leave Star Ercas Mir!”
Archbishop Silternjan waited for the confirmation with Cardinal Northstar and three Bishops. He opened his mouth, but there was nothing to say and it would be blasphemy to refuse.
Nevertheless, his passion for the cultivation path made his pious self uncomfortable. He spent the better years of what his mortal life had on the search for the Godly Law Template, and unlike his colleagues who ruled with him as the leaders of the five powers, it was too late for him to reach the Mortal Enlightenment state any other way.
‘Sister Iaura lost consciousness’. The Bishop in the hidden Child spacecraft notified. “They say the Godly Decree exhausted her”.
‘Alright, this is the will of The Almighty!’ Archbishop Silternjan acquiesced and to quench his Martial heart, to not blemish devout faith, he added just for himself. ‘May The Almighty accept me’.
‘I understand’. On their return flight to the Child spacecraft Cardinal Northstar sent him intimately, as a fellow geezer with the end of his lifespan in sight. ‘But maintain your belief that your efforts were not in vain. The will of The Almighty is for us to leave this Star, however nothing was said of us needing to return to the Holy Palace’.
His words of encouragement were akin to recipe for speculation. Neverthless, Archbishop Silternjan tacitly accepted them.
As an Archbishop it was embarrassing for him to need a reminder… that as a man of the church, he knew not to abandon hope!
“Silternjan and Northstar dropped from the search…” Horn Kikon and General Logan heard from the Lieutenant General in the Blessed Army’s Star Scavenger at the northern part of the Western Continent that Luminous Church’s Child spacecraft took off.
Having one less contender for the Godly Law Template would have been joyous news, if it was not for his odd departure that confused and slightly upset the two, as well as General Beking and Admiral Hamumni.
Getting answers was impossible, though, and the Heavy Water Pools’ formation was not going to decipher itself.
Evidently, the four felt relief when their subordinates informed them that the church’s Child spacecraft exited the exosphere, in addition to wonder about themselves…
In Archbishop Silternjan’s shoes, would they have gone so compliantly? Or would they have blasted the Down Ocean in an attempt to break the Heavy Water Pools’ formation?
He watched them run, helping each other climb, setting camp in night, hunting for food, making friends, having enemies, sometimes beating and sometimes killing.
He crept in the shadows, saw them from afar and invisibly walked among them.
It consumed him for a while, a recurring nemesis that tends to never disappear and whenever he returns the stakes of what can be taken away… destroyed, are higher.
‘Regardless of how strong we become, we are still prone to the pernicious impediments of life…’
There was a trace of remorse breezing between black the sky and sea to dark land. It passed through the nothingness, come by near the bright desire, caressed the patiently awaiting and blew to imprint itself on the source.
Zax exhaled, yet not a particle of air left his mouth, instead, there were dark grains that gave the impression of old wounds, now dispelled.
The sky, sea and land of his Inner Panorama were satiated.
The spark of light, sixth bottleneck of insight raveled in its allure.
His spirit continued to pretend it is weakened, biding its time.
On his soul another experience was carved, an overcame obstacle.
A part of him blamed himself for the imminent calamities, but they were, in every event, unpredictable. To avoid them was impossible and to try was to live in the shell.
‘As long as I have inspiration, I will never stop struggling’.
Otherwise, how can he call himself “Unbound”?

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