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Chapter 277 - Three, Two, One Leaving An Impression

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“Take Lieutenant General Debuk Jin to the Medical Center. Is injuries are too severe…” General Logan instructed as his line of sight fixated on the horizon and the distant back of the departing figure.
Eventually, he successfully reached an agreement with Zax. To avoid conflict, his Blessed Army paid one Star Scavenger for one dark attribute’s essence, which would be delivered fully equipped within a month. To compensate for the second dark attribute’s essence, General Logan offered again the resources to assist the nurturing of third level Martial Mortals, but since the price was still insufficient, he also added a thousand ton of each type of medium quality attribute’s essence. This staggering amount of attribute’s essences impressed Zax even more than the other promised resources and he even suspected that much of it was gathered and brought over from other Stars and Plains. For the third dark attribute’s essence Zax had a change of mind and asked for nothing tangible, other than a piece of a rather special type of paper, an Oath Parchment with General Logan word of assistance in one endeavor.  The last sums to pay were the arrest of the Dewgong family and their extradition to Kingdom Earth, along with the permit for Monivore city.
General Logan closed his eyes and sighed, an unbecoming gesture for someone of his rank, hence an invisible ripple spread from his sea of consciousness outward, mesmerizing all onlookers in his base.
‘If the Violet Star Commander was not pressured by those other Immortals, I wouldn’t have needed to care about offending Heavenly Immortals, much less someone who is just at the Mortal Enlightenment state’. If need be, in every other assignment he could have asked for Immortal reinforcement, but here he only had Horn Kikon. ‘Hopefully, Hamumni’s investigation will lead to the whereabouts of the Godly Law Template. We’ve been here too long’.
Although his desire was mostly fulfilled, Zax was far from being complacent, for he now was on his way to tangle with yet another fifth level Martial Mortal, the strongest of the five powers…
Violet Scaled Troops’ headquarters was located at the southern region of the Western Continent, at a place referred to as “Yellow Grassland”. It was a meadow of coarse and sharp yellow grass that grew by absorbing the nutrients in the warm yellow sand in which it took root. The meadow stretched for almost four kilometers and several kinds of Deformed Beings were grazing freely at its expanse. It was a soothing panorama that was only ruined by the grotesque pillar of earth that stuck up at its center, hundreds of meters from the ground and with circumference of one point five kilometers, like an extremely oversized termites nest.
This grotesque, earthly structure was the Violet Scaled Troops’ headquarters, otherwise known as the Great Cave. Though it would not seem like it at the moment, but the Great Cave had over a hundred entries, however they were all sealed until the next time Violet Scaled Troops will hold the Elite Tryouts. The only entrance that was constantly open was at the top of the Great Cave.
Zax arrived above the Great Cave and his presence far from being concealed, like when he got to the Blessed Army. Consequently, this time he received a proper welcome…
“Why have you come here?” Horn Kikon’s voice reverberated from the Great Cave, dispersing the soft patches of white clouds that left slow moving shadows on the meadow. Following the enquiry, a golden man, cladding a red fur cloak emerged out of the top entrance.
“For a more than a fair trade”. Zax smiled sincerely, knowing that he could not uphold the same mien he used in the confrontation with General Logan.
“A trade?” Horn Kikon crossed all four of his four arms. He too was perfectly aware that in this occurrence his feral temper will fail to intimidate the adversary before him. Nevertheless, the aura he emanated was as regal as ever. “Ulvi involvement was negligible; you are not eligible for her life”. After Horn Kikon informed his Feathers, fourth level Martial Mortals, about Zax’s prodigious rise, Ulvi told him what happened in Monivore city. Since then he was prepared for Zax’s arrival, whether General Logan alerted him of his visit or not.
“Knowing your reputation, I’m not convinced that you would’ve spared anyone who even looked at you the wrong way”. Zax snorted. “Ulvi wasn’t the main instigator, but her participation in my pursuit is indisputable”.
“Even so…” Horn Kikon frowned. Dropping his arms, he moved to a transformation posture, should the need arise. “You are alive”.
“Even so…” Zax unleashed his black aura. “I’m pissed”.
The two were in a stalemate. Neither was willing to back down nor initiate a meaningless fight.
“I said that I will agree to a trade”. Zax repeated, waving his stubbornness and took Horn Kikon’s quiet as an indication of being listened to. “Annulling my feud with Ulvi for surrendering someone else”.
“Who?” Horn Kikon asked in a heavy tone.
“Someone from the Malignant Monkey clan, a Velvet Furred Alouatta named Mand”.
“Him?! My Feather’s Chaoyue apprentice!” Horn Kikon bellowed, referring to Huland’s father.
“Better a Feather’s apprentice than a Feather clipped!” Zax retorted.
“He is a Chaoyue”. Horn Kikon took pride as the epitome of his kind, and although he cared more about his subordinates’ cultivation, he still had a bias for those of an esteemed type as a beast.
“Do I look like I give a damn?!” Zax shot back angrily. “Kikon, a dirtbag is a dirtbag no matter how you address him”.
“How did he offend you?” From Zax’s comment, Horn Kikon realized that the issue was more personal to Zax than he assumed.
“He killed someone he shouldn’t”. Zax answered plain and simple, to avoid implicating Huland. “That’s all I’m going to say on the matter. Are you sending him out? I know that he is in your Great Cave”.
The wind blew from all four direction of the compass, bringing with it a veil of dark cloud that slowly shrouded the bright sky. The stimulation of the elements was triggered by the movement of the ubiquitous worldly attributes energy, as it was drawn by Zax and Horn Kikon.
In the meadow, the grazing Deformed Being felt their instincts shivering and hastily left in a stampede.
Horn Kikon’s golden, four armed human body erupted as he transformed the moment the first cold drop of rain touched his pristine skin and a purple lightning snapped from above.
Meanwhile, a black luster washed over Zax, a glimpse of his true self since his three aspects and spirit transformed to dark attribute.
Neither had the power to summon the electric and icy attributes, but those attributes were everywhere and the mild similarities between their different Properties with the Properties of Zax and Horn Kikon’s attributes were sufficient enough to induce this weather change.
From the top entrance of the Great Cave, several colorful beams emerged, seven in total. They were all beasts, as in their animalistic forms of wings, fur, talons, scales and fangs. They were all the present Feathers, fourth level Martial Mortals, in the Great Cave.
“Send him to me, Ulvi!” Horn Kikon’s voice suppressed the sounds of thunder.
A yellow furred, pink feathered beast woman that was vaguely familiar to Zax, flew from the group of seven, but to whom type she belonged as a beast, he was completely clueless. It was a shame that this part in human history from before the great immigration to the world beneath the earth was lost, nonetheless, even then a being such as her was considered unreal, a mythological creature.
The harpy Ulvi left behind her a streak of pink and yellow, as she approached her Horn and in her talons held a swaying Velvet Furred Alouatta.
Horn Kikon swept with one of his dragon arms and the Alouatta’s shoulders were torn from the harpy’s talons and its entire unconscious body was flung toward Zax.
Zax caught the Alouatta and without saying a word departed.
An expression that rarely appear on the nightmarish head of Horn Kikon, rather than the expected rowdiness, he looked gloom.
Ulvi, who was nearest to him, averted her gaze and returned to the Great Cave with the other six Feathers, leaving their Horn with his innermost thoughts.
It took Huland a bit of time to compose himself. The unconscious Mand was right there on the ground, in front of him, in his glorious Chaoyue animalistic form that made this stranger more of a son to his father then he ever was.
In his animalistic Chaoyue form, Mand was quite big to place inconspicuously in Green Snow village, so Zax contacted Huland at a remote spot in the green valley.
“That’s him, correct?”
“Y- Y- Yes…” Huland stuttered.
“Good. I’ll be on my way now. In a while please prepare whoever wants to return to Kingdom Earth. A lot of changes in this continent will soon take place, but it’d be a process and for now I still think that it’d be safer for our people to not wander”. Zax finished saying and took flight, back to New Earth, Valgarel, where his faience was waiting with his Martial family.
The days moved fast since Zax concluded the last of his paybacks and the promise to Huland. Many things were to follow that will influence the life of every New Earth resident, human or a beast. There was so much to do that required careful planning for apt execution, and Zax could neither do alone nor had the experience.
Luckily, with Ariel free from his oath and Gid Chu once again free to return to New Earth, the three original Supreme Rulers of Kingdom Earth could unite again to lend a hand in this new endeavor for the entire population of Kingdom Earth. Just, before they could act, there was one more thing Zax had to provide them help with.
In addition to Ariel and Gid Chu, Supreme Ruler Trey Zoearth was also bound by an oath to the Blessed Army. Albeit, a less harsh oath, in comparison to the former two, but an oath nonetheless, which only General Logan could annul – and he did.
Kingdom Earth, El-Eden’s Parliament building.
At the seventy second floor’s conference room, seventy eight sitting placements were neatly ordered in three rows in a crescent arrangement. Before each ground seat was a golden table with a touch screen, a black green labeled bottle and a small cup.
All seventy eight seats and tables were directed at six identical seats and tables that were arranged oppositely.
Three corridors led to the conference room. Two of the conference room’s entrances opened, the main and east wing, and a male and female attendant in black suits gestured in to a stream of people with an august bearing. Those esteemed who came from the main entrance found their names across the touch screens of the third and second rows’ tables, while those revered who passed the threshold of the east wing entrance had their placements marked in the first row.
Seventy eights spots were filled and a bell rang. The west wing door opened and three figures went in line.
Supreme Ruler Ariel Dauch, Supreme Ruler Trey Zoearth and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen Takeda. The moment they stepped on the conference room’s polished tiles, the seventy eight people already waiting straightened their backs with solemn expressions, though those formal appearances quickly turned stunned when the next two figures entered the room.
Former Supreme Ruler Gid Chu Takeda walked, smilingly, side by side with an unfamiliar face.
“A beast?” Someone conjectured silently by the striking presence radiating from the short brown haired, earthly fur cladded young looking man. What was more outstanding was the cultivation of the young man. None of the seventy eight people could determine his strength. Even the strict, superintendent Ten of the top Martial school, Eden Formation, was at a complete loss.
“Don’t take offence, Mister Huland. Most of them had yet to behold the vastness of the blue sky”. Gid Chu tapped Huland’s shoulder.
“It’s fine”. Huland nodded.
“Another person?” An elderly woman from the first row inquired as the attendants of the west wing entrance still maintained their gesture.
One foot after the other, Zax entered the conference room last. At a first glance, he looked awfully unassuming, especially coming behind already so many dignified and imposing figures. But at a second glance, through the eyes of those whose gazes lingered a little bit longer, for a fleeting instant, the images of a monarch was ascending his throne was captured.

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