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Chapter 276 - A Way Out

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“’Everything’, you say?” One of the women in the group accompanying General Logan, slender and young looking lass, blurted. “What insanity! What gall!” She emanated fluctuations of the fourth Martial Mortal level, coalesced with fiery attribute energy.
“Am I?” Zax emitted a vicious glare at the woman. An invisible undulation traversed the distance between them in a blink of an eye and sunk into her glabella, while Zax watched in expectation.
“Argh!” The woman groaned in pain. For a brief moment her pupils were unfocused and when they regained their clarity, the white in her eyes turned reddish.
A long range soul attack of a fifth level Martial Mortal who is not specializing in the soul will not harm a fourth level Martial Mortal, but the one Zax delivered contained a trace of dark element.
“Omina, stand still!” General Logan ordered. He hurriedly tapped her glabella and by the time he removed his finger, the slender Omina’s complexion recovered.
“You are not proficient with the soul”. General Logan commented to Zax. “The strength of your soul attack was overbearing, but that is due to the Mortal Enlightenment state and the portion of element energy you possess”.
“It was merely an experiment”. Zax declared, still scowling, though inwardly he agreed with General Logan. Despite his innately unique soul and the decision to study more on soul’s techniques and formations, there was too little quality material available to learn from for his level and to develop something of his own was too time consuming.
Omina bit her lower lip and reluctantly kept quiet. She, like Debuk Jin, served as General Logan subordinate since before finding this planet. Her grasp of the overall situation calculated variables a bumpkin from a remote Plain, such as Zax, could not comprehend. There was a limit for how much she could indulge Zax. Even if he will sooner or later have his Evolutionary Ascension and she will forever be stuck as a Mortal, those she and her General answer to are way above the Heavenly Immortal rank.
“Be specific with what you want”. General Logan requested. Obviously he did not take seriously Zax’s ridiculous outburst; otherwise he might as well give escape to Horn Kikon and seek his help in dealing with Zax, a possibility he counted the latter took into consideration.
“Set aside my uncompromised demand for revenge on the Dewgong family”, Zax’s killing intent temporarily subsided. “If you don’t have something of similar value to God made dark attribute’s essences, then how do you imagine yourself capable of compensating me?!”
“By trading quantity for quality”. General Loran’s reply hinted that he already deliberated on the issue. “As long as we are in Ercas Mir, resources of equal value to God Demirva’s dark attribute’s essence are not available to me, however cultivation resources of a bit lower quality I have in abundance”.
“Will they be sufficient in nurturing a fourth level Martial Mortal?” From Gid Chu Zax learned that the person controlling the Mercenary Association, Sheldon was the previous and first cultivator to absorb a perfect God made dark attribute’s essence and that through it he reached the fifth Martial Mortal level. His stolen dark attribute’s essences were second rate goods in comparison, but were still the God made; therefore they could still bring forth a fourth level Martial Mortal with a chance for greater heights. Hence, his query was more than reasonable.
“This… I can’t promise”. General Logan was compelled to admit, yet his disposition had not dithered. “But a regiment of third level Martial Mortal is achievable, and that may be of greater worth than a pair of fourth level Martial Mortals”.
For most cultivators, the third level of the Martial Mortal realm was a threshold in the understanding of the attributes. Succeeding to cross it is a testimony to one’s future prospects, at least on the Mortal path.
“I don’t need a regiment. I would rather have a set future for one or three people close to me”. Zax claimed. “Something else, offer me something other than cultivation resources, if you aren’t able to put up a treasure equal in quality to my dark attribute’s essences”. He deliberately pressed on General Logan, for there was something he wanted, which a composed General Logan would only make difficult to obtain.
This time, General Logan was not in a rush to make offers, as he was forced to a tricky spot. The Blessed Army did have quite a few things that could be traded for the dark attribute’s essence, but the reason they were precious was because they were not of this planet. Initially, he believed that he could appease Zax with cultivation resources, as many as he will desire – the Blessed Army accumulated plenty of resources fit for the Mortal realm from its voyages in space and thousands of years on this sprouting cultivation planet. Now it no longer seemed to be the case.
“Name what you want”. He stopped being in the mood to entertain this guessing game. Worse comes to worst, he was prepared to escape and contact Horn Kikon.
“Release senior Ariel from his oath”. Zax demanded.
“Done”. General Logan did not quibble and before Zax’s voice faded and the Lieutenant Generals behind could react, he let out white smoke from his spatial ring, residues of whatever means he possessed to bound Ariel.
While the others could only see white smoke, Ariel had also felt something inside of him being set free. The shackles that restricted him in favor of the Blessed Army were removed without harming his cultivation base.
“At the day he would have returned to Voltic Star I had planned to rescind your oath anyway”. General Logan told Ariel. Ultimately, the former strongest human indigenous was an extraordinary talent he truly wanted to foster.
“You are free now, senior Ariel”, Zax said without the slightest indication of satisfaction. “Collect your stuff and the personal you care about, you’re leaving with me”.
“Go”. General Logan also instructed Ariel, before he will speak words of goodbye and gratitude, otherwise, he will not feel obliged to return.
“Next… I want a method to leave this planet, to travel with whomever I choose to among the stars”. Zax revealed his aspiration. Instead of going about the content of the Blessed Army’s repository, he figured he should think big for something no one else can give him and would comfort his loss of the dark attribute’s essences.
“A spacecraft?” General Logan muttered, bewildered and the Lieutenant Generals at his back just as shocked.
“Yes. You and Horn Kikon are from the same faction, but arrived here separately, right? Either way it means you have two spacecrafts, so it won’t be a problem for you to return to your home planet”.
Out of Zax’s expectation, the moment he finished presenting his reasoning, instead of outraging, General Logan and the rest stared with amusement, as if unsure whether they should laugh.
“Am I entertaining you?”  Zax frowned.
“Entertain?” General Logan retained a straight countenance. “You can say you are”. Apparently, as funny as he thought Zax’s demand, it still struck a nerve. “You are but an uneducated cultivator from an uncouth Star and Plain, which is why you can’t be blame for your ignorance. Spacecrafts, such as the ones, we leader of the five powers command, are not things mortals can possess, not even first rank Immortals are qualified to own them. Our spacecrafts are the property of Mythical Immortals, their value outstrips even tens of thousands imperfect God made attribute’s essences. Three…? Do you understand now what’s laughable?”
‘Claiming the property of a Mythical Immortal…’ Zax grumbled inwardly. He grudgingly recede his greed, but what came in its place was once again a surge of killing intent that assaulted his adversaries. “I’m not mad”.
His resignation did not gladden General Logan one bit. On the contrary, by finding nothing satisfactory in the earlier proposal and not getting his second demand fulfilled, there was a clear sign in Zax’s killing intent that this time it was not just for show, but actually belligerent.
“I’ll say one last time. If the next thing you offer will not meet my standards, then Everything it will be… Every patch of land belonging to the Blessed Army’s territory in the Western Continent will be the price, in addition to the lives I own!”
‘Prepare to execute your battle formation!’ General Logan ordered his Lieutenant Generals. ‘Should a battle commence, I’ll buy the time to imitate it, take Debuk Jin and escape to Horn Kikon!’ Of course, he had to mean for them to help him fight back in the base, but considering the recent Godly Law Template discoveries, he preferred to retreat and conserve his secret methods for the cause of their presence on this planet.
Mist energy circulated covertly and auras were restrained, but the Lieutenant Generals were taut, ready for the word.
“I can’t offer a spacecraft to travel from Plain to Plain, but a vessel to accommodate a number of people in a journey between the Stars, that is something I can realize”. General Logan studied Zax for his response, to catch ahead of time the faintest indication of a follow up action to the latter’s intent.
Pondering, Zax asked: “Then to travel solely within this plain, that is the Milky Way galaxy?”
“To my knowledge, ’Milky Way galaxy’, by the records of your Kingdom Earth, is the given name the aboriginal of this Star, or planet, refer to this Plain”. General Logan confirmed. “In fact, as it is too remote and not containing local civilizations with the capability to leave for other Plains, this Plain had not met the requirements for an official name”.
Zax did not care about General Logan’s explanation, only his affirmation. ‘The Milky Way galaxy can be called “backwater” and “lacking”’. He thought. ‘Insulting as it sounds, to take offence depended on who said it’.
The five powers were hailed from places with Mythical Immortals. Obviously, their homes are much more prosperous and their aspirations lying only where they are certain of fortune.
Gogenta’s perspective resulted from a different frame of mind. He was at the Peak of Immortality, at the summit of the Neonate Immortal rank – what even that means. Forget the Milky Way galaxy, perhaps his opinion will not differ when mentioning the Plains of the Holy Palace, Planetary Battalion and Voltic Star.
Lastly, the Milky Way galaxy’s diameter is over one hundred thousand light years. Zax could only recall this bit of trivia from light reading he did as a child in Pre Core school. Even now the subject was beyond his understanding, but by reflecting on another piece of trivia…
‘Over a hundred billions Stars!’
His adventurous spirit was stirred to the point of nearly being thrown out from his body.
“How long will it take, using the vessel at your disposal, to cross the size of this Plain?” Zax estimated his fastest speed at roughly ten times the speed of sound. There was no means of transport in Ercas Mir that could rival his speed and although he was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to General Logan’s offered spacecraft, he was worried that even if it was faster than him by tens of thousands of time, in his lifetime he will still be limited to a tiny serving of the Milky Way galaxy.
General Logan calculated for a second and even appeared to consulting someone via his communicator.
“As long as you do not attempt to leave this Plain, the Star Scavenger I can promise you can accelerate up to a speed of fifty three light years. As for the matter of fuel… it won’t be a problem for me to provide you a sufficient amount for several roundtrips across this Plain”.


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