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Birth of a Necromancer

Evil, the driving force behind progress.

There are numerous cases, in which evil has taken the form of a person. Sometimes it takes the form of a murderer. At other times, it appears on a smaller scale, taking on the appearance of a hurtful lie, or a sudden burst of rage. Evil is the force that drives us towards our yearnings, through immoral means. In most cases, people wish for simple things. Affection, wealth, fame. But what would happen, if a person wanted everything? 

Although a man with the desire to rule over everything is a dangerous individual, a man like that would get nowhere without the means. If one wants something, they will want more, until they invite death as a consequence of their bottomless greed. One would need to control death itself, in order to control the world.

There exists a tale, of a man who achieved the means, to do exactly what he wanted. He had had his share of hardships, but it was exactly those that made him stronger. The hardships only fueled his desire, and beings of power took a liking to him. Offered him the means, to obtain anything and everything. This is the story about the man, with the power to rule and destroy the world that had trampled him, ever since he was born. 

What will his desire drive him to do?




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