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Balada: When death did not exist, nor yet Eternity Part I


"When the Universe is at war which side are you on?"

War raged across millions of star systems, billions of planets and trillions of light years.

Whole nations and ways of life would disappear within this age of chaos.

Great heroes and villains emerge.

As every grain of the sand of time falls, the universe is changed forevermore.


Grand Scholar Djanus Todomari.











Long Synopsis:

  *Excerpt, from the works of Grand Scholar, and The Great War Expert Djanus Todomari from the Imperium  Archives*


On Caliupus 27th, Imperial year 1898, Federal year 3941, and Republican year 953 on the small home world of the Tolstoy sector, a Federal fleet clashed for less than 3 hours with an Imperial one. This small battle which was the first shot in The Great War was situated above a place called Graperust Manor, owned by a Novo Albetan lawyer called William Murasaki Kuckluck.


After the Battle of Graperust, mister Murasaki said that he had enough of the whole affair and decided to move his family 560.000 light-years to a town called New Hope within the Tremera system, to a house called Woodgrom Courthouse with the intention of avoiding the war in its entirety.


Years later the commanders of the belligerent forces came to that very same courthouse to sign the ending of all hostilities. So when it was over Mr Murasaki could boast that the war began on his front lawn porch and ended in his backyard gazebo.


The Great War raged across millions of star systems, billions of planets and trillions of light years, within it farm workers from Nova Bronze City of the Towar System, clashed with fisherman from Seshrim 9, lawyers and schoolteachers from the Brumbaki Plains of Bulla 8 with doctors and accountants from The Tjigu asteroid cluster.


Whole nations and ways of life would disappear only to be replaced by new ones and within this age of chaos great heroes and villains would emerge, several sentients would join the war, each from the three superpowers, they would be at the most crucial and most bloody of the battles and somehow survive them all, and give testimony of just how unrealistic reality could become.


A smuggler would save a country , a shadow warrior would emerge from the darkness, a rebel would reshape  the galaxy, a sentient would change the way things were forever, and a potions brewer who did not go a single day to military school would become the greatest commander the known universe had ever seen or perhaps would ever see. So the sands of time flowed and with their passing the universe changed forevermore.


Grand Scholar and Great War Expert Djanus Todomari


Imperium Archives




SCi-Fi, Space Opera, High Fantasy, Magitech, Black Comedy, War, Space Fleet battle, Light Novel, Epic

1 - BALADA: When my eyes are weight with sleep, I quench the evening candle's glow

2 - And leave the ticking clock alone the path of time to go

3 - When from my square of window-pane I draw the curtain to one side.

4 - The climbing moon pours in and floods the room with her voluptuous light;

5 - Then from the night of memory in answer to her summons steal