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Age of Myths

Age of Myths 
An original web novel by Fluffy Peanut




A world filled with all kinds of Gods; Earth, Water, Wind and Fire? you name it. Races? anything you could ever imagine; from the captivating Elves to the short-tempered Dwarves, humans? hell, there's even humans with animal parts!

Flying swords, talking objects, fireballs that're just dying to burn your hair off, dungeons, monsters, huge dragons, demon Lords, slaves, lolis, strange humanoid man? hell yeah man, welcome to the other world!

A world where everything is possible from being able to peep at other girls using invisibility to flipping skirts by calling forth the powers of the divine winds, with the existance of magic, anything can be achieved.

But everything isn't always rainbows and ponies, there's this constant danger of being killed by powerful monsters and also the demon army, not only that but there's this problem of being always short on money, but well, as long as you have the power to persevere, anything is possible.

My name is Haruhiko, join me as I embark on an epic journey inside this twisted world of swords, myths and magic.


Current Status: Hiatus :(

Editor: Anniegotnojams


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance