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About us

Rebirth Online World was founded in December 2013 with the express purpose of delivering original stories and providing the best reading experience to our Readers. As time went by, ROW got more and more Staff members on board, including Authors of Original Works, Japanese and Chinese Translators, as well as Translation Checkers and Editors. And we’re still growing.

After over three years of changing sites, after many ups and downs, over 300k words of Original Works, as well as over 100k words of Translated Novels, we are pleased to announce that we are currently able to offer our readers a great reading experience, while also being able to provide some financial support to our Staff members!

We are a group of Authors, Translators, Translation Checkers and Editors that strive to deliver our Readers as much high-quality content as possible at the moment. Our goal is to be a home for the Readers' favorite series, as well as to provide our Staff members with a chance to not only share their works, but to also give them opportunities for improvement.

We hope that we can keep on growing and improving the professionalism of our work, and successfully achieve all of the goals we set for ourselves. We want to thank all those of you that support us wholeheartedly and promise you that we will keep on working hard for the convenience of both you, our Readers, and our Staff members.

We would also like you to know how grateful we are to have you at our sides.
It’s thanks to you all that we are here today.
Thank you very much for being with us!