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Unmotivated Hero's Tale Chapter 23-24

Good day to all dear readers.

you may have forgotten this translator here, but now I am back, and I'm gonna continue what I have left. With a double chapter of course!

Translator: Aerosol31


Field Battle at Sobakrien

The next day after the ceremony, the royal army departed from the capital.

As for their course, they will be advancing straight to towards the southern border, aiming the wide plains called Sobakrien, located between the Meniel Dukedom and Fort Assasimo. Due to the slow marching speed of the Imperial army, they are anticipating that it would become the battlefield – and thinking that a battle in the plains a major advantage for the side with greater troops, they planned for an effective use of their numerical advantage against the Imperial Army.

For four days the Royal Army succeeded in increasing the number of soldiers by absorbing the locals as planned, putting a total of 60 000 soldiers to Sobakrien......Continue reading