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Happy Book Lover's Day!

Hi, folks! We're back with Rebirth World Online again on 9th August!
What event do we have this Thursday...?
Hmm... it has something to do with the activity you're usually doing on our site, so try to guess before scrolling down!

Got something in your mind?
Or are you browsing for special events that might happen on that particular day? :rolleyes:

Ready or not...

Here we go!!

Happy Book Lover's Day!

That's right, 9th August is Book Lover's Day!
Though you are reading the novels digitally on our site... but hey, it still counts!
So, give yourself some time to read your favorite novels today! Find some cozy spot to read and relax... make some tea or hot milk... and then you can also doze off to sleep while reading... whoops XD

Don't forget to visit our site at to read or reread your beloved series and put in some comments to make the staffs' day happier!
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