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#NovelSpotlight: Black Jade Tiger!

Rebirth Online World is back with a new agenda that we will be holding regularly from now on!

We're going to feature an active novel on our site for each week, and it is going to be called #NovelSpotlight!

This week's #NovelSpotlight falls to...

Whoops, where's the suspense?

Is it going to be your favorite novel? Or a novel you've been following religiously...?

Wait no more, our novel for this week's #NovelSpotlight is...


Black Jade Tiger!


Black Jade Tiger is an original novel written by one of our authors, Fox. It's a fantasy novel with both romance and comedy genre. Of course, the novel's genre is apparent in its synopsis:


Katsy Is a normal 20 years old young woman without any particular goal in life.

Walking with her friends a freak accident happened furthermore it sent her into an other world!

What the hell is this place?!

Heck! Why do I have paws!?

huh? Why do I have fur!?!

OK! Now I'm freaking out!!!

Someone save me there is a six meters tall giant tiger heading for me!!!

you're mother! Why are those humans are trying to capture me now!

~This is the begining of my new life as a spirit beast~


You can find the novel on our site, or more precisely, here:

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