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We reach 800! yay! XD ┗( ^o^)┛≡┏( ^o^)┓≡┗( ^o^)┛

We don't have any contest today, instead just a simple find the next chapter. The following five chapters will be hidden arround 1000-2000, you just need to find it. It's that simple, no twist, just that. The next chapter is already published and is hiding around there somewhere. You can either search for it or wait for someone else to find it.

To look for it, you can either mess around the web link or find the clue. I'll be thorwing out a hint regarding the chapter number of where the next chapter is. I won't give a detail explanation anymore as to how to jump to certain chapter numbers directly through only the link. If you don't know then I can only say good luck! XD

Once you found it, just comment on that chapter and I will put it on its proper order and properly post it~

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