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MM chapters 59 & 60 and Isekai Shoukan info

Last day of April and two new chapters. These chapters will be the battle between Tsuchio and Loreen against the number 1 court magician( This was a really good fight I liked it really much) and Girls talk between Ruu, Rin and Lime. These chapters arent edited yet because my editor has exams so it will take a bit, but I hope it is still okay to understand everything. Thanks to Yuki for tlcing again. Also in chapter 59 Tsuchio used a new technique and I used the japanese name for it, therefore I want to know if it is okay for you readers if I sometimes use the original name if it sounds stupid in english. Hope you have a nice read. 

chapter 59

chapter 60


PS: For Isekai Shoukan there wasnt a new chapter until now because Furvus´s laptop broke. I will release some chapters next week.