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Birth of a Necromancer - Scheduled Update & Arc Conclusion

Hey! There we go -- The Corrupted Arc has ended. It's been quite a ride, if I do say so myself. Now, I've stated a few times that I will be revising the first arc of the story, once I finished this one. I'm simply here to say that I will be doing that, and that that will be taking up my time for a bit. 

Some of the plot will be changing slightly, so I suggest keeping up to date with what changes, all of which I will be updating you on here, as usual. 

The chapters will be posted like regular chapters, except a lot more frequently, so don't expect it to take the same 2.4 months, which a normal arc takes for me to write. With all that being said, I would like you to sit down, grab some refreshments, and get confortable, because this is chapter fourty of Birth of a Necromancer. 

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