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Chapter 002 - Lara Croft GO

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania lara croft go

My Overall Score 8/10:

While I don't usually play mobile games, I have made an exception for this one. And I have to say, I was not disappointed. It's a simple, yet complicated at times, logical game, that steadily introduces new feature as the player progresses through the game. Levels stay relatively challenging and some parts of them require critical thinking. If you need a game to play on the go, or to play casually while laying comfortably in your bed, and like mental challenges to boot, I strongly recommed getting this one.

Synopsis&Official Site Link:

Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom.

Story Score: 8/10


Story is as simple as one would expect from a mobile game. You are set on a path to exploring yet another ruin as a world-famed Lara Croft. No written story, no voice acting, everything is kept simple and minimalistic and kept to various in-level actions. Nothing much to say about it, no major flaws, great execution of minimalistic relay of the story but that's about it.

Music&Sound Effects Score: 10/10

Music in Lara Croft GO is, very surprisingly, it's strongest point. It's very well made, it fits the game, it's calm and very pleasing to the ear. Honestly, I was surprised when I heard such a great music in a mobile game. And most importantly, it can be downloaded for free from the Official Site I have linked above. No need to buy the game or anything either to unlock it. A very nice gesture from game developers. And given how little the game costs too, I really wouldn't mind spending this bit of money to get it either.

On the other hand, the various sfx are kept fairly simple, but are also quite fitting when coupled with the soundtrack. Nothing more to add here.  

Game Mechanics Score: 8/10

Lara Croft GO's game mechanics aren't really anything original, swipe to move mechanic might be both a plus and a minus, as swiping slightly wrong can cause us to make an unintended mistake. Various obstacles found throughout the game are a completely another matter though. Each with their own set of reactions makes for a fairly novel experience. The set movement paths take away a bit of freedom from the player though. But I guess that's just something to be expected from a mobile game.

There are also certain collectibles in game, that can be found independently from the gameplay itself. During almost every level the player can find golden vases containing either parts of relics, or specific gems. There is a set amount of them hidden on every level, and to collect them the player only has to tap on them. Finding all of the particular relic's parts or all of the gems of given type unlocks outfits, allowing the player to somewhat customize their character. Truthfully, I can't really see this part as anything more than a specially added timewaster, sometimes forcing the player to replay older levels in order to find accidentally missed vases.

Gameplay Score: 6/10

Gameplay in Lara Croft GO leaves the player with a bit of a yearning for more, as constant swiping and tapping isn't really something very immersive. It might not be very noticeable during the first 10 or even 20 levels, but as time passes, and the more levels are replayed, the feeling of mundaneness might overcome the enjoyment from the game. Not much more to say about it, there are no other issues with gameplay outside of the lack of diversity.

Graphics Score: 8/10

Graphics can be said to be decent, for a mobile game at least, kept simple and tidy, nothing astonishing, and yet quite befitting the game atmosphere. Haven't noticed any issues with animations either, they're simply good.

Hints&Tips Corner (Spoiler Alert):

  • Do not charge through the levels mindlessly. While many levels might appear to be simple, they quite often require some figuring out in order to get through. On the other hand, if you just charge through, you might also miss some of the collectibles found on almost every level. Replaying the level for that one missed collectible might become quite mundane at a longer rate.