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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 009 - 1-9 Long Eared Maid Little Sister

1-9   Long Eared Maid Little Sister .[1]

The elf girl who stiffened for a moment from the surprise.
She shed a great quantity of tears.

[Uh,uu,uu, … …. UeEeeEeeEeeeeEe, Onii-ChaaaAaaN …. … ]

She was shedding tears that it looked like she will use up all of the water inside her body.
That girl hugged Isagi around his waist, like she wanted to pushed down Isagi who sat in his seat.

Within one day, he got embraced by three women.
Perhaps this is what they called as “Popular period”

He remembers clearly about this girl.
That’s obvious.
Maybe for that girl it’s was already passed for 20 years.
But for Isagi it was days that he spent just not long ago.

Also the reason why he didn’t realize that the girl was right there, was because of her outfit was too much of a difference. [2]
There’s no way that she was at this place, that kind of prejudice became a hindrance.

That maid outfit with frills is a thing that is used in whole the Arbarisus continent presently.

Because since the old time people that were from other worlds often came, it said that various culture were introduced from earth.
This awfully typical cute maid outfit is also one of them.
Leaving that aside.

[No way …. Princess Rimino … … ?]

Wearing the maid katyusha, this girl who cried until she was worn out for sure
is the third princess of the queen who once ruled over the elf country, that’s her.

[O” NI” I” CHA” aaaN …. … UeeeEeEeeeEeen … … ]
[Wai, Wait, stop ! stop !]

Finally he got pushed down from his seat to the floor.
On top of it, she fell on top of him and rubbed her face on him with all her strength.

Isagi grabbed her shoulder and pushed her away.
Her face was in a mess with tears and snot.

[I’ll ask this once more, umm, you’re Princess Rimino , right ?]
[YEe’ sssss …. …. ]

It has already be 20 years since that time.
But even so, her appearance didn’t really changed that much.

That vivid green hair tied up in big braids.
Those big eyes which release emerald green shine are now sparkling because of the tears.
That skin which almost look transparent, now somehow got little injured.

Perhaps it became hard to notice because of her whole body got slightly dirty.
But if Isagi were to look closely, he would understand that the beautiful face which was suitable for the title of princess, has not withered even one bit.
Though if one had to say, then it feels like her mind got somewhat tired ….
He once heard that once an elf becomes an adult, then their growth speed will extremely slow down.
Perhaps it’s because of that.

[AaUAuAuAuAAAAaaa …. …. ]

When she got a chance, she slipped through Isagi hand and
once again, she buried her face into that chest.

[Fo, for now, please calm down]

And thus, he earnestly soothed her down.
……… perhaps it took about 30 minutes.

[Ah—— ! I feel refreshed !]

Rimino stretched her body in full of spirit.
She rubbed her red eyes. Rimino the smiled until she seemed hard to recognize.

[Really Onii-chan, it’s glad that you are alive !]

She came and hugged him with a smile like someone who got possessed.

They then changed their place, and came into Isagi’s room.
Supposedly Eyeglasses wouldn’t come back for a while, and thus he brought Rimino in.

Though he felt bad for her, it will become troublesome if someone heard her called him as the brave repeatedly.
Sitting in line side to side, he asked her about her circumstances.

[Wh, why, are you at this place?]-isagi
[Umm, that’s you know, the story will be long though… … ]

Rimino who got asked about her story, she narrate it bit by bit.

It’s a thing that happened 13 years ago.
The human race started the war with the Elf race, thus they continued their resistance.
But, the royal capital surrender to the adventurers, all of her family, surrender to the humans or so she said.

The queen too, the first princess too, the second princess too, and even all the younger children also got captured by them.
The only one who survived, was only Rimino.
She ran away.
As long as Rimino can remain alive, then the household will be able to rise once again, they said.

Along with few of the guards, Rimino got across to the Dark Continent.
She went seeking refugee in Demon country union, and was asking for their protection.
But of course the demon’s society was still not solid.
If they gave shelter to the Elf princess, then the human race surely will come to attack them , or there’s some who thought like that.

Even if there’s no movement from the Human’s kingdom, then the adventurers will come.
『Go capture the elf princess』or such order, will run about the world with that tittle as ○○ class quest.
Those outlaws will come out anywhere, and plunder everything they needed after all.

For a demon who feared the adventurers, Rimino existence is like a bomb that was already ignited with fire.
Rimino continued to get rejected by even the demons.

Without anybody to rely on, she had to go on a long journey.
Even the bodyguards who helped her, fell in front of the assassin’s dagger of the adventurers, and one by one they fell down.

And then the place where she finally arrived was at the Dyutyu’s place.
It seems even among the demons who are well known as the hardliner faction princess which propose to do a do or die resistance.
It was something that quite surprising.

No, she must have just said something like [Let’s defeat the human desu!] without giving a thought about anything.
Isagi ended up thinking something like that.

Rimino got protection from Dyutyu castle.
For when the day when Dyutyu rise, Rimino will play her part as the princess of the Elves.

But, for Rimino who does not even have a single guard, and without any power.
It’s already grateful for her to stay.

And thus, she is now working as a servant.
That kind of livelihood, has lasted already for 8 years.

[For the first time, it was so hard and unbearable. Everyday I felt like I was about to cry]
[Is that so….]
[But Rimino, believed you know.
One day, Onii-chan will come fo me]
[……. I’m sorry kay]

With a smile that seemed to hide something, unintentionally, Isagi apologized.

As expected, there’s a bit part of her that had changed.
The former her was supposed to have more with resolution.
After all, she is the princess of a whole country.
Her etiquette is perfect, and her wording is also bit more elegant.

Although there’s a time where she called him as『Onii-chan』 at the place where there’s nobody around.
But even so, it’s supposed to be just something that was categorized as a joke.

[It’s okay you know, in the end you was alive right.
Also, it’s feels like there’s result from all of Rimino’s struggles] – Rimino

Inside those word, he felt a flood of emotions included in it.
In front of the girl who made a smile that seems to shine. Isagi ended up with not being able to say anything.

Even thought 20 years already passed, it feels like her mind has rejuvenated to
regressing into a child …. perhaps it is something like that.
It must have been full of painful experiences for her.
The whereabouts of Isagi was the Demon Lords castle.
For her, to get help from her arch-enemy’s daughter was maybe humiliating.
She must have had to always endure it. [3]

While he patted the girl’s head who was smiling while floating tears, Isagi thought.
To this princess too, he must treat her kindly. [4]

His meeting with Rimino, was at the time right after Isagi started his journey.
For the sake of saving the Elf race who was invaded by the Demon empire’s troops. The brave party, stationed themselves at the Elf’s country Mistorando for short while.

At the time when he meet Rimino at that time, they were on good term.
Or rather, she one sidedly followed him around. Perhaps having saying that, it is more likly that is correct.

For Isagi, she was an existence that was similar to a little sister.
Even after the brave party left Mistorando, she followed the party for a while.
As expected it’s not something that a princess should do, and thus she got teared off from them by the imperial guard though. [5]

After that, whenever he got a chance he sent her a letter.
Even though for Isagi, that is an event that happened only just one year ago.

[At the time when the royal palace got invaded by the demons, Onii-chan gallantly saved all of us. right?
Rimino, even now I still kept the thing from that time at the back of my eyelid you know]

As she persistently didn’t wanted to separated from Isagi’s body for even a moment.
Rimino who was clinging her whole body in his arm, said it with spoiled voice.

Even though she wasn’t supposed be a child that always clinging like this.
At any rate, it was their reunion after 20 years.
While she was alive, she did say that Isagi was something like her moral support for her.
There’s no way for him not to be considerate of her.

Perhaps she is in her own way, she tried to desperate hold onto Isagi desperately.
This is must be the same thing as a resolution that Dyutyu and Ira said.
This is, perhaps that thing called as an affection MAX from the start.

The more separated they are, they will realize the the other is their beloved, though there are such phrases.
The time Rimino separated with Isagi is 20 years.
Even if faint felling of love, is evolved into passion that burned brightly , then it’s not even weird.

But that chance is for next time.
Rimino too separated her body from Isagi, and peered into his eyes.

[But, Onii-chan, these 20 years, what were you doing?]

It’s a reasonable question.
As Isagi became a little silent, and this made the girl panic.

[Ah, no, ummm, that’s ,I don’t have any intention to blame you,…. ummm, really, I think that Onii-chan must also have trouble right, and then Rimino is …. ]
[Un, well]

Isagi troubled about what should he said.
At this place, perhaps he should tell her the truth.

『Actually right after I defeat the demon king I summoned to this world 20 years in the future you know~, hahaha.
That why I really made a lot of trouble for Rimino right, I really didn’t know anything ~』

No way.
It’s out of question.

Furthermore, at this case, there’s a possibility that she will aim her anger at Dyutyu who is the one who used the summoning formation.
If Dyutyu didn’t summon him, at least there’s a possibility that Rimino wouldn’t need to become this ruined.

If Rimino ended up hated Dyutyu, that girl will lost her last place.
If that’s really happened, what will happen to Rimino from now on.

It’s not good.
There’s no way he tell her about the truth.
Even if he were to tell her, now is not the right time.

At least, Isagi wouldn’t do any action that will abandon Rimino.
Even if he had a reason, and there’s a need for him to do that, he will even make war with a whole country.
That’s why.

(This wouldn’t be favorful for anyone …. )

As the matter if the relationship between Rimino and Dyutyu would become worse, it wouldn’t bring any benefit.
Thus Isagi became silent.

At that time,suddenly there’s a thought that crossed over his brain.

(……. Eh ? what if I didn’t get summoned ….. what would be happening?)

If the brave Isagi is alive in this age.
Perhaps his existence, will it become a wedge in the law of that world.
Regarding to certain immorality-like act, then perhaps is it functioning as an deterrence.

The story about the adventurers attacking the Dwarf race, or the story about the assault on the Elf race too.
Furthermore the demons who got oppression, will those thing become nonsexist.

20 years ago, after fighting with the demon king, The brave Isagi disappeared.

Due to Dyutyu Summoned Isagi for saving the demon race,
it’s made the demon cornered with the dilemma because of adventurers…. ?

This world,
is it the result of the distorted history because of his time slip?

As he thought about it for a moment, he shook his head.
There’s no way that’s true.

(There’s no way one human would have such a kind of power…. how could such a thing be done with me alone eh.[6]
If it’s Plea or Selder , Balzdo then they will do more right)

Isagi shook off his own thought.

From the start Isagi existence is an irregular which he came from another world.
After he finished his role that is to『defeat the Demon Lord』is done, surely he will repeled from the Arbarisus right.
Either way, someday it will end up like that.
And then when they need him once again, there’s no mistake that he will be summoned again to this world.
That was Isagi’s fate.

Rimino looked over here with upturned eyes, timidly asked him.

[…… Perhaps, as expected, umm, because of the curse from the Demon Lord, you ended up losing your memory?]

Somehow this girl, didn’t seem to harbor any questions about the fact that Isagi didn’t grow old.
The brave category, somehow got different treatment from an ordinary person.

(In the first place I am a person from another world right. …. )

Let’s make it like that.


Isagi nodded in seriousness.

[That’s true, actually I lost my memory]
[As I thought…..]

Rimino gulped.

He didn’t mind it.
If it’s able to make Rimino assent, he will cover himself in dishonor.
He cannot destroy her livelihood.

[I think, I always wander around in this dark continent.
It wasn’t a decent livelihood these 20 years you know.
As I was moving around to place to place, then I got dragged by the summoning formation]
[By the summoning formation … and then, the Demon Lord’s candidate …. ]

He didn’t forget to make the thing seems coherent.

[At that time I remembered everything you know. Thank to the summoning formation the curse from the demon king is lifted]
[Is that so~….. ]

He got really careful with the relationship between Dyutyu and Rimino.

[Thanks to that I become able to meet again with Rimino. This is also thanks to Dyutyu right]
[…… Un. Thanks god. Ehehe ……]

The small tear which floated at the tip of her eyes, Rimino wipe it with her hand.
Because of that pure smile, his heart beat.

[Tha, that’s why I want you to be silent. The fact that I am the brave, to everyone you know.
The other party who wanted to helped everybody, if they know that the other party is their arch-enemy, it’s not amusing right]
[Then that’s mean, Onii-chan, planning to save Dyutyu is that so?]
[…. That is, still, I haven’t decide it yet]

It was his honest feeling.
If he can, he doesn’t want to kill any of the adventurers.
Perhaps even those guys, maybe got deceived by someone.

The adventurer inside Isagi’s thought, were with nobility and overflowed with sense of justice. [7]
That’s why he wanted to hear the situation first, if he is able to , he wanted to settled this with a discussion.
Perhaps he can be called as naive but,

For that reason too.

[U, un]

By having her name called,Rimino’s face brighten in delight.

As an deep affection someone called the other with their fist name.
Even the thing itself for her is might the thing that happen for after many years.

[If you know, can you tell it to me.
Perhaps about what are Plea, Balzdo, Selder doing right now ]
[Ah …. ummm …….]

She suddenly avert her eyes.
He got bad premonition.

[Plea Onee-chan is …… ]

That girl yearn for calling Plea as Onee-chan.
It seems that she admired a girl who become witchcraft master and battling in her young age.

[Eh, what happen?]
[……. Un, you know, Onii-chan ….. ]

Rimino knew.
Those two, Isagi and Plea relationship with each other.
The fact that each of them held a faint feeling like an unrequited love.

Because she knows.
That’s why, while she casted down her eyes, she said

[… … Umm, I want you to calm down and hear this, okay … …]

Those words.
She told it to him.

[… … Plea Onee-chan, is already, gone][8]


He asked again.
And thus all the sound from the world sudenlly lost.

Rimino : Third Princess of Elf. Like Isagi.
Dyutyu : The hardline faction princess who propose Do or die resistance

Isagi : Thinking about Rimino thus he made a gentle lie.
Plea current condition : ? ? ? [9]

[1] ( TL: what a perfect creature )
[2] (TL : well in anime or manga , Outfit = character , change outfit = change character, power , ability ,personality, fate XD)
[3] (TL : Isagi sure have something with Dyutyu eh…)
[4] (TL : 3rd candidate for Isagi harem !!! 1st one is Dyutyu 2nd is Shirbenia 3rd is Riminoooo !!! who is the one who will take Isagi’s heart ?? is it the demon princess Dyutyu or the lonely witch or the princess who always searching for him!! the answer is in 38 chapter again ~ )
[5] (TL: *ehhm* shield hero( i dun remember the name of the princess) )
[6] (TL: *Ehmm* monogatari series *ehhmm*)
[8] (ED: (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻)
[9] (ED: If she is really dead, I am stabbing a guy.) (TL : * hiding in the corner* )