Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 008 - 1-8 Artificial Great Magical Gem and Forbidden Technique.

1-8   Artificial Great Magical Gem and Forbidden Technique.

Shirbenia spoke with eyes of nothingness and without any emotion.

[Magic gems are made from a little amount of magic power that seeped to the earth from living beings.
If that’s the case then if we gather the corpse of a thing that which holds the most magical power in one place and earnestly chant revitalization sorcery on it. We are then able to make it in a quick time-no]

Thoough she looks like a girl who would still be playing with flowers,
but she spoke out words like that of a god of death.

[If we massacre the adventurers and gather those corpses and fold it up into a pile and cram it inside a box and then let it decompose.
Surely we will be able to make two or three great magic gems-no.
Thus the problem ends and the world gets in peace once more and then the Demon Lords-sama will be happily and go back to their own world-no]

Everyone became quiet.

Isagi again, wasn’t able to say anything.

He never thought about such a thing.
To make a great magic gem with his own hands.

Nobody ever thought about such a thing thought out the thousands of years.
It’s because there’s no need to do such a thing to that extent and no one needed to make it.
However, now that all great magic gems are exhausted, she thought about it as the only one means.

Who in the world is this girl.

Axis summoner , Shirbenia.

How much darkness does that little body hold.
Even with Isagi’s eyes, he almost can’t see through it.

[In other worlds.]

Yankee opened his mouth.

[We become Demon Lords, kill those adventures, and then with that we are then able to go back to our former world. Is that what you mean. Right?]

Ira nodded.
Shou asked with trembled voice.

[Or rather, it means that there are no other ways to come back to our former world except that thing, right … ?]
[… … ]

Shirbenia didn’t say anything anymore, but was assent.

A weird atmosphere floated.
Just when they were suddenly summoned to another world.
They were told that they would have to kill other humans for them to come back home.

[Haha, I’m beaten … … murder, heh … … ]

Shou already couldn’t laugh anymore.
He closed and opened his hand several times.

Yankee kick his seat and stood up.
Just like that he went towards the dining hall’s entrance.

[Where do you intend to go?]

Ira came blocked his path.
He announce while putting his hand inside his pocket.

[I’ll go to royal capital. It’s okay if I just kill those adventurers right]

He said it without any hesitation.
Even for Isagi, that was considerably surprising.
Ira shook her head.

[It’s impossible for you right now]
[Demon Lords-sama, still haven’t awake their powers right]
[… … What should I do then?] [1]

Yankee glared at her.
It’s a fact that he also wasn’t able to react to Shirbenia’s witchcraft from while ago.

[If you have a power then everything is good]

Ira raised her clenched fist in front of yankee.

[One of the world’s four element forbiden technique『Sealing magic 』
For you guys who were summoned here, are able to endure engrafting this.
Only if you have the forbiden technique, then supposedly you wouldn’t defeated by an average adventurers.]

Isagi grasped his left eye.

(Forbbiden technique eh …. …)

Everything and anything had already become to different from 20 years ago.
He wondered since when the world for changed this much.

The world’s four elements forbidden magic.
It’s a power that was transmited into respectively the Demon race, the Piril race, the Dragon race, and then the Elf race.
A power which was undeserved for the Human race, was by no mean ever permited for them to use it.
User fatality rate is 99.99%. so it became a taboo.

Even in the middle of the demon emperor war, there was nobody in both armies who was able to use it.
Except for only two people.
It’s crazy.

But, for whoever was able to hold that completely, it is said that they will be able to gain the power equal to that of the Divine race.
Again for Demon Emperor Anrimanyu, was a forbidden technique users.
Because of 『Seal skill』, he was able to obtain tremendous magical power.

Is that so.

(That’s why, “Demon Lords-sama” , huh… … )

Originally for Demon Lord was a word that was used for Anrimanyu.
These girls, they’re planed to make themselves into an Anrimanyu.

Furthermore, four of them simultaneously – –

It is that the demon race already got cornered until to that extent.

[It’s a power. For the sake of live in this world, power is necesary right? ]

While Ira surveyed four of them.
She displayed an fluent eloquence.

[What kind of world did Demon Lords-sama lived in. I don’t know about it.
But, I think it must be a world developed law with honesty.
All of you give the smell of honesty, not excepting Renzou-sama who is the most rough in this place.
It must be a blessed world, that our world is nothing in comparison]

Ira’s eyes stabbed each one of them .
What dwelled in those eyes, was anger.

[How about it?
Gaining tremendous power in this world. Don’t you want to doing everything and anything as you please.
I can’t completely persuade you guys like what Dyutyu-sama did.
But, as long as you’re living being, there must a instinct that seems boiling inside that body. There’s supposed to be an ambition dwell inside it.]

That girl tried to make an appeal.
To the soul of those boys.

[If there’s something that you want, without holding back you can just rob it.
Even man(as in humanoid race) even money, even food, everything.
Such a thing as a human who were become hindrance, it doesn’t matter how many you kill.
No matter what you do there’s nobody who will able find fault in it.
There’s nobody that’s able to stop you guys at this place.]

Everyone got completely fascinated, by Ira’s words.

[If there’s woman who is into your liking, it’s fine to violate it and make it into yours.
It’s fine to violate the wife right in front of her beloved partner.
It’s fine to cram your carnal desire, to their beautiful daughter which doesn’t know anything.
It’s fine to kill as you like, rob as you like.
That is the meaning of becoming Demon Lord. That is the power.
Just like what the humans did to our brethren… … !] – [2]

Yankee, Eyeglasses , Shou , Isagi.

Everyone, was pondering over those word from Ira.

Ira who was breath roughly, finally looked downward feebly.

[… … Even if you wanted to, you can do anything, to us.
It’s Four Demon Lords with『Seal skill』. There’s no way we are able to resist..
If you wanted to drop our status to slave and make us to service you, we will abide.
Princess also already have the resolve for that]

To be able to do anything to that body of Dyutyu.
As he imagined it for a moment, Isagi shook off his worldly desire.

These girls had those resolve.
The mean of wishing a power from outside, is like that.

They didn’t care even if Demon Lords destroyed their society.
As long they’re able to defeat the Human race.

As long as they’re able to take revenge of their comrades.

[Why don’t we try it eh ]- Yankee

Yankee didn’t have any hesitation.
Where did the strong heart come from?
What is the thing that stimulated him to that extent?
Yankee wasn’t even scared a bit about killing humans.

[Give that power to me. If it’s for the sake returning back to my former world, I’ll do anything.] – Yankee

Yankee declared.
What did he leave in that reality world.

Ira opened her eyes wide
and then she quietly started kneeling on that place. [3]

[… … Thanks] -Ira
[Don’t misunderstand okay. Summoning us as you please. I am also pissed at you guys you know] – Yankee[4]
[Even so it’s doesn’t matter]
[Also you oi]

Yankee *Glare* and threaten Shirbenia.
Though Shirbenia jolted for a moment, this time she didn’t shoot her witchcraft.

[Don’t ever tell lie ever again you know. I’ll never forgive someone like that] – yankee
[… … ]

While Shirbenia still faced away, she didn’t answer anything.
Ira who feared that if this continued like this then maybe it’ll become an dispute.In a panic, She cut in.

[We apreciate, Renzou -sama] -Ira

Yankee only clicked his tongue.

At the same time as Ira stood up.
Eyeglasses who was silent the whole time, raised his hand.

[Me, me too] – Megane [5]
Honestly, it’s unexpected.
To think that he will raise his hand.

[I already know, this kind of things… …
If we didn’t get power in our hand at this place, for sure we will quickly died…
There’s such a kind of template … … ] -MEGAME~

Perhaps it such thing.
Isagi felt, that deep inside those eyes of Eyeglasses ,there was flaming desire that was dwelling in it.

[Anyway, m, m, me too, I’ll do it too ! I will do it !]

Or perhaps he, yearned over the world that Ira spook about not long ago.
Able to violate any girl without given any punishment, a world where he can live as his desire wanted to.

The Demon Lord story of oneself.

That’s right.
If they are able to become an absolute ruler, humans will not be able to waver .
If they are able to tyrannize the weak, humans will desire for that.
This is the other world.
The choice that Eyeglasses choose, Isagi couldn’t criticize it.

Yankee already resolved his heart, and also Eyeglasses too.
Shou ask over here, with a look that seems to question Isagi’s expression.

[…. Isa-kun, you are not going?] -Shou

[For me.]

Isagi shook his head.

Isagi already is in “possession of the one of the forbidden technique”
With just that it’s already gave him a great burden to him.
It must be impossible for him to get more than this.

Perhaps his body would be able to hold it.
However, it’ll most likely break his mind.
He couldn’t do it.

[Is that so]

Shou passed through Isagi side.

[No way, you too]

Shou made a bitter smile.
As if ashamed by himself.

[… … … not really, it’s not like I want to accompany together with whom you know.
Even so, in this world it seems you can’t do anything if you don’t have any power]

That’s true.
That’s just the truth.
Even if Isagi is at this place, and didn’t posses any kind of power,he would rely on forbidden magic.
He would depend on it

Why did he feel this sad.

Isagi being the only one left in his seat, Ira and the other came out from the room.

[…. If you change your mind, tell me quickly.] thus Ira said.

Isagi quietly shook his head.

He understands.
If Isagi defeated the Demon Lord, then the world will come into peace is what he believed.
For that he just yearned for power, and repeatedly did heroic deed.
He splendidly defeated the demon king, and the world was supposed to be saved.

The final of those things.
Is this sorrowful resolution of Dyutyu, Shirbenia and Ira

If this, is the world that Isagi saved then.
It wouldn’t become this sorrowful.

[… … I’ll clean it] -? ? ?

He got into daydream for a while.
Inside the dining hall, there’s already no one except one maid left.

That girl extend her hand from Isagi side, and grabbed the plate.

[Un] -isagi

Isagi murmmured

It’s in the next moment.

That girl *sli~p* and thus dropped the plate onto the floor.
It made a voice of smashed porcelain, and he come back to his sense.

[Ah, umm, are you alright?]

He meet with that girls eyes.
A young girl with green hair that bundled together and long ears.
It’s an elf.

That girl stared at Isagi.

Those eyes were opened wide because of the surprise.
In that clear eyes which look like a gem, Isagi’s expression reflected in it.

…. … possibly, this girl is.

He got shocked.

At the tip of those eyes little by little tears start to float.
She pressed her hands against her lips, and raised a hoarse tearful voice.

[The brave, Isagi onii-chan … … ? ] [6]

Artifical great magic gem : It can made it or so Shirbenia insist.
Forbudden technique : Four type of technique that is forbidden. One of it is 『Seal skill』

Yankee,Eyeglasses,Shou : Determined to receive forbidden technique.
Elf girl : ? ? ?

[1] ( he speak rudely here ….. )
[2] (TL : I felt something related with Ira past with this speech….. )
[3] (TL : like when someone kneel in front of their king with hand on the hips or something like that….. )
[4] (TL : It, it’s not like I helped because I like you know, I still hate you because summoning me here. Don’t get the wrong idea okay! *hmmph*)
[5] (He use “boku”)
[6](IMOUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111…. I just wanted to do this . :9)

ED: Uhg, I quite dislike Yankee, Eyeglasses, and Shou and knowing that they might be able to get some girls sickens me. ONLY ISAGI IS ALLOWED TO HAVE THE GIRLS.