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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 007 - 1-7 Young Girl with Silver Hair

1-7 Young Girl with Silver Hair


The first one who opened their mouth when her long story was over, was surprisingly Yankee.

[I understand the situation. Then that’s the reason you summon us eh] – Yankee
Ira nodded.

[You’re right. We believe that someday the Dragon race and the Piril race will rise once again.
For that reason, we must not be defeated.
But, the way for us to expand our war potential is already nonexistent.
That’s why Shirbenia over there, shaved her own life force for the sake of performing the summoning ritual]

Ikemen knitted his eyebrows, then made a troubled face.
[But we are just normal highschoolers. That’s why umm, we can’t do something that’s war you know]
[Koukousei …… ? No, however there’s no problem about that. Right? Shirbenia] [1]

*nod nod* Shirbenia who gave a nod while still showing her back.

As expected the four of them who were summoned to this place, seems like they hold somekind of qualities.
But only if they wish for it.

[Then, you won’t send us back eh]- Yankee

Yankee glared at Ira.
As expected about that.
No matter what happens, it seems like Yankee still wants to go back to his former world.

(We~ll that’s normal though….. )
Isagi was a person that was thrown away by his former world.
He does not have any attachment left for present-day Japan anymore.

Furthermore, the possibility that returning magic exists is none.

[Shirbenia, how about it?]-Ira

As the little witch girl turned her back over her shoulder towards us.
She stared fixedly at Yankee.

[… …]

And then she changed her direction, she then pointed her finger at me [2]

Everyone’s line of sight gathered at Isagi < – changed again to 3rd PoV

(The “key” to return is me? )

He put his hand against his chest.
Perhaps, she already noticed his real identity.
If that’s true then all the acting that Isagi did until now was the same as a farce.
But, he still had no clue what she wanted.

Though he waited while his heart was beating fast.

It seems that’s not it.

[Aah ~ ….. come here, you]
[Ye, yes?]

Ira bowed her head while looking troubled.

[Sorry. It seems that Shirbenia’s mood has already become this bad. When she is like this, she wouldn’t even listen to what I say you know.
But it seems that she somehow forgives you. Please comfort her]
[Co, comfort?]

Is she a baby?
Even if she told me something like that suddenly.

He looked at his surroundings.
Yankee the pointed out Shirbenia with his chin.
Go fast, he must have meant something like that.
Shou is waving his hand with [Take care].
(Well, since I was not exposed then it’s alright eh…..)

Furthermore she is the skill user who summoned them to this world.
To say that she left a good impression is impossible. Right?
But even so he stood up from the chair, and walked towards Shirbenia’s place.
As he closed by, he saw her only as a normal human more and more.
Even her ears are not pointed at all.
In the first place he never heard of something like 『Witch Race』.
Though her silver hair, which he peeked from under her hat, was a little unusual.It is indeed unusual.
But even so, shone with different a light according to his view angle, it’s really beautiful.

As he stood right beside her, she stared fixedly at him.
Thus she made a *flap flap flap* gesture with her hand.
Bend down, or so it means.
He did as she said.

He thereupon got his neck embraced.
Today is the second time.


Even though he understood that it’s not that kind of circumstance. His heart still beat.

(It, it can’t be helped right. I’m also a healthy boy after all … … )
Though the sensation from her breasts was not much when compared to Dyutyu.
In exchange, her hand which was wrapped around the back of his neck was smooth, and sleek.

Though the soft skin of Dyutyu which made him always want to poke it, is also charming.
Still, the white skin of Shirbenia too, made him want to always touch it.

He noticed.

(… … This kid, she trembling a bit? )[3]

Because of the shout by Yankee.
With just that thing.
This conqueror of many demons, 『Axist summoner』is trembling.

Though normally this is supposed to be an impossible thing to happen.
But her strength, and her mental strength are different.
Is that so.
Isagi’s negative thought of her as a bother, suddenly faded away.
Even himself thinks that he is simple .
But, it can’t be helped. This is his disposition.

The demons are getting persecuted.
The living witness of that act, is right here.

As much as possible, let’s also treat this kid kindly.
Isagi thought something like that.

Shirbenia brought near her lips close to Isagi’s ear.
She spoke in a whisper.

( …. Pat me-no….. .) – Shirbenia [4]
(…. Quickly pat my head-no…… ) – Shirbenia

That blue eyes of hers , fixedly stared at Isagi.
Not only her.
Ira who stood beside them and all of Demon Lord candidates gathered their attention to them.
As expected, this was embarrassing.

If Isagi hesitated,
Then Witch will go, uu~ uu~, and make a little roar.
She looked like she was about to throw a tantrum at any time.

This is not good.
He knows from his experience that
It is better if one just said yes and abide to everything what a woman said.
Though it will hurt your pride for a moment, but if you think about it again in the future then one will bring a better result.
……. In the middle of his adventure, he learnt it at the time from his journey with Plea.[5]

Let’s do as she asked.

[….. Hai hai, Shirbenia]

He lightly raised her hat, and gently patted her head.[6]
And thus, she let out a little roar.
It seems like she is pleased about it.

That long silver hair was as smooth as silk.
If it’s in the modern day Japan, even now she will be able to come out in Shampoo CM.
It felt good.

If permitted it’s a sensation that made him want to always stroke it.
As he change his angle, he stoke it wholeheartedly.
Though in this circumstance where everyone was watching, the uncomfortableness surpassed it.

Even so after it continued for some time, it seems that her mood more or less become better.
But Shirbenia still swelled her cheeks.

[….. Praise me-no …… ]
[For what]
[……….. Anything is okay, praise something about me-no……. ]

This is already unreasonable.

[………… For something like that, Shou look like he’s more suited for that thing you know]

He whispered so that only she would hear it.
But Shirbenia shook her head a little.

[…… I don’t want no. He is always grinning. He have the same face as human noble no]

So that’s it.
It seems the Shirbenia has a particular consciousness, that she is afraid
of human nobles.
Even though Shou’s hair seems like his real hair, but it has a bright light brown color to it.
In this world, bright hair —- Especially Blonde — is one of the proofs of nobility.

(Aah,so that why when she get shouted by Yankee, she got like that, right? )

When it comes to Yankee, his golden color that seems to be dyed with cheap hair dyeing material.
For her to get threatened by him, maybe it’s something that’s too unpleasant for Shirbenia.

[That’s why it’s me, huh]

He somehow understood it.
Perhaps even Dyutyu is also like that.
Since Ira is also blonde, perhaps Shirbenia also hates her.
When he thought about it for a moment, as if she urge him to do it , *flap flap* she hit his chest.

[….. quickly quickly…… ]
[Yes yes]

Okay then, it’s a desperation attempt.
It can’t be helped.
But, what should he say.
He almost, didn’t have any experience praising woman.

(I wonder if it’s okay if I do it like when someone praised a girl from a neighborhood ….. )

She wouldn’t get angry right.
And, what should he know about her.

Well, it not something that he know.
Let’s whisper it, with honest feeling.

[…… Shirbenia, is excellent eh]
[….. uh]

Inside Isagi’s arm, Shirbenia stiffen her body.
But, Isagi didn’t noticed.

[…….. Even though you’re this young, you think about demons with all your might, and fight, it’s admirable]
[…. … ]
[You must do a lot with great effort. Right? There’s must be a lot of scary things. It’s really amazing, Shirbenia]
[… … ]
[It’s not something that anyone can do. You done great, Shirbenia. Even though you must be able to live normaly as a normal girl, right ]

In the middle of it, he felt like he didn’t understand anymore, who in the world he was talking to
Shirbenia’s atmosphere, somehow felt like Plea’s.
Or possibly, that’s because of they were both Axis Summoner.

[You already work hard Shirbenia.]

Before one even knew it. it had become the state that Isagi embraced the girl.
Pat pat pat, he clapped her back.

[….. Hmm?]

Thus, when he let go.
Shirbenia’s face, which was right in front of him, became slightly red.
Her lips trembled a little.

[Ah, is this alright?]

She stared at him fixedly.
What is it.
Did he perhaps ended up do something unnecessary.

She feebly casted down her eyesight.
Those little lips slightly moved.

[ …………………………….. papa, mama ……… ]

The girl who called out for her parents.
Unintentionally, he ended up asking about it again.

[………. it’s, nothing no]

Shirbenia rejected Isagi’s question.

Did she end up, remembering something painful.
If he meddle with it more than this, perhaps it will only bother her.

[………Somehow I’m sorry kay]

In the end he stoked her head once more.

[…….. ! ]

When he did so as expected her body tremble with a jolt.

Aah, this is no good.
As expected she ended up hating him.
It can’t be helped.
Thus he walked trudigingly.

[Isa-kun, good work]

As he back to his seat Shou made a wry smile and welcomed him.

[Un, well]

He scratched his cheeks. It seems that it didn’t go as expected.
As expected he is not used to handling woman.

Though Shirbenia glared at Isagi for short while.
As if to relax her tension, she took a big breath.
After that *Shruk shruk* she scrub her face several times. For now, it seems like it is to mend her appearance.

Thus she informed them the decisive few words.

[…….. Straight to the point, the way for you to come back, is exist no]

[Wha — ]

Yankee’s mouth who is about to shout, Isagi block it.
Shou who stand across Yankee soothed him.
It’s the coordination play by the two who thought that if this continue then the talk wouldn’t advance at all.

[U, ummm, then how we do it?]- Shou

Shou asked in panic.
While Shirbenia gave little nod.

[If we use the kingdom’s magic square 『Crimzon ], there’s a possibility that you guys can return no. After all that thing in the golden age, it is said that thing is the summoning formation used by the Divine race to go to the new world]
[What did you say]

The one who raise his voice is Isagi.
It was his first time he heard about it.
To think that thing is even able to repatriation .

Shirbenia was expressionless.

[The one who knows this truth is scarce-no. Human especially didn’t know about that thing. After all the function of repatriation for magic square is unneeded. The only one who knows this is demon race. Or rather perhaps only my family lineage knows about it-no]

He came into understanding.
If in that meaning then Isagi’s guess is right.

The fact that humans didn’t know about it is a certain meaning, then it’s a blessing in disguise.
If they are able to move between space-time that easy, them the history of this world must be in mess.
With just one way time slipper to come back to the ancient time, and then able to change the history at their will.
But then, it may have various kind of restrictions, and it’s not something that people are able to use that easy.

[Then, it means that we are able to return back home right?]

Said Shou while still paying attention towards the beast’s attitude.
Of course the beast is Yankee.

Shirbenia nod.

[Indeed-nano. However, for that you guys need to accompany me until the royal capital . And then it needs another thing]

Though it’s natural, among the human race’s territory the defence of the royal capital is the strongest.
The eastern part of Suraosha continent.
Capital city of Country Paraberiu, Dynacity.

To transport demons to there, usurpation of the magical square which lies in underground of the royal capital.
Then performing the repatriation ritual.

The degree of difficult for that must be endless.

( … … If I call myself as the brave, they will not simply let me use the summoning formation right)

There’s no merit for human race to let him do that thing.
Even if he ask his acquaintances, and tell them that he wanted to go to the world 20 years before it’s probably useless.
Or rather they must be wanted him to stay in this world no matter what.
It’s not that he is conceited, but there’s no mistake that they didn’t wanted to let go of Isagi’s war potential.

(In the end when it comes to that moment, do I have to use force for it ….. )

With only that thought it made him almost go into melancholy.
In the place of concerned Isagi , Shou asked.

[The thing what is necessary for it, what it is?]

[Great magic gem]

Shirbenia gave him a straightforward answer.
Ira also gave an additional remark.

[It’s a lump of enormous magical power. The magical power which leak out from the corpse of the living being permeate to the earth, thus hardened at the ground bottom is what is called as the Magic gem. And then those things who become bigger after taking long months and years is the great magic gem]

The war at the heroes age. The bronze age.
In a various legend there always had a great magic gem follow.
Even the sword which called as sacred weapon Tyrfing*, is also called as one kind of great magic gems.(*Thanks to Ragsmuena for tell me this ^^)
Those things, by smashing them up, it can cause various kinds of miracle.

[At the place where a magic stone is generated a labyrinth will be born.
Though I don’t understand it’s mechanism, but the deeper the labyrinth then the bigger magic gem that is sleeping inside it.
Certainly if it’s a great magic gem , then the depth of the labyrinth must be immeasurable
However, but then …. ]

Ira mumbled.
The continuation of that word, Isagi knows about it.

(But then … …
In this Albarisusu world’s is already, didn’t exist is what she wanted to say …. right)

With the reason that great magic gem possessed a great amount of power, it already exhausted.

[ …… The one which human race use for the summoning ritual to summon Brave Isagi , is the last great magic gem which left in history]

In other world.

That is pronouncement.
That, there’s no way for them to return to their former world.

( … … aah, is that so … … )

The faint hope which floated just a little, once again sank to the bottomless lake.
Can’t return. As expected, they’re already can’t return.


Faster than the mood to lean forward depression.

Shirbenia announce.

[If that so then you only need to make it-no. The great magic gem]

That eyes which peeked from the gap between her hat and hair, had the color of darkness as if it’s a deep dark hole.

Ira : Blonde. Always nagging, noisy.
Shibenia : Scared of noble. Nadepo(?)[7]

Great magic gem : A really big magic gem. Lump of magical power. Caused various miracle.
Artifical Great magic gem: ? ? ?

[1] (こうこうせい : mean highschooler but Ira said it in hiragana as she didn’t know what it means)
[2] ( sudden change to 1st PoV , I too surprised…)        

[3] (TL: if counting his age from the previous world + 3 years in this world + 20 years’ time leaped then he is 40 Y/o gramps XD)
[4] (…. again ,she used “no” or “nano” to end her sentence, supposedly (in japanese) it make her sound childish =-=;)
[5] .(Random comment here ….. I just messed up with the footnotes numbering and didn’t want to fix it :9 *tehepero*)
[6] (Actual RAW : よしよしと撫でる …. How should I translate this よしよし !!! )
[7] (TL : when get patted then blushed )