Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 006 - 1-6 The Outline of the Current Condition.

1-6   The Outline of the Current Condition.


While lightly grasping the palm of her hand, which was burned.

Ira strained her voice.


[Why did you something like that ! They’re the Demon Lords-sama you know!]

[… …]


The witch pouted, lowering her hat covering one of her eyes .


[Apologize ! Shirbenia!]


Now she turned her back ,covering her ears.


[Shirbenia, you always got too selfish you know! Leaving alone the thing which you hate ! Doesn’t study if it’s boring ! Cutting corner on your coaching ! What are you gonna do with that !]

[ …… … Hate it]

[Oi, Shirbenia! Properly apologize!]


As Shirbenia took a quick glance to the back.

Her eyes got sligthly wet.



[……………. No, I hate shouting person no] (TL : this is her accent , adding “no” or “nano” at the end of her sentence)



Ira was still angry.

Not even Yankee tried to interject her because of her total menancing look.


Isagi somehow remembered about Dyutyu. The one who was afraid of humans.


『Witchcraft user』in this world – – Albarisus’s one of it’s strongest war potential.

Of course, among a magician (Sorcery user) who can’t use witchcraft, there are people who showed great achievements which exceed that of witchcraft users.

But , that’s only one part of exception.

First-class witchcraft user can also be compared to one chivalric order.


The thing which originally, can’t be done without magic squares or charms, they are able to invoke it by using their own magical power.

At this case, almost all of them didn’t need to do any preparation for the action (a.k.a chanting).

No space even in adjacent, if in distant then they will able to use tremendous power as much as they like.

They are the ones who called and feared as『Witchcraft user』,they’re the experts of massacre.


But still, Shirbenia was scared of humans.

Though her actions of wanting to kill Yankee was indeed to much,

but it raises the question on what did the humans do to these girls.


While Witch was still keeping tight pressure on the hat that was on her head, she continued to have her back turned.

She showed the will of complete refusal.


Though it seems that Ira was satisfied yet with her scolding,

Ira then made a cough, and then started to look towards this side.


[….. Well whatever. Shirbenia, we’ll continue this later]

[… …]


Shirbenia pretended that she didn’t hear anything that Ira said.

“Yare yare”, as she breathed a sigh. Ira then started to talk.


[Though it’s not really something that I wanted to say once more but,

….. We the demons, are getting pressured by humans. I’ll explain that circumstances first]


At the time when Ira started to talk about that thing, her expression had the look of humiliation itself.

She gave a long speech , about the thing concerning the present state of affairs.

Though perhaps this talk was tedious to the other Demon Lord candidates.

However, for Isagi the talk about this and that were very surprising thing.

Firstly let’s mention the knowledge that Isagi already knew beforehand.


In the first place, the creatures known as Demons were indicative of all the humanoid races, except those of the “divine race”

In the other world, Elves were considered demons. Dwarves were demons, too.

Interestingly, if we used rather extreme logic, then humans were also demons.

Logically, a demon is a general term for a [Humanoid race that possesses magical power]

But still the race which is now called mazoku is the minority who isn’t bound with the main large framework.

Well, let’s leave that aside.


Once, this world was ruled by both the Divine race and the demons.

It’s the story of the Golden Age.


But the divine race went away to somewhere, while leaving the demons behind.

One of the tribes which is existed inside the demons, saw that condition and started to move.

They were the ones who claimed to become 『The one who exist at the “peak” of the Deity Humanoid race(神人族) and Demonic Humanoid race (魔人族 )』. And started to call themselves as 『Man peak (人狭間)』

Since they were also one kind of demons, thus 『Man peak 』were possessed with magic power.

Their use of magic and scattered land ,which was abandoned by the divine beings, established their civilization in the blink of eye.

Before anyone knew 『Man peak』 called themselves humans, or simply man.

And kept this claim as the one legal successor of the Arbarisus to themselves.

Thus, this is the time that the human race appeared at the front stage.This was the beginning of Silver Age.


From here to the future, human race scrambled over productive soil with various race, and started many disputes.

Everything from legends came from the ancient time.

Dispute about territory with the dragon race. Historical joint struggle with the Piril race, which had animal’s ear. Reconciliation with the Elf race. War with the Dwarf race. Contact with the Divine race.

It’s not exaggeration to say that from here on out was the beginning of the human race’s history.

This is the tale of the Hero age which is the era that brought forth various legends.

It is said that this is the event that happened roughly 400 years ago.


From here and to the future.

Although there’s sporadic war that’s occurred, it was relatively peaceful in the Bronze age.

The balance of world power started to soliditify at this time.

The Human race, and then the Elf race, the Dwarf race, the Dragon race, furthermore the Piril race. Shahara Emirate alliance of various race which established was by the goblins. And then the Demon country union was established in dark continent.

Various race held their own respectively state. They mutually avoided each other to not have excess intervention.

Each of the countries grew their own civilization. It can also be said that this was the Wealthy era.


The time when the balance collapsed was 25 years ago.

The Demon country union dominated everyone in a flash, there was a new person who was building up a new Demon empire.

He was for sure the Demon Emperor Anrimanyu.

Or also simply called as 『Demon Lord』.

If someone were to talk about the Demon Lord in this world, generally people will point about that(person).

Though he is also called as the founder of Demon race, or also called as one of the Divine race, but his real identity was still didn’t clear.


In a flash Anrimanyu put together all of the demons, set out to conquer this Arbarisus.

Cross the ocean from the Dark Continent was the Demon’s den, and thus those guys arrived in the Suraosha continent.

They dominated the dragon race, tied an alliance with the Shahara emirate alliance, and then invaded several human race’s kindom.


Nicknamed as the outbreak of 『Demon Emperor war』.


And then again the human race joined forces with the Piril race, the Dwarf race, and also the Elf race. They set up a take and do-or-die resistance.

The wars spreaded all over the Suraosha continent. Because of the Demon empire forces, numerous kingdoms were destroyed.

The Demon empire forces continued their invasion with the momentum that was just like a fire.

Though Human race also formed an allied army, but they still got overwhelmed one sidedly against the Demon’s tremendous war power.


The war continued for 2 years, and everybody was exhausted.

The extent of the intense war was spread into the middle of the Suraosha continent. Inside the middle of the Suraosha continent existed the beautiful appearance of the great forest of Mistoral, but sadly the war took 3/4 of the land.

Everyone believed that with this they were already defeated.

The war power that the human race had was already nearly nonexistent.

They already started the countdown to surrender.


— but at this time, there was a braveman who appeared.


Parebeiu kingdom・Imperial capital Dynasu City.

He was summoned by use of the summoning formation『Krimzon』. The human race’s ultimate weapon. (TL : This Crimzon thing, 『クリムゾン』the RAW said it was Crimzon not Crimson, I just realized it since Japanese did had “so” in their hiragana or katakana)


Yeah, that was Isagi.


Isagi got help from the various races. He went on a journey along the continent for the sake of defeating the demons.

He rescued the Elf kingdom Mistorando and extricated the Piril race’s king Re・Darisu.

He went around the west part of the Suraosha continent, and released many of the kingdoms that were dominated by the demons. He gathered his human race comrades while he went on his way to defeat the numerous amount of demon leaders.

Even the Demon Emperor’s five demon generals, were defeated in front of him and his comrades.


The brave Isagi made a pact with the great orphan dragon Suraosharudo, and went across the Dark continent.

Three years after his journey, Isagi was then able to march into Demon Lord’s castle, and at last was able to defeat Anrimanyu. (TL : I really like if his name is Anmanryuu, since it’s sound like some dragon)


Until this part, is the story of Iron age which Isagi knew about.


By the way there’s also an age before the Golden age, the age where neither the Divine race and the demons were born into this world.

Creation myth, God world age or it seems that’s how people call it.

Everything according to history, was retold for him by Plea and Selder.


Now, everything after this is Ira’s story.


(….. Let’s try to collect together the things, which I understood in this place, alright)


Isagi still didn’t reveal the fact that he was a time slipper.

That’s why, though he can’t inquiry about the details.

But even so there’s still a change in history which made him be surprised.


Firstly, the race which built their kingdom on the northern part of Suraosha continent — the Dwarf race was annihilated.

Because of this he felt shocked.

Even though along his journey, Isagi receive a lot of help from them.

Why the heck did those strong people are.


It seems that the Dwarfs after the demon emperor war ended, got into confrontation with a certain human race’s country.

That country is, Edra god country.

It’s a neighboring country of Titania where the dwarf lives at northern continent.

Since before this two country already had a dispute about territory, their quarrel never ended.

Even so they were officially allied after all. They were even allies before the war against the demons happened.


And yet.


( Did the they think that it was better to destroy the country that was a hindrance to them …..? )


Because of the Demon emperor war, perhaps the humans decided to get rid of the thing that became threat to them.

He felt a shudder because of human’s cruelty.


With just 20 years, one race that lived since ancient times, perished from this world.

But, the sin which the human race committed was not only that.



The southeast part of Suraosha continent.

The multiracial nation which became allies of the Demon emperor Anrimanyu at the time of the Demon emperor war, Shahara emirate alliance , vanished from this world.

The vast desert and one part of the moor, the wetland, already became one of human’s territory.

Goblin and Orc, Ogre, Troll, Lizardman ….

Though those guys had clashed swords with Isagi countless times, to think that country would fall into ruin.


Even among those who are still alive, the lucky one escaped to the dark continent which was ruled by the Demons.

And the ones who were not able to get to the dark continent were only able to fall low into a robber in the land which was not ruled by human race.

Not even as a slave, they’re allowed to live.

It seems that the demon who lived in Suraosha continent, got the same kind of treatment.


And next, in the middle of Suraosha continent, the Elf race which resided inside The Great forest Mistral.

Once again their Imperial capital Mistrondo, was assaulted by the human race.

They captured the elves and stole their habitat, and it is said even now that they’re clearly treated as the human race’s slave.

For them who’s pride was as high as of the demons, that kind of social status by no means was something that they could endure.

Though perhaps it can be said that if compared to dwarfs, still having their lives is better.



The only humanoid races that still remained, were the Dragon race and the Piril race. (TL : not even those foolish human can erase that animal eared onee-sans from this world eh.)

The two races did not get invaded by the human race at all,

because if one’s wanted to attack dragon race kingdom then they needed to pass through Garegaride mountain range on the west.

And again, if one’s wanted to assault the Piril race kingdom, then they needed to cross the Ku-・Doana mountain range on the south, thus it’s impossible without crossing either of the mountain ranges.

That natural fort was the one who protect them.


However, the scar which they received from of the Demon emperor war is still deep.

It’s because each used their army as the vanguard in the front line.

On the top of that, both of their races had small populations, and thus perhaps for that reason the human race left them alone, such viewpoint could also exist.

It’s a rumour that the destruction of these two races are only a matter of time.



And then , the demons.

Even after the Demon emperor war, one portion of the human race still remain in the Dark continent, and then they continued the onslaught on the rest of the demons who are still alive under the pretext, that the Demon emperor war-like tragedy does not occur for the second time.

The strife continued for a long time, the demon country union is like a meat being chipped away, bit by bit they got their territory stolen by the human race.

Even so the demons kept on their resistance against the human race.

Until the day, human race came and invade with a big amount of troops.


Some parts among the demons, run even more deeper inside the savage place of the dark continent, and then it is said that the ones who severed their connection to the outside is not small.

Even so, the big majority of demons continued their fight for the sake to release the Elf race and one part of goblin race etc.



[We’re standing in the front line of the Dark continent.

Dyutyu-sama is a stout-hearted person.

She still remain in this Anrimanyu castle despite knowing her fear of humans, and kept on continuing with the resistance.

[If we were to withdraw here, then even this continent, I’m sure that immediately will get oppressed by them]


Anrimanyu castle — the Demon Lord’s castle, is approximately to stand in the middle of the Dark continent.

By that then it means, already half of the dark continent fell into the hands of humans.


But why were the Humans able to do it to this extent in a flash.

Is it perhaps because they were able to expand their power with just 20 years.

Ira about to talk about it.


[This is namely, because of the new race — the “Adventurer” race ]


Isagi gulp his saliva. (TL : *GOKkURINKO~~~!!!!*)


[The ones who are called as the Adventurers are the human’s battle race.

Using diverse kind of magic, handling very powerful swordplay.

Scouting, supplying, castle assault, troops annihilation, and they excel at every kind of ability.

Each one of them are proud of their own power which is to the degree that it’s unbelievable.

They’re managed by the “Adventurer Guild’-thing, and seems to receive some training.

That growth rate is abnormal.

These Adventures kept on appearing one after another, and they performed massacres and looting according to the order of this thing called as quest] (TL : L*nk, I know you’re hero , but stop destroy villager furniture can you? ~)


There’s no way that’s true or so he thought.

The one that is called as the Adventurer guild is not that kind of a brutal kind of place.

It was the place that will be more helpful for people or such. It was supposed to only become that kind of place.


[The thing that is really terrifying of them is not their fighting power.

It’s that they keep on coming out one after another.

When we defeat one person,a stronger people will come out.

Occasionally they come as groups of several tens, or hundreds.

They say that they defeated us for honor than anything else.

For the sake of small sum of reward that can’t be seen by eyes are called “Achievement Points” or such .

They cruelly killed our family]


Ira grinded her teeth.

Isagi too.


He wondered where did he make any mistake.

Isagi remembered his “former” party’s face when they separated from him a few hours ago.

They must have had shared the same dream together.

After all he talked about with everyone about it many times over.


( Is this truly? Are the these the things you guys do …. ?   Plea, Ser , Baz …. )


There is no way that the Adventurers would do such a cruel thing.

Destroying the Dwarf race, bring the Elf Imperial capital into ruin , the destruction of the Shahara emirate alliance, and then the continue of the suppressions of the demons.

She said that those were the Adventurers?


(There’s no way that’s true. Right …. ? )


Isagi still could not believe it.



Shirbenia : Witch. Hate people who shout.

Ira : Wordly-wise man from angelica race. In humiliating situation.


Race : Human , Demon , Dwarf,

Piril , Dragon, Goblin type.


Suraosha Continent : A neighbor continent where the human race mainly live in. There’s the Dark continent in the west of it.

Dark continent : The continent where the demon race mainly live. On the south there’s the savage land.



Demon Emperor Anrimanyu : The name of the demon king who Isagi defeat.

Isagi : The Brave. Very strong, a great person who create legend at various place.


Adventure : Human race’s battle race (?)



TL note : I agree for Isagi if he wanted to kill the human =-= or at least tried to stop them …. Next chapter in few days ~