Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 005 - 1 - 5 Baptism of lazer

Baptism of lazer


He had only just returned to his room for a moment when he once again was called upon, and guided to the dining hall.


There was only one long table in the room, surrounded by chairs.
Somehow, while using the bare minimum furniture and their utmost effort to put it in order, they organized it to look splendorous.




It couldn’t be helped though. Currently there was a shortage of goods.


Even so, the lace in the tablecloth seemed to be first-class goods, the previously prepared food was also luxurious.


Certainly they hadtried,with their up most effort, to welcome the braves.


Ikemen and Yankee had already arrived and were seated.
Yaa~, the one who raised his hand and greeted Isagi was Ikemen.
Just seeing his face made Isagi feel a little relieved.
Isagi then sat down towards the middle of the table.


[Yo~] - Ikeman {?} -


Isagi was sitting diagonally across from Ikeman’s seat.


The one who arrived late to the room was Eyeglasses.


After looking around the room for a moment,
He went to the opposite of Yankee, who sat at the edge of the table, —– he then took a seat exactly on the diagonal edge of the table.


The Demon lord’s candidates, once again four of them were assembled.


Before long the maids came in bringing foods.


Although Isagi was quite worried about the fact that the food was demon food,
somehow, it seems that the eating habit of the demons was no different from Isagi’s and the others.


Rye bread with a lot of baking powder, a thin soup, and a salad that contained vegetables he had never seen before.


After the appetizer, some kind of meat sauté was lined up.Each of the courses had good taste,
if one didn’t mind its shape,then it’s quite edible.



(…. Yep, it’s really similar with the things that I previously ate in this world.)


Though it would be a bit difficult for a person who just came from another world.
Even so, it’s a situation which Isagi already got used to.


Or rather everything served on the top of the plate is hundreds of times betterthan all the things he had ate during his adventure.
He could call this a first-class meal.
But, speaking of other people.


The one who was eating without minding anything is Yankee.


After eyeglasses sipped the soup a little, he didn’t touch anything else.


Ikemen was slowly putting the bread into his mouth.


Due to the difference in taste Ikemen frowned a bit. He then mutters to Isagi.


[You’re, awesome huh] -Ikeman-
[Hmm?] -Isagi-


While griping the fork, he raised his head.


[Even in this kind of circumstance, you’re able to eat properly] -Ikeman-
[Ah, th, that’s right eh] -Isagi-


Is it perhaps unnatural?


Ikemen seemed to be composed, but, as expected, deep inside he also seemed to be in ruins too.
Seeming like an excuse, adding one thing to another.{?}


[U, umm. You know, even though I look like this I can eat almost anything.
My house is poor. When you can eat, you must eat, that became our family motto] -Isagi-
[Is that so, that’s amazing he~….] -Ikeman-
[No, no, it’s not something really amazing. It’s just that I am prominently a glutton, you know] -Isagi-
[Including that too, I think you’re awesome, you know]-Ikeman-


Ikemen was staring at Isagi with a look of respect.
Such a kind of reaction, somehow, even now, he thought of it as something fresh.


Yankee and Eyeglasses sank into silence.
As always, the mood was heavy.
Even though there were several maids standingaround them, all of them had erased their presence, and blended into the background just like dolls.


[How should I say this, it feels like we are still inside a dream right]


Ikemen made a bitter smile.


[You’re right]



He vaguely nodded his head.
Actually that was a big lie. He had already become an inhabitant of this world a long time ago.


[You know, I was thinking of going to the club, but I had a thought of going to the toilet for a moment. As I was turning at the corner, my chest suddenly began to feel a lot of pain.] -Ikeman-
When I came to, I was already here, or so he said.
As everyone heard about it, it’s quite pitiful.


[Asaura-kun how did you get here?] -Ikeman-
[For me, I was studying in the library] -Isagi -


By the way, it was same as whathad happened 3 years ago.
At the time, he was in his second year of middle school.


[And thus as you expect, my chest became painful. Then when I realized, I was already here] -Isagi-
[Both of us are wondering what’s will happen from now on, right? Though they’re calling us by Demon Lords]    -Ikeman-
[You’re right. Though I think it would be good if this didn’t become something too dangerous] -Isagi-
[I wonder why they picked us. Isn’t it better for them to summon someone like a karate master, or someone from military, right?] -Ikeman-
[Haha, you’re right] -Isagi-


 As they able to laugh together like that


Eyeglasses vacantly muttered.


[I want to return….. ]


With just that few words, the mood that was raised vanished.


(Aah …. This became a downer again)


It seems like the gloominess is only deeparound him.
At the opposite side of that seat.


[Really,I said it’s bad if we can’t get back]  -Yankee-


Though he has a totally different atmosphere, Yankee got irritated.
An “irritated” mood came from both sides of the room.
Just like Othello, it even felt like this side is also about to get flipped over.


And then suddenly, Yankee kicked the table.


[How can I stay in this place forever. Damn it] -Yankee- {TL : he use rough-like japanese…. is there’s some way to write it in English?}
(H, his attitude is this bad eh!)




Even though he was supposed to be just a normal person, that even made Isagi jolt a little. (ただの一般人のはずなのに、ちょっとビクッとしてしまう。(If Dyutyu were to speak to him right now, I wonder if she would faint or not.){Isagi’s thoughts or narrators comment}


To the extent such a useless concern floated in his head.


[Uum, though they said that they will give explanation to us, it seems the people from before are still not coming here…. haha] -Ikeman-


Ikemen muttered with touching effort.
He tried to speak to him even at this kind moment.
He’s the incarnation of communication skill.
At this kind of time someone must help him right.


[Yo, Are you perhaps a high school student?] -Isagi-
[Ye, yes. Now, I’m in my second year] -Ikeman-


And thus, it means that he is the same year as Isagi.


[Then, we’re from the same year right] -Isagi-
[It seems so. It make me a little relieved, you know, I’m glad it’s same as Asaura-kun] -Ikeman-


He smiled towards Isagi.
It was a gentle smile that could give peace of mind to anyone.


[Or rather it’s fine if you just call me as Isa, you know. I will also call you Shuu] -Isagi-
[Un, then best regard, Isa-kun] -Shuu (Ikeman)-


Shuu was grinning.
He had a good personality eh, or so he thought.
It’s a good thing.
He wouldn’t have any confidence to sit alone in this place, if Shuu wasn’t here.


[Shuu, you didn’t say that you wanted to go back heh]       -Isagi-
[Un, well….. In exchange there’s someone I want to tell this about] -Shuu- {Does he want to tell or ask?}


Shuu lowered his voice and said:


[Our family or friends could be worrying about us. That’s why it would at least be good if I’m able to send even just letter to them you know….] -Shuu-
[That’s right. ….] -Isagi-


Isagi nodded earnestly.
It’s good if they developed a summoning skill for just sending things.
But there’s no time for such a thing.

[Even Isa-kun would have someone who is worried about you, right?] -Shuu-
[….. umm~ well, maybe?] -Isagi-


The person who floated into Isagi’s mind in that moment, was not his relative at the other world who neglected him, but it was his friends from 20 years ago which he was separated with.
Shuu who saw that face painted with sorrow, let out a giggle.


[Perhaps, you had a girlfriend?] -Shuu-
[Eh?] -Isagi-


Involuntarily Isagi’s face became red.


[I, it’s not like my relationship with her is like that] -Isagi-
[Isa-kun, it’s seems I like hit bulls eye, right?] -Shuu-
[You’re wrong. You’re totally wrong] -Isagi-


Even though he understood that he was being teased, somehow he didn’t feel irritated about it.
Perhaps it’s because Shuu’s attitude was kind, thus he understood that Shuu was just joking.
Or perhaps being called stupid by his male friend (TL: tempted to write Boyfriend, but no!) was just really nostalgic to him.


(Now I remember that since I was summoned as the brave 3 years ago, I always kept on fighting……) (TL: he is time slip so it’s still 3 years for him, not 20)


Though there were some fun things, there were also many that were not.
There wasn’t really much chance to quietly having a chat with another person like this.


(Hey, this is perhaps fun)


At this time when he had such a thought,
the dinning hall’s doors slowly opened.


The ones who came were the swordsman and the witch, which they already met in the basement.
He could not see Dyutyu’s figure anywhere.


[Didn’t you come late, eh, damn it.] -Yankee-


Though they were poured on by Yankee’s jeers, both of them had nonchalant faces.
The little girl Witch arrived at the end of the table, and raised one of her fingers.


[E~ There’s poison inside the meal today, no?] -Witch-




Isagi got confused.


(No way….. I made a mistake, for me to not anticipate such a thing….)





Isagi body was able to nullify poison to some extent.
Unless it’s the highest-level deadly poison, — “Deadly poison”, (Super creative name you got there Author) was given to him, then the story is different.
Summoned to this place, his carelessness continued.
As expected it’s because he was alone.


Isagi always gathered with his party.
No matter what happened, he always surpassed it along with his friends.
Now because of that, it backfired on him.


( …. But, for what reason?)


He couldn’t see Shirbenia’s aim.
By any chance, perhaps it’s a type that removes a person’s sanity.


His surroundings also became noisy.


[Eh, Eee~……] -Shuu-


Ikemen’s face became pale.


[Don’t mess with me you bitch!] -Yankee-


Yankee stood up.
Even Eyeglasses who only took a sip of the soup was filled with nervousness.


The witch, who still had no expression, now closed one of her eyes.


Or perhaps, that’s just her badly made wink.


[It’s a joke nano.] -Shibernia-


…. ….
What was with this girl?


[Ooh, you bitch! You have some nerve, eeh?] -Yankee-


Clank thus Yankee stood up and start rolling his sleeves.


[Maa, maa]
[Wait, wait]


Isagi and Shuu weresomehow able to hold him down.
Though in this case, the one who’s wrong 1000% is Shirbenia.
At any rate, fighting would have been bad.


When they thought Yankee had calmed down, they let his arms go.


[…..Eeh~, the princess will not be cominghere; she’s now resting since her physical condition didn’t improve.
And thus, let’s once again explain it] -Ira-


Ira stared to speak with an expression that seems like he had a headache.


The last time Isagi met her, Dyutyu seemed to be healthy. (TL: no she is in heat)
Or in this case,perhaps it’s just that they didn’t want to bring her along.
Since Yankee was here, there’s must have been a chance that she would collapse again. Right?
Indeed. What a swordsman to have such consideration toward her master, eh?


[I am of the Angela race, Ira. This one is the witch, Shirbenia. We are the ones who became the corps commander and head magician in this castle.] -Ira-
[On the top of that, the ones who are Demon Lord candidates have made me so listless, thus it can’t be helped, no? Aah ~ bothersome.] -Shirbenia-
[……. Don’t speak unnecessary things, Shirbenia] -Ira-


Irritated Ira. (Irairashinagara Ira It’s not a pun.
This person is like a Wiseman.)


[….. Sorry, this kid is the last living Axis Summonerdemon, you know.
Though there are some parts of her that are a little strange, I hope you will overlook it.]


Swish swish.Shirbenia, who was shaking her head,
still didn’t appear to be such a great figure at all, eh?


Witchcraft summoning master,


They were people who could connect between this world and that world.


Originally ‘Magicians’ themselves were rare people.
Witchcraft was one atitspeak; people who had no talent couldn’t use it.


Even among them, summoning magic was special.
Via the
Summoning magic formation , which there were only 3 of in this continent, by pouring a great deal of magical power in it,
They would be able to summon various powers, ritual articles, or occasionally people like Isagi and the others.


As a skilled person who is able to use special witchcrafts, they were the Axis Summoners.


(…… This kid is?)

No matter how you looked it, she seemed like a middle schooler.
Her eyes also looked drowsy and did not have any ambition.
In this world which real age and appearance would not always match, considering that, she was still too childish.


Or rather, she was “weird”.
This genius was a “Weirdo”.


[Somehow I felt a wicked gaze aimed toward me, no? Since I don’t know who is the culprit, for now I will blow away everyone, as it’s also a way, no?]  -Shirbenia-
[Stop it Shirbenia.] -Ira-


She had her head held down by Ira.
Unya~Shirbenia, let out such a voice and got crushed.


At this time, crash, there’s a man who smashed his hand on the table.
It was Yankee.
It seems that he wasprovoked by reflex.
He glared at Shirbenia, and shouted with a loud voice.


[TRY IT BITCH! Aaaan! ?] -Yankee-


Tit for tat
Isagi who’s near him was somewhat surprised.
After all, presently it’s just merely a loud angry voice from normal person.
His fighting power is just 5, huh. This trash was only at that level.


The witch, who was yelled at, greatly trembled.
While he thought that she was clearly trembling, that girl squinted.
The faint emotion that seemed to dwell inside her, Isagi could see it.


As casual as when a teacher called on their student.
She raised her hand overhead.


[…… Die.] -Shirbenia-


She whispered softly.


A flash came at that moment.


[Shirbenia!] -Ira-


Ira shouted.


[()] The witch fired a hot beam that came out from her fingertip.
)] It’s not sorcery.
)] It’s witchcraft.


Her witchcraft was certainly aimed at Yankee’s head.
If it hit, his head would be blown away.
It’s instant death.


(She’s joking right —)

The only ones who could react were Ira and Isagi.


With her hand, Ira slightly diverted that hot beam’s trajectory.
Since it’s an instant attack, its output was narrowed down.
And that bore fruit.

None of the Demon Lord’s candidates were moving.
The hot light beam, which slightly missed its target, grazed Yankee’s head.
Yankee’s hair was burned off, scattering and fluttering.
Zaaap or when they thought there is such a sound, the dinning wall at his back, was scorched.

Isagi prepared himself in the case that Ira failed, felt relived.
At least nobody died.

It felt like time stopped.
These boys just now, for the first time, saw paranormal power.


[…… Seriously]

Yankee stepped back slightly, then sat back down in his chair.
As he put his hand against his head, blood oozed out.
It was the place that was burnt by the laser just now.
His face turned slightly paler.

[Haha, awesome heh….. Perhaps this is, “magic” (魔法) right…..?] -Shuu- (TL: he doesn’t know about the difference between mahou, majutsu and Houjutsu, thus I think that mahou that he mention in this line is not Witchcraft but “magic”)

Behind Shuu’s eyes were fear, anxiety and awe –
which spoke for the sentiments between Yankee and Eyeglass.




Ikemen: Hiyama Shuu. Slightly friendly with Isagi.

Ira: Swordsman of theAngelia race. Corps commander. Have a lot of troubles.
Shirbenia: Summoning magic master from the Witch tribe. Weirdo.