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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 004 - 1- 4 The Lovely Succubus Princess.

The Lovely Succubus Princess.


The Lovely Succubus Princess.

As Isagi was loitering walk around inside the demon king’s castle.
Before he noticed, he had arrived in area which he has never seen before.
As expected for a fort, its interior is complicated.
Though, since he remembered the way back, he can always return.
Before that, he came to find a girl which he recognized.


Or rather, he was being founded or such.

It was the Demon Lord’s daughter who was screaming and had fainted not long ago, she was Dyutyu.
She was not in her pure white dress, but she was wearing a loose white one-piece. (TL : It’s 悲鳴 which is mean pure white or snow white and 白い which just white)
Her private room, seems to be located around here.

Since she was the one who summoned them, to them that girl is their employer.
As expected he can’t just pass her while ignoring her.


He raises his hand a bit and greeted her.

[Hiiiiiiiiiiii !]

Zuzazazazazaza she moves back with an amazing speed.
As she holds her chest, she move back approximately 10 meters.
Even when she collides with the wall, she is still clinging to her chest with a scared expression as she looking over Isagi.

… … Perhaps the fact that he was a hero is revealed.
Though he doesn’t feel any threat, maybe it’s better to slowly talk to her.

(Or rather, the one who killed her father is me alright……)

As he thought like that, he felt like he can’t be if the doesn’t treat him kindly.

(… … perhaps this is what also what people call a sense of guilt right)

Even if it was something which can’t helped.
It feels like he was feeling a bit depressed.

[Uum, you said that your name is, Dyutyu right]
[Ye, Yes!]

Even if she didn’t nodded strongly like that.
This still looks like some junior being threatened by her senior.
As for this so called Demon Lord’s daughter, She must be at least 19 years old.

(She doesn’t look like it at all …. )

Dyutyu appearance, if it’s in the present day japan then she’s about a girl at most in her 14.
The only one which grows is only her chest.
Isn’t it good because the chest is growing, or such person might be exist.
No, it isn’t time to think something like that.

[U, umm….. I, Isagi, sama]

Timidly she addresses him.
Isagi looked bothersome raised his hand.

[Ah, about me, that’s right, you can call me Isa.
Isagi is hard to call out right, you too]
[…… ah, u, umm…… yes]

Though for a while Dyutyu moved her mouth mumbling.
In the end she nodded in consent.
After that, she bows very deeply.

[Thank you very much, Isagi-sama, for your thoughtfulness. I feel grateful from the depth of my heart]

He got a little surprised from that politeness. (TL : Dyutyu said that line in keigo)

[Eh, for what?]
[Umm…… for you to worrying, this thing about us]
[Not really, well then]

( … … There’s also my own circumstance after all)

He felt like if he got called as Isagi too much, someday his true identity as the real brave will be revealed.

Is it perhaps her vigilant level is reduced, she shorten their distance just a bit.
However its still far, about 5 meters.
Perhaps this is the current range of Dyutyu’s heart.

Isagi once again, wondering how should he treat his employer, at the time he’s about to decide.
The girl then closes to him till she is 1 meter apart from him.

And then said.

[Umm, as expected it is true, perhaps you’re being bothered by this …… ]

[Suddenly, getting summoned, uhh …… ]

As she fiddled with her own tail, Dyutyu who caste down her eyes.
It looks like a child who got scolded by their parents.
For an instant, Isagi’s head become blank.

(Bothersome, she said?)

Such thing.

(Is there even a person who doesn’t think that it’s bothersome …. ? )

Even for Isagi that this is the second time he got summoned, he became dumbfounded.

Though it she surely still minding about herself being pressed by the glasses.
But even so, it’s impossible.

This princess is possibly.
Completely and totally.
I see it’s righteousness thus I will do it! ( [義を見てせざるは勇なきなり!] meaning that human is have to do righteousness if knowing about it and if they didn’t to it then it’s same as didn’t have any courage … or that’s what I read in internet)
Perhaps with that thought, such kind of her will appear.( Hero for Eiyuu)

Certainly if it’s summoning magic, then the possibility of summoning such person still exist.
If that would happen, how great will it be.

Without felt any sorrow, doing its most effort just for the sake of saving the world like a robot.
If that would happen, how great will it be.

However, Isagi and the others are not like that.

( No good . It seems that this princess is not at the level of not knowing thing)

Is she imprisoned inside a box, and only given food as her way of life?
Then if that’s really true, then this situation, made him about to get considerably excited though.

As Isagi keep silent, that girl seems like to guess something.
Grasping hard her one-piece, she mutter.

[So, so it’s true right, perhaps everyone is troubled, by this forcible way right ….. uuh…..]

Tears floated in those big eyes of Dyutyu.
It seems she didn’t put any act.

(……. Is this kid perhaps, really a fool I wonder)

Although her troubled figure with that horn grows in her head, certainly it is really cute.

(She really is a fool kid right)

He gave up.
Is that so.
He was summoned by a fool
He can only feel depressed about it.

[You know]
[Ah, yes … … eh, hi , hi, HUMAN ! ? ]

As she confirms his appearance, she immediately hides herself under the pillar’s shadow.
And then with a face that seems to realize something.

[Ah, I, Isa-sama. Fo, for me to, that…. ]

He’s convinces, this kid is a fool.
This is already hopeless.
His employer is a fool.
Perhaps this is a fatal thing.

Dyutyu the fool who is looking over here with her teary eyes.
It’s become to look like a certain actor.

For now, as they already been summoned, there’s nothing to happen even if he does blames her.
For himself to blame the daughter of the Demon Lord which he himself killed, his feelings wouldn’t be better.

[Umm, let’s leave alone the thing about this is bothersome or not bothersome for a moment okay]
[Ah, ye, yes …… ]
[Is ‘Human’, really that unpleasant thing?]
[Tha, that is really!]

Dyutyu nod with all of her might.

[Although 20 years ago, I was still inside of my mother’s belly, thus I don’t remember father’s last moment but…..umm, after we lost that war, humans over here and there at any rate came to persecuting the demon…….]

Now that she mentions it, so she was 19 years old.
Considering all that, she is small here and there.
Except her breast.

Is it perhaps because she realized Isagi’s gaze, or just simply being told about it often.
Dyutyu cast down her eye looking embarrassed

[Umm, I am, a bit umm, nutrition …. lacking you know, because of that I am look little childish…. ]

As expected they’re also got shortage of good right.

[Those persecution, umm, is it by those adventurers? ]
[Yes ….. ]

Doon, she becomes dejected.

[It seems the human race has two wars potential, they are the Knights and the Adventurers you know]
[…….. fumu] (means *nod*]

At the time when Isagi was here, Knights and mercenaries , and then the militia which didn’t belong to heinobunri was their main war potential.
Possibly mercenary role is completely combined with the adventurer as it is right.
And then the militia lost it’s purpose, and became unnecessary.

(That’s just like what I thought)

Distribute mercenaries in number, and manage each individual.
Grasp each of their abilities and performances, and also their character, and thus give them their duty.
Like that, blending with the public became one of adventurer guild’s objective.

[Since the specialty of the knights is for defense, they didn’t really hold too much animosity toward us , but the problem is… ]
[The adventurers, right]
[…. Yes. The thing they’ve been continuously doing to us are, taking our lives,
or sometimes, making us into slaves ….
They’re cruel, to cruel, it’s like they are a devil….. ] (TL : is said as “akuma” the demon tribe is “Mazoku” it mean almost same tho)
[…. I see]

He almost said , [No you’re the one who’s devil right?]
There’s no point even if he threw a retort when noticing her fault.

For a foolish kid there’s a proper way to dealing with a foolish kid.
In the first place, the reason that it became like this, is perhaps also his mistake.
Her life that’s supposed to get the highest education as the Demon Lord’s daughter, suddenly changed because of the brave.
When he thought like that, it was pitiable story.
Let’s treat her kindly as much as possible or that was what Isagi thought.

[You guys went through some painful experience huh …. ]
[Yes~….. ]

Perhaps Dyutyu remembered something, and once again she began to sobbing.

[The humans also tear up our flesh, and devour our bone …. Huuu, it’s scary, it’s so scary… it makes me want to cry~ … ]

Dyutyu who was holding her head and crouching at that place.
Is she real, or so he thought.
No matter how it is this fear of her is not normal.
Let’s treat her kindly.

[Is that so…. You’ve been working hard right, Dyutyu]
[Hicks, Hicks …. Th, that’s true …. Nyuwwau…. ]

As he lean to the front, he ended up seeing her cleavage.
And that’s clearly.
He unintentionally saw it.

That porcelain white mound, change to form which pushed each other.
Just like a ripe fruit, that’s just waiting it’s time to get harvested.

Isagi is still green.
He has not even once kissed a girl before.
Or rather, with his everyday struggle between death and alive in his march as the brave.
He really can’t, do such a thing.
He thought, that after defeating the demon king he will do such thing to his heart’s content.
He was planning for debauchery.

However, that dream cannot become true.

If that’s the case.

If he can win over this girl right in front of him.

Her appearance, is by no mean really lovely.
Bat-like wings, demon’s horn, that inverted triangle tail etc.
But she has the parts which human didn’t have, if that so then what.
She still has this outstanding womanly charm to this extent.
It’s only absurd to think about type or such thing at this time.

There mustn’t be man in this world, that didn’t hold any desire to embrace Dyutyu.
That soft fair skin looks juicy, perhaps it would fit in a hand like sticking to it.


(No , I musn’t do this right)

He shakes of his foolish thought.
At least until he is able to ascertain Plea’s whereabouts.

The girl, which 20 years ago he promised to together for life, still does exist in this world.
Isagi overcame his own desire.

But, Dyutyu slowly came closer to him.

[Isa, sama ….. is really kind …. ]

With wet eyes.
Their distance, already become 1 meter.

[I never thought, among the human race, that there are such a kind person is never crossed my mind….]
[No, umm.]
[I am, deeply impressed …. uuh, Isa-sama~…… ]

Their distance, already become 0 meter.
Yes, he’s been embraced by Dyutyu.
That girl who not long ago detest human, and broke down into cry, but.
Squi~sh, near Isagi’s hand.
Something that’s being pressed, changing it’s shape just like slime.
And that’s really soft.

Plea’s smile which floated in his mind, getting encroached by Dyutyu’s.

What is this fragrance which arose from her body.
His head become dizzy.
It feels like an aphrodisiac which will steal away man’s heart.


(This kid, isn’t she said that herself is from succubus tribe right! ? )

He separates their body in panic.
Eh, Dyutyu who stared back at Isagi with such face.
There’s not even a trace of lust in that eyes.
It’s just, the colour of sorrow that look like a puppy which rejected by it’s master.

[Isa-sama…. ?]

It’s risky.
Even if she was not aware of it. Isagi was about to get captured.
It’s the power of succubus.

[No, please wait. Me, didn’t do anything weird right? ]

He is making sure.
With just, comfort her, twice or trice.

[B, but, Me , getting such lovely word from human side, is unexpected, and then ….. ]
[No no no …… ]
[For my sake, even to distort your own given name …. is really, manly, it’s dreamy ….. ha~…. ]

This is weird, right?
Isagi is an other-worlder, she must understand that this world’s common sense didn’t work with him.

( No matter even if at first by Yankee , also if Glasses is pressing her ……)

It’s a thing that if understandable if think normally.

No, is that so.

She is a fool.
This princess is a fool.

[Isa-sama, I am, about Isa-sama….. ]

She put her hands on her own breast.
Dyutyu who’s face became red.
What kind of flag did he raise.
When did he ended up collecting it.
He completely does not understand.
What this fool is thinking at all.

It’s not on the level of smiblu or stroblu. (TL : I really didn’t have any Idea how to write this)
If it like this, then it’s Kiblu.
If you treat her Kindly then she will blush, it is. (Choroi = easy or cheap girl Aho= fool , for Smi = smile and Stro = stroke … or Nikopo and Nadepo, Niko = smile , nade= stroking head)
It’s not at the level of easy.
She’s too easy.
She is the easy princess.
No, since she’s easy and fool , then it’s eafo.(TL : Like I said I can’t make it into english okay!)

[Fo, for now…… I’m gonna go back to my room. It seems that call for us will come soon after all]
[Ah, Ye, yes, I understand …. umm, for holding you up, I am very sorry]

Stepping to the back once, Dyutyu who quickly went back away.
But her gesture of licking her lips with her tongue itself is bewitching after all.
Her cheeks also seems to be flushed.


[Umm, I am….. the one who came to, is someone like Isa-sama …. honestly, thinking that it’s something good …..
If it’s Isa-sama then, umm, with me, even doing chu chu chu is ….]

That chu chu.
What kind of cant is that.

[Th, then see you again, well then]

Isagi tried to take his leave and start to walk.

[….Isa, sama~ …. …]

From the back, a girl voice with high viscosity can be heard calling his name.
He didn’t stop his leg.
He didn’t turn back.
Even so, Isagi put his hand on the top of his heart.

(For now, I think I need to apologize first.
… … Plea, sorry)

She was the one who was approaching me first.
I did not doing anything.
I’m not cheating.
It’s a misunderstanding.

The more he made excuses, the more he felt that the cat will get out of the bag.
But he didn’t know.
That Demon Lord’s daughter, was such an eafo.


Human Tribe : Tear apart demon tribe’s flesh, and devour their bone or so it seems. Scary.


Isagi : Attempting to cheating.

Dyutyu : An easy and fool kid. Embraced by Isagi (TL : also can mean to have sex with him)