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Chapter 038 - 4-2 Even if he's not my real Onii-chan as long there's love it's okay right ~

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TL  Change Kyasuchi to Kyaschi ~ =w=/

4-2 Even if he's not my real Onii-chan as long there's love it's okay right ~  
(TL : Parody from Oniiai)

“ this is the rumored -Silence- heh...”   

Kyaschi was seriously looking at Rimino’s wound, which was in front of her. She tilt her head, looking troubled.
“I don’t understand. If 't be true i couldst behold right into the code it wouldst beest a diff'rent matt'r, but guessing the effect only looking at this thee would is impossible”
Rimino, pushed her neck out with "Hhnn~", had a relieved smile on her face. Taking the blackboard that hung around her neck, she began to write with chalk and point it towards Kyaschi. .

[Thank you very much, Kyaschi Sensei (≧∇≦)/ ]

She drew a cute picture at the end. Rimino has very skilled hands.
“Umu” , the young looking teacher enthusiastically nods.
“Well , while 't beest true thee can't speaketh, but thee still able to writeth code n'rmally. th'r're nay only one way to becometh a tech us'r. doth thy most wondrous girl “

[ of course (≧∇≦)/ ]

 ◆◆ Demon Lord’s Castle ◆◆
At the castle gates of the Demon Lord’s Castle, Renzou and Isagi were slightly early to their shift and consequently were on standby.

“ it really alright “ - Isagi said, muttering with worry.

Renzou, who was wearing same traveling coat as Isagi, answered his muttering while putting his hand inside his pocket.

“  Yoshi-kou is already determined to do it. Ain't it okay to just leave him be.”

“  Hhmm ... “ Isagi still had a worried expression.

As the member who will attend 5 demon general conference, of course the master of the Demon Lord's castle, Dyutyu, will have to come with them.
furthermore, Kyaschi will also come as a guide.

Though at first he was going to be left behind, Renzou insisted that he wanted to join, no matter what. Thus, Isagi suggested that, in exchange for letting Renzou go, he would stay behind and guard the castle… In the end, he would still be leaving the Demon Lord’s Castle. Although slightly late, he would be allowed to meet with the five demon generals, which fulfilled his aim.

however, Yoshinobu declared “ I'll stay here so senpai don't need to worry a bit!  This time, he will prove that he can protect Rimino and Lolishia,”

So he said…however, Isagi still worried.

“  It's not like I doubting Yoshinobu's determination or anything like that, okay”

“  hmm”

“  It's just, even if a situation didn’t come up, there's a lot of things that one just can't know. Even for an adult, it's hard to overcome their fear.Even if he can't do that, there's no one here that will blame Yoshinobu, you know”

“  You’re overprotective, you know”

“  eh? “

Renzou lightly clapped Isagi's shoulder.

“ ain't it because of that overprotective attitude,  he become like that, ya know. Hear me out, being a “man” is NOT just ‘As long as I'm alive, it's alright’, you know”

“  Even if you say that...”

There’s nothing more precious than one’s life, but, perhaps, Renzou’s word is the same line of thought that those adventures who extend their hand over the revival stone have.

“  Just leave it to him. The fact that he didn't come to give his farewell, ain't it proof that he is determined. “

“  But, you know, Renzou, if he dies then its his own responsibility, he can't blame anyone you know”

“  Of course. If you make a mistake while putting your life on the line, just shut up and die”

“  I can't, seriously I can't, process that kind of thought”

In the end, the fact that Isagi ended up in this condition was a creation of his own selfishness. There was also this thought in his head, ‘a wish is just one’s ego’.

I'll be fine if they didn't have to hurt each other. It'll would have been fine if the war had never happened.
Wanting to save the demon race. Wanting to save the adventurers.
All of it was just Isagi's ego.
Wanting to kill . Wanting to cause a war, so he could trample on the weak.
Both desires were the same.
Then again, because they were the same kind, when the two clashed only the one with more power would win.

‘that's right ....there is always this unpleasant feeling when I am called “The Brave”’

Even if he defeated the demon emperor for others’ sake, there will always be the “other side” that falls into misfortune, like this. That’s why Isagi thought that he wasn’t a saviour.

Once, Isagi too, was someone who stood at the human’s side as a Savior and was feared as a ‘Demon Lord’ by the demon race. (TL’s Note: Demon Lord ... not right now, right since he was enemy last boss he can be seen as such by demon race at that time ~ =w=/)
‘I’m just a tyrant who overwhelm his opponents with strength... If I think so, maybe it can ease my mind just a little bit’

Isagi didn’t want “Himself”to suffer, thus he would save both the humans and demons.
What was wrong with that?
‘If someone had a problem with that ,then they just need to come forward and stop me....if they can.’
so Isagi thought.

Even Yosinobu, no matter how much he may resent him , Isagi still wanted to save him. It was a far better outcome than death, absolutely.

As Renzou waited for a moment in a silence, Dyutyu and Kyaschi came with Rimino escorting them..

[Be careful Onii-chan !]

“ Aah, so” (TN Note: means ok) Isagi nods. “  Rimino also be careful, kay”

[Un~ (≧∇≦)/ ]

Seeing Rimino busy writing on the blackboard, Isagi thought that perhaps she would ask him to bring her along with him, but it didn’t seem so...

Seeing that stout heart of hers,  for some reason, Isagi felt oddly anxious.

Isagi gently brushed Rimino's hair and said

“  ...... well, quickly meet us over there, you know”

Rimino gave a huge smile then came to hug Isagi.
She pressed her hair against him, like always.
Feeling her soft sensation after a long time made Isagi's heart beating fast and with a little reluctance, he pushes Rimino's slender shoulder away.

“  well then “ -isa
She waves goodbye with a smile on her face as Isagi rode away on the cart.
and then, Isagi rode on the cart.

The interior of the cart was spacious. This Four Headstands Cart, which Kashi rode, seemed to be made for royalty.

Renzou who come in first, sat with his legs stretched  starting writing code in the sky.

‘He wouldn’t forget to practice even one second, what a devoted man he is.’
Dyutyu came in next ,with Kyaschi being the last one.
Renzou sat beside Isagi with Dyutyu and Kyaschi  in front of them.

“yond elf girl, the girl is forsooth a stout girl.
  if 't be true timeth p'rmits i wisheth to traineth yond peat
“ -k
Kyaschi uttered that as smile float on her face. Looking at her, Renzou opened his eyes wide.

“  ..... Ayumi ! ? “

“  Hyoowaah ! ? “

Kyaschi bent backwards as Renzou bent forward, moving closer toward Kyaschi's face.

“ Why are you here, bastard. What the hell is happening!?! Were you also summoned to this world…?

“ yond is not mine own nameth  ! “

“  Haaaah .... ? “

it was quite rare for Renzou, who always looked composed, to be so agitated.
Isagi come between them.

“  Renzou, you're wrong okay. this person is Kyaschi-san.
she is shirbenia's master for black magic “  - i

“  ..... aah  ? “ - r 

“  hiih “ -k

As Renzou made a groaning sound, Kyaschi whined.
It seems, Renzou's face was a face  that was feared among demon race.

He seriously gaze over Kyaschi

“  .... ... now that you mention it,  she is one size smaller than ayumi “

“  do they really look that similar ?”

“  aah, that really scare me ya know .....
.... even the voice is same “

Renzou sighed, then pressed his body weight down on the chair.
On the other side of the cart, Kyaschi put her hands over her chest and clung to Dyutyu.

“ though i und'rstand not the situation, that girl is someone imp'rtant, c'rrect?”

“  .... well , yeah “
Renzou scratch his head.
Looking at that spectacle, Dyutyu charmingly smiled.
quite of bit of time passed after the cart started to running. Some time passed in silence after the incident and the cart had traveled quite a distance….???
Renzou opened his mouth while casting his eyes down.

“  Kyaschi, ain't it” - r

“  umu ?” -k

“ , you're damn skinny. do you get your meals properly ? “ - r

“  u, umu ?” - k

“  don't take your nutrition half assedly I say.
ayumi would always leave alone her milk ya know”

“  it's not like lacking valor shall befall , without a meal one 'r two da .... “

“  aaah  ?” - r

“  Hiii!
I , I eat ! I am eating properly ! “

inside the small room of this carriage, Kyaschi's voice resounded.
from here, it will take quite a time to reach Brother House.
Even for Tihs, who boasted to have a higher horsepower than ordinary horses, it still need few hours.
even if he tried to relax his mind a for a while, as expected, Isagi couldn't help but worry about everyone at the castle.

Rimino , Yoshinobu , Shirbenia .... and then , Lolishia too ....

using the huge cart that the magician army rode to the castle, for now they planned to evacuate the personnel of the castle first.
it was good if they can retreat faster than it was planned.

at that moment, when he thought that.
Renzou mutter to Kyaschi.

“  ...... hey, you “

“  nay, not thee.
 t , t's Kyaschi !”

“  Kyaschi “

“  hiih “

Kyaschi once again clinged onto Dyutyu's arm, scared.
but then, when looking carefully at Renzou's face in front of her, had a tinge of red over it.
what happened, thought Isagi who gazing over those two.

“  ...... ni, ni~ni .... you can call me like that ya know “

“  haah ?”

“  fuee? “

“ ?”
it was a bombshell announcement that come from Renzou's mouth.
the three who looked at him with mouth wide open.
Renzou make a cough.
as if brushing off the moment of delusion, he scratch his head.

“  ..... what, you lot “
“  well, you know, that was total un-Renzou like .... “
“  like I said, you're too honest ya know, isa .... “
“  you, is a siscon right ? “
“  aah ! ? “

Isagi didn't get perturbed with his glare.
Renzou looked unpleased.

“  siscon, brocon , such thing really damn noisy , seriously .
we're family, it's normal to take care of each other . dammit “

“  is , is that so ....
ye, yep, perhaps that is so ..... “

“  we're already separated for half year ya know .
her livelihood right now, there's no way I wouldn't worried about that.
that girl you know, while she act like that, she gets lonely easy, ya know.
right now she must crying that I wasn't by her side, surely ..... “

“  is that so .....
...... you're really worried eh “

however, asking a girl that he just met to call him  “ big bro” ,no matter how Isagi thinking about it, was still going to far. but right now he decided to just shut up.

Dyutyu who made beaming smile, grabbing Kyaschi's shoulder.

“  come one, sensei, try to said it “
“  wherefore i has't to ! ?”
“  its for the sake of Renzou-sama. Please ! “

she beg with her eyes that sparkled, Kyaschi gulped.
and then Dyutyu press her more.

“  Renzou-sama you know, for our sake which he hold no importance, he diligently practicing for combat for about four months,
furthermore the other days, for protecting us, he take the adventurers head on you know !
Kyaschi-sama , please, please grant this wish of Renzou-sama ! “

“  uu, uuuumu ........ “

by the way , at this moment when Dyutyu clinging onto Kyaschi.
surely the one who was most of embarrassed at this moment was Renzou, without a doubt.

“  yo, yoshi ....
understand, I'll say it .... “

it seems that Kyaschi resolved herself while make a huge nod.
Renzou looked astonished while her face became redder, in embarrassment.
Putting her hand on her mouth and with upturned eyes, said

“  ni , ni~ni~ ♪ “

*Kyaha~*, with such atmosphere it was so hard for Isagi to not jab into it

Renzou , while covering his mouth, gazed at Kyaschi.
Kyaschi, while made a weird smile , swung her body left and right.

“  i, it must be hard right, ni~ni ♪
bu, but, from now , Kyaschi will be here with you ,ni ~ni~ “
Kyaschi that said that with high pitched voice.
looking at the forced act of this loli-baba , Isagi unconsciously wanted to comfort her up.

Though, if yoshinobu was here, he will receive this spectacle with open mind.
then , what happened if it was Renzou, so Isagi thought.

When he looked beside him, Renzou's eyes started to become wet.
Unconsciously Isagi gasped.  Tears can come out from a demon’s eyes...even the hardest heart can be moved to tears...

“  ...... thanks , Kyaschi “
“  u, umu “

Kyaschi, returned to her usual tone and folded her arms.
Peaking at Renzou repeatedly, she mutters,

“  we, well, if thou wast that joyous, i wouldn't reject f'r calling thee like that again , thee know. ni, ni~ni”

“  .... thank you”

Renzou stretch his hand and pets Kyaschi's head.
Though Kyaschi pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction, she did not brush off his hand.


Kyaschi : BABA(granny) doing the impossible. Kawaiii !! ( cute)

Rimino : using a blackboard that she bring to communicate. is perhaps from the start she was skilled at it, but everyday her drawing developed. 

Renzou : though he said that siscon and such is bothersome, he is without a doubt a siscon. replacing Kyaschi as the stand in sister.

Isagi : as he is the one held the power is the reason that he will subdue any conflict. after killing a lot of people, trampling the emotion of a lot of people, the answer that he reach is that there's not another thing that can grant one wish except power, he arrived at that sad answer. However he still believe in the good of a man, but if by chance that balance collapse, what will happen to him who was once called as the brave

TL : Kyaschi, a LoliBaba , Imouto, Tsundere with a lot of tsun, magic user, sensei , mother, and another lot of character crammed inside that cute body of her. visu here reporting ~

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