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Chapter 034 - 3-10 Soul Revolution

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3-10 Soul Revolution

The damage to the Demon Lord’s castle was enormous.
First, the two demon races, who were the pivot of the defense, were missing or injured.

Demon lord's army corps commander, Ira, conditions were unknown.
The commander of the magician's corps, Shirbenia took some serious injuries. She got stabbed in the chest, which resulted in the soldiers, almost being annihilated.
It was once a place that was used for two people, but now Shuu was gone.

Renzou, who was covered in bandages, was laying on the bed.
He opened his eyes slightly and looked at Isagi.

[ ..... bastard, so you were strong ] - Renzou
[ Yep, well…..] Isagi

These few days, however, Isagi was busy with being a lookout during the circumstance. That's why, for them to meet each other at ease, had been a while.

[ Help me up, Isa ] - Renzou
[ Aah ] - Isagi

Supporting his back, Isagi helped him up
This one week, even after opening his eyes, Renzou was silent.

His dangerous aura from before was already gone,
but this, was his true character it felt like a sword that had been drawn from its sheath, right now it felt like that sword was sheathed again.
Inside that sheath, he was surely sharpening that sword.
That included killing people. It seems that Renzou had gained a lot of determination.

Renzou clenched his fist.
Even though he was in such of a condition where he couldn’t even raise his own hand.

Renzou, punched Isagi in the face.
Because of that punch which held more power than he thought, Isagi fell down on to the floor.

Then, Renzou, bit his lips, looking more in pain than Isagi who had just been punched.

[ O, oi, you .... Are you alright? ] - Isagi
[ There's no way I'm ok you fool ...... ! ] - Renzou

From his eyes, tears started to fall
No doubt that really hurt.

[ Do that after you are healed , you ...  ] - Isagi
[ Isa .... you, the next time you lie to me, I'll kill you for sure ........ !  ] - Renzou

He was scowling with a face while looking like he was holding back his tears.
Isagi scratched the back of his head.

It's not like he was trying to lie.
It's just, he couldn’t tell them the truth.

However, now that he thought about it, surely Shuu was also in the same condition.
This one punch , he would receive it with open arms.

Though when Renzou did it again, Isagi would return the punch, or so he thought.

[ ......... I'm sorry, Renzou ] - Isagi.
[ Aah ] - Renzou

Thus, while Renzou was still in the position of sitting on the top of the bed, he groaned.

[ .... I can't move .
Lie me down, isa ] - renzou
[ You ..... ] - isagi

While chanting the healing tech, Isagi once again laid Renzou onto the bed.
Renzou, from him punching Isagi, it seemed that all of his worries were blown away.

[ What are you gonna do after this?
The fact that you are that strong, means you're not just some ordinary guy, right? ] - Renzou
[ ....... ]
[ Well, it's not like I’m forcing you to answer tho. ]
[ ..... For now ,
I want to discuss what we will do after this, at the five demon general conference ]- Isagi
That was just like his original plan.
Including the movement of the demon race after this, he also wanted to look at the five demon lords.

Renzou sighed.
[ So those were the adventurers ] - Renzou
[ aa, it seems so ] -  isagi

Both of them fell into silence for a moment.
Warriors who kept on standing up no matter how many time they're defeated.
Honestly, they were like a nightmare.

[ Shuu is already gone eh ] - Renzou
[ ..... Aah ] - Isagi

Renzou had the usual sour look.
From that face, Isagi couldn’t perceive what he actually felt.

Surely, Renzou also had feelings of friendship towards Shuu.
Perhaps various thoughts were recurring in his mind.

[ What do you think , Isa ?
Do you think we will be able to win this fight ?] - Renzou
[ ..... It's not about winning, or losing.
However, I want to save all of the demon race on this continent ] - Isa
[ So, you will murder all of those adventurers, huh? ] - Renzou
[ No . I will become the bridge for them ] - Isa
[ Naive eh] - Renzou

Isagi for a moment was shocked.
From Renzou's tone, it was like Shuu's words when they parted.

[ You will understand when you fight them.
They will never stop unless every one of the demon race gets annihilated.
Our side also has to prepare our resignation ] - Renzou
[ ......  I am. thinking, that no matter how many extremist adventurers we defeat,
this problem will never meet it's end  ] - Isa
[ Those are only your thoughts. ] - Renzou

Renzou closed his eyes.

[ Isa, I already decided. ]
[ ....... Renzou ]
[ I will never forgive anyone who stands in my way.
Even if that person ..... is Shuu ]  - Renzou

Renzou who already felt the grip of death, muttered so .
Surely , he was changed from this day.

Isagi left the room, Dyutyu and Rimino were already waiting outside.

[ You two, is there something wrong ?]  - Isa

Rimino waved her hand while smiling.
Her neck was covered with bandages.
The beautiful voice of the elf princess still wouldn't return.
But even so, she had already firmly, started to work.
Preparing for moving the patients in care, there's a lot of things that had to be done.

Dyutyu didn't look at all different from usual.
Now that he thought about it, ever since the adventurers escaped , he had never talk to Dyutyu even once.
In this one week , it seemed that Dyutyu was really busy writing letters as the head of the Demon Lord’s castle.

[ Umm, Isa-sama ! ] - Dyutyu
[ Ah, aah ?  ] - Isa
[ In this occasion, umm, how should I express my gratitude .... ] - Dyu
[ Umm, you don't need to ]  -Isa
[ The outline of the circumstance, I already heard it all from Rimino-chan ] Dyu
[ From Rimino ? ] - Isa

Rimino gave Isagi an OK-mark with her thumb.
Leave it to me, that what he thought she meant.
What in the world did Rimino tell Dyutyu.

Dyutyu, looked at her smiling and nodding her head energetically.

[ Look, Rimino-chan also told it to me just like this ] - Dyu
[ No, I can't understand what that means ] - Isagi
Is she perhaps able to use some kind of mind reading tech? Isagi thought that for a moment.
But if Dyutyu was able to use that kind of skill, then supposedly she should be a bit smarter than this.

Towards Isagi who was shaking his head, Dyutyu pointed her sparkling gaze to him.
[ Even though Isa-sama didn't use any sealing techs, Isa-sama was really strong.
Isa-sama is just like dear father that I often heard about ! ]  - dyutyu
[ Umm .....  ] - Isa

Surely that wasn't sarcasm.
She entwined her hands, while looking at Isagi with eyes of admiration.

If she knew that he was the brave one who killed that Demon Emperor, what would she think of him?
Perhaps, she would think that Isagi was someone like shuu. Someone who would betray them
or rather, if she didn't think that the brave one Isagi wouldn't take the human race’s side would be weird instead.

But if she herself by any chance still believed in Isagi,
It'll be different for the five Demon Generals who stood at her back.
In reality, Shuu had already betrayed them. He hurt one of the Demon Lord candidates, also Shirbenia.
It was already too late.

Isagi didn't want to give her more anxiety.
It wasn't hypocrisy or pretense of evil.
This kind of thing, was no more than just Isagi's principle.

[ Umm, you know, Dyutyu.
How should I say about the incident ]

That’s why, Isagi didn't know what he should say.
Looking at Isagi, Dyutyu laughed quite indifferently.

[ It's alright, Isa-sama.
The demon race wouldn't lose.                 It's because everyone, and Isa-sama is right here after all.
Even ira-chan , must believe in that] - Dyu
[ Dyutyu ......... ] - Isa

Now, he wasn’t able to muster any words.
With a face that looked like she was holding the hope from the bottom of her heart, she laughed.

Even if she already lost Ira.
Dyutyu's spirit would never be broken.

[ After this, it will become quite busy.
Isa-sama, please lend us your power ] - Dyu

Possibly in this one week, this was the answer that she desperately thought of with her slow head.
When he looked closely, there was a deep shade below her eyes.
Her hair also had become frayed. It also looked somewhat haggard.

But even so , Dyutyu still believed it.
She still believed at the unconditional situation that they had right now.

Even if she was called 'easy'
Even if she was treated like a fool.

Perhaps, she was someone who held the most important thing.
That thing itself, perhaps is the talent of the Demon Emperor's daughter.

And then again, Rimino , was smiling while hugging Dyutyu's shoulder.
Though she already experienced something scary
but even so, Rimino behaved no different than the old Rimino.

The demon lord princess and the elf princess.
the two who were born in different places but had the same status.
These girls perhaps,had long ago become determined.

For some reason, the back of Isagi's eyes became hot.
He felt the urge so much, wanting to meet with Plea.
These girls were really splendid and were really beautiful.
It made him think about what he did all this time.

『Get ahold of yourself , Isagi.
You're the brave one, right?
You can't gain anything by hesitating, you know.
I already said this , you should do what you think is right』

He wanted someone to rebuke him like that.

Isagi turned his back at the two, and then muttered.

[ ...... Dyutyu , Rimino .
Even though I wouldn't ever become a demon kind.
but, I will never betray you guys ] - Isa

As he deliberately put it into words, his heart quivered numb with pain.
That's right.
Even if Renzou and Dyutyu's methods were different, the way they decided to go through with it was same.

For bringing peace back into this world.
For that sake.

He felt something on his left and right hand.
A soft, pressure of meat.

When he looked at it, Rimino and Dyutyu twined themselves around Isagi.          With a happy face, they put themselves on to Isagi’s body weight.

[ Wha, wait you guys ] - Isa

Looking at those faces they looked like spoiled children.
Isagi decided, that he would succumb himself into this happiness this time.
As he will make sure, that he knows what he should protect.


And then, there was also one boy who made his determination.
He sat down on the Demon Lord castle's spire where Shirbenia once stood up before. Blowin' in the wind.

During this week, he readied himself, preparing for any danger that would come from anywhere.
As if killing time, he kept writing and messing with magical codes.
That man is Yoshinobu.

One week before.
After the battle ended, he was crying and prostrating himself in front of Isagi. 

He wasn’t able to protect Rimino.
At the time, he also couldn't even save Lolishia.
He wasn’t able to return the kindness that those girls gave to him, he said.
he desperately apologized, so that they wouldn't throw him away.

To that yoshinobu, Isagi didn't put any blame on him.
It was your first battle, it can't be helped, Isagi said.
He got his shoulder tapped lightly.
Isagi was kind.

He felt relieved.
He was saved from the bottom of his heart, so he thought.

---- But also , he wanted to become a new person by killing his old self

Yoshinobu was greatly tormented by his self-loathing.

Yoshinobu thought.
From the first time there's no one who expected something from him.
There was not even any worth to blame him, or even hit him.
He was treated only to that degree.

He still wasn’t able to reach the same level as Renzou or Shuu.
For isagi, he was the subject of his protection.

That thing was really sad, that it wanted to make him cry.
However, this was the first time he felt this vexing in his whole life.

Ira is gone, Renzou has gotten hurt , and Shuu has gone away.
Only he himself cannot do anything.

That's why he was candidating himself to become the defensive force of the Demon Lord's castle
If he wanted to get recognized, he had to prove it by himself.
If he didn't do that, they wouldn't even become his friend.
It wasn't balanced with the worth of his soul.

Yoshinobu raised a revolution onto his own soul.

For the sake of separating with his miserable self,
so that he can stand on the same line as Isagi.

and then,
for sure,

he could protect the girl that is important to him.

While looking at the ground while sitting atop the spire, the boy muttered.

[ .......... Trip to another world, it isn't something easy eh ..... ]


After the battle had ended.

The man who found that boy was, Zed.
As Zed was guessing that the adventurers who infiltrated the castle got annihilated,
he immediately ordered his subordinates to retreat.

Though it looked that even Shirbenia was collapsed,
their black magic still wasn’t able to break through the barrier.
The black magic that they fired for a test,  the result was that black magic got erased.
If there was  another tech user who was protecting the Demon Lord’s castle beside her, then more attacks than this was meaningless.
The capture of the Demon Lord’s castle, the level of the quest is now supposed to get raised.
< Valkyria > and < Sparda - Skuld > got annihilated.
It was not at the level of A +
It was already the time to rise it to an S class quest.

And then , Zed who turned his back on the battle , felt another presence and then turned again looking back.
Over there, standing was a boy with tattoos covering his entire body.
He had pupils that seemed to burn.

At a glance , Zed knew that this boy was dangerous.

With a fluid movement he prepared his bow.
At the time he was about to fix the arrow, that boy spoke.

『My name is HIYAMA - SHUU.
 I don’t have any intention to oppose you guys 』- Shuu

He presented his hand that pointed downward.
It aroused some forgotten memories of Zed.
This is the way of the kingdom --- Paraberiu country capital, way to show that one didn't have any hostility right.

『.....Who are you ?』- Zed
『I was someone who was captured, and went through battle training in that castle you know?
Demon Lord candidate, that's what they called me 』- Shuu

Zed slowly lowered his bow.
『Thanks. I want to cross over to the Suraosha continent.
I would appreciate it if you want to lend me your power 』- Shuu
『If I didn't do that, do you intend to kill all of us?』- Zed
『What are you saying I wonder? 』-Shuu

He shrugged his shoulder.

From what Zed could grasp, he couldn't see the end of that boy's ability.
Surely even that Plea ---- the S-class adventurer would even be greatly surpassed by him.

If there were several people like this, there was no way their plan could have gone smoothly.
Towards Zed who started to sweat, that boy smiled.

『Of course, I won't say that I am asking it for free.
This is the head of one of the things that you guys call the five demon generals.
It would become quite the sum of money right ? How about I make this as the exchange of the travel expense』

Just as he said, he grasped the head of the Myornen from the five demon generals.
It's eyes were open wide, the male head which was frozen in an expression of anger, that boy raised it.

『You are ........ ?』

Zed taking a step back as if getting overpowered.
This was not a negotiation. It was a threat.

That boy was not just a normal boy.
He had the eyes, that looked like he already went through a lot of verges of death many times over.

Shuu laugh.

『I am a man, who will show the defeat of the demon race.
Even while  experiencing hardships or even battered with despair.
I was the hero who will never be stopped moving forward.
Why don't you follow my lead.
Surely I will be able to give glory onto your travels 』- Shuu
That boy declared, just like some great hero.

Those eyes were appropriate for a Demon Lord rather than the hero.

Episode 3 :   Name the babies who gave their first cry among the corpses    END

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