Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 032 - 3-8 Hello and then Bye bye

3-8  Hello and then Bye bye

He was brave.
His daily activity was to protect little girls.
A million virtues a day, was his policy, and he was totally a good person.
Lolishia who had these things crammed into her head, with all her might tried to pull Yoshinobu’s sleeve .
Rimino-sama is….
Rimino-sama, even though she was getting hurt by that adventurer.
Why did Yoshinobu-sama allow it happen?
Why, and so…..
Those pure eyes of hers pierced through Yoshinobu’s mind.
Yoshinobu, as if he was about to hyperventilate, held his throat.
 The adventurers were doing something to Rimino, In front of his eyes.
Blood flew from her mouth.
No matter how proficient Yoshinobu was at black magic, if his throat was destroyed, then it would be the end for him.
There was nothing he could do.
He didn’t want to do it anymore.
What was with this world.
Renzou and Shuu, both of them, they weren’t normal.
For them, to be able to easily kill humans like that.
For Yoshinobu, he wished for a more humorous world than this one.
He just wanted to play around, while not having a weight on his shoulders.
He clenched his fist so hard that it hurt.
Although, not to the extent that it would draw any blood like that in a manga.
In the end, he was just scum.
This act of his was only to protect himself.
Even the reason for secluding himself in his room was just because he didn’t want to be persecuted by others.
Even when he was joking around, it was to hide his sensitivity.

He didn’t want to do anything painful.
He didn't want to get hurt.
He couldn’t stand being scorned by others.
To go against them and fight, he would humbly decline.
Lolishia pulled his hand, as if she was pleading.
The man was straddling Rimino, who was struggling with a pained face.
Even though he wanted Lolishia-chan to rely on him, and for him to show his cool side to her.
Even though he didn’t want Rimino, who was kind even to him to die like this.
He wondered why his body wouldn’t move
Why, why, why …….
Even though he really wanted to help her.
Even though in middle school, and in high school, he had always regretted it.
 If he talked a bit more at that time.
If at that time, he called over the person who had sat in front of him.
If he mustered the courage to show up to school after his long absence.
If he frequently replied to their emails.
If he just did what his parents said.
If he just ignored the gazes from other people.
His tears of regret and shame fell.
In the end, nothing changed.
Even though he thought that he could change himself and be reborn anew, after being summoned to a different world.

Nothing, still nothing.
The scum will remain scum, and he himself, is scum.
Inside the hot and distant closet the outside world seemed so far away.

The world where Rimino was being attacked, it felt as if it was inside a television.
He wouldn’t be able to reach it, and at the boundary, the door was ----
---- opened, by Lolishia.
What the heck is she doing, he thought.
Yoshinobu’s body suddenly froze.
[Le...let go, of O...Onee-sama!]
The men shifted his gaze to her.
Even while her body was trembling, Rimino raised her hand.
She moved her lips.
Run, she mouthed.
[No! Onee-sama! Let go of Onee-sama! ]
Lolisha shouted.
One of the adventurers unsheathed his sword and walked towards her.
Yoshinobu gasped.
Protect her.
He had to protect her.
Yoshinobu’s eyes dyed red.
his sight blurred from tears as he shouted.
[Ah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ]
It was a sudden gush of magical power.
It created a gust of wind and blew away everything and anything inside the room .
The adventurers shouted, while covering their faces.
[So this is the guy! The Demon Lord candidate!]-Adv 1
[Kill him!] -Adv 2
Yoshinobu raised his hand.
Black magic.
He would kill them with black magic.
If he didn’t kill them, then he would be killed.
No good.

His thoughts couldn’t think of anything clearly.
The code being written was messed up.
The power could not be formed.
The magical power that lost it’s destination, only rampaged around the room.
The adventurers slowly drew closer.
If that couldn’t be done then he could only strike them, but to hit some unknown people?
Would he be able to do such a thing?
After all, getting hit would be painful.
Even hitting the person itself was also scary.
However, he wanted to save Lolishia and Rimino.
He wanted to help them.
He only wanted to help them.
Even though he wanted to help them.
It’s true.
He wanted to help.
He wanted to help.
Even though, only his feelings this time is not a lie ----
The adventurer raised his sword.
At that moment, Yoshinobu saw the world in slow motion.
He saw something fly past.
The sword that the man had, was broken from its hilt.
The object that flew was stuck into the wall.
It was a card.
[ You guys, just stop trying to live.
I can’t forgive you guys ] - Isagi
Black hair with black eyes, the boy who was covered in blood.
The ex-Demon Lord candidate with an eyepatch covering his left eye.
Isagi erased the code that the man was starting to chant with one of his hand.
Kicking the floor, Isagi appeared in front of the adventurer who raised his sword towards Yoshinobu. Isagi grabbed his face..
Then smashed the adventurer into the floor.
With a *crack* his face was pulverized.

Looking at that, the man realised that black magic would have no effect, he started to draw the short sword that was hanging on his back.

Isagi threw the body of the man that got his face crushed.
The adventurer fell down on top of the other and then among them, one of the bodies started to regenerate.
It seemed that he is trying to revive after getting his skull smashed.
Really, what an annoying creature.
Isagi repeatedly wrote code as if it was twining around him.
If he had the intention to kill them from the start, it would have been a simple thing.
In a small space, he would condense heat for a moment.
It was a black magic that he wouldn’t normally be able to use in a fight.
[I wonder how long they can withstand this ~.
This Forbidden tech!] - Isagi.

 From that moment, the showdown between resilience and firepower started.
As the two adventurers’ bodies kept on repeatedly turning to cinders and then being restored, the light that engulfed their body shined brighter as if they were revolting.
Isagi, who kept on writing the code, didn’t stop his hand.
Then just like fish that tried to fight against the stream, the adventurers did nothing but restore their body.
Inside the flame, the meat that turned into cinder was re-formed, then burned, and then once again re-formed.
That spectacle was like hell had descended onto this world.
The smell of roasted meat filled the room.
Lolisha who wasn’t able to hold it anymore vomited.
Before long, the end suddenly arrived.
As the light that engulfed the adventurers rapidly became dimmer, they would never be able to resurrect in this world again.
Was it perhaps because they used all of their magical power or maybe because their souls had already crumbled?
The two adventurers, finally, for sure were erased from this world.
Isagi walked right away towards Rimino without even trying to catch his breath.
Looking at her wound, which was caused by the code, his face warped.

[ Rimino ….] - Isagi

 It seems that she was still conscious. He grasped the hand she earnestly stretched towards him.
In the end Isagi could only use a simple healing tech.
At this place he could only lift the weight of her pain by a little.
[Rimino, sorry, for my …..] - Isagi
He transferred his magical power to her with all of his might.
There was a slight pain killer effect in the healing tech.
Although, it couldn’t completely erase all of the pain, just like the forbidden restoration tech. Even so, Rimino gave a slight smile.
In those big eyes of hers, tears started to pile up.
While showing a relieved face, she moved her lips.
Isagi clearly received her message, even though her voice was taken away from her.
『This time for sure, Rimino got protected.
With this, everything will be alright.
For both of them to be safe, Rimino is really relieved 』- Rimino

He grasped her hand tightly.
Perhaps the things that made her tense were already gone.
 Rimino’s smile gradually collapsed.
Those tears that flowed along her cheeks were not only the tears of relief.

『Rimino, understands.
Even though, Rimino wanted to believe in Onii-chan.
but with only that, she thought that it wasn’t enough.
Rimino, wants to be more, and more, and to become stronger than this』  - Rimino
Vexedly, she grinded her teeth.
Rimino was just fighting against her own weakness.
At that time, Isagi realised the true nature of the black magic that had been cast on her.
That black magic was perhaps created when they went to overthrow the elf kingdom.
A black magic that was born to make the elves yield to them. There’s no doubt about that.
It was black magic  for the sole purpose of   enslaving the tech user.
The brand was deeply engraved into her body.
Surely with this, she wouldn’t be able to use her voice for quite some time.
….. But even so, at this rate, she would not lose her life.
It was a relief. Truly a relief.
Isagi, who finished using the healing tech, closed his eyes tightly, and then stood up.
[ Yoshinobu]
[ …… Ye, yes!]
[ Inside the castle, there should be already no enemies.
I entrust Rimino and Lolishia to you]
[ Ah, uh, ah …. ]
He looked at Yoshinobu.
Though he didn’t glare at him, but for some reason Yoshinobu averted his eyes.
[ Bu, but, I, Isa-kun,
Why? You’re that strong like that. ]
[ I’m sorry, there's no time.
I’ll tell you about it later. I’m relying on you, you know!]
 [ Uh, ah ….]

 Perhaps yoshinobu was panicked.
He kept on making some kind of unrecognizable mutters for a while.
Though Isagi got quite hesitant about it.
Rimino who seemed to perceive the  kind of conflict that was happening inside Isagi, turned her finger towards the the window, pointing outside.
Please go, is what she meant.
[ ……. I understand, Rimino. I’ll go ] -Isagi
After giving her a little pat on the head, Isagi opened the window.
From This place, he could see the courtyard.
Even though a moment ago, they were in the middle of preparing the ceremonial hall, but now the corpses of the soldiers were scattered all around.
He pulled out the adventurer card that was still stuck in the wall and put it back into his pocket.
From the second floor of the Demon Lord’s castle, Isagi jumped.
Yoshinobu who was left at that place was crying.

As if he was repenting over his own sins, he kept on crying.
 It was a dying whisper.
The fact that Shuu and Renzou were able to live was a miracle, their flames of life didn’t vanish. It was one of the of the forbidden techs.
Their bodies, which contained huge amounts of blackmagic, were connected with their souls.

[ …. Why …… ] -Shuu
Beside Renzou  who had already lost his consciousness
Shuu who was collapsed while facing up stretched his hand to try and grasp at the air.
His body was full of wounds and was tattered.
[ That power, what is with that …
It’s unfair … you know …….
………. After all in this world, there’s nothing called 『restoration』right ...... ] -Shuu

[ This is a forbidden tech you know?] - Sparda
Spard said so while looking down on him.
[ The magical stone was created by massacring those dwarves you know?
This was a 『Safe Forbidden Tech』 created by the higher ups.
I heard, although this is an item with the purpose to revive the dead, it actually was just a byproduct you know?] - Sparda.
[ …… ] - Shuu
[ I think it’s just them trying to fulfill humanity’s desire to have immortality.
Though it has nothing to do with me. My aim is just money in front of my eyes. Now that I think about it, that time when we massacred those dwarves, it was fun. Only bringing their ears, I could get a mountain of points. Well, since we were overdoing it, there was no one left inside Titania.
I wonder if we'll ever do that again, those massacres. ] - Sparda
[ …. ]
There was no emotion reflected in Shuu’s eyes.
There was nothing that existed inside.

Shuu changed his tone.
With a firm tone, he muttered.
[ Is that so?] - Shuu
[ Ah? ] - Sparda
Shuu, while still sprawling, creating the word "大"  and looked up towards Sparda.
[ ----- I understand most of it now. Thanks.
Well from now on, that’s right.
Let’s change sides towards the adventurer's side] - Shuu
[ …. Hah?
What the hell are you saying you bastard ] - Sparda
To sparda who peeked at his face, Shuu gave a slight smile.
[ But, I was already beaten up by you guys like this.
   That beating, I will properly return it to you. Okay? ]-Shuu

Immediately after that, it happened.
The tattoos that were carved into his whole body, were shining with a red light.

[ Ah? ] - Sparda
Right in front of Sparda’s eyes, there was light that twinkled.
He didn’t feel any pain, but in exchange, there was a feeling of some kind of loss.
His left arm fluttered into the air.
[ Wha ----] Sparda
The alarm bells inside his head rang loudly.
His body shifted into a battle position. However, his reactions couldn’t catch up.
The dancing light and Sparda’s body, as if his body was constructed by those individual parts from the start.
He became a lump of blocks and scattered.
The adventurers, who relaxed their mind, all surrounded Shuu promptly.
In the middle of the pool of blood, they gazed at him as if they were trying to kill him. Shuu slowly stood up.
The stone which gave out a small light while rolling onto the floor, reflected a dim light into his eyes.

[ ….. Hmmm.
 This thing is the revival stone that you guys are talking about. Right? ] Shuu
He raised his arm high, and threw it on the ground then stepped on it, shattering the stone.
Sparda’s body parts which already was about to start restoring, but at that moment it stopped its movement.
[ Master! ] Adv 1
To the man who shouted, Shuu released a laser from his palm.
This time, the head of that man flew away.
[ The heck is with this person ---- ] Adv 2
It’s as if his movements were different from some time ago.
Shuu didn’t even bare his fangs towards the adventuring party.
[ Sorry, you guys.
But, it’s quite some fun right?
That’s why, bye bye ] Shuu
Saying that with a smile.
Shuu gave a slight glance looking up at the Demon Lord’s castle.
Standing on the top of the spire, Shirbenia at that time was still continuing to ward off any black magic that came.
Feeling that his mind was wandering off to somewhere, several of the adventurers started to slash at Shuu.
[ The next thing is that I have have to do something about Shirbenia-chan, eh]-Shuu